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About Me: I'm an artist/cartoonist/animator with a graduate degree in Community Psychology. Some of my work can be seen at http://www.PolarisProduction.com People who were in New England in the 80s remember my name from when I served as Executive Director of Fenway Health Center during the early AIDS epidemic. In 2011 I edited a book about 40 years of Fenway Health with my friend, Tom Martorelli, "For People, Not for Profit". On the North Shore others know me as a principal founder of Help for Abused Women and Children. People at WGBH taught me about making television and I co-produced The Big Dig series in the 90s. That experience helped me to produce one award winning documentary on domestic violence, SISTERS MOTHERS DAUGHTERS which can be found at http://www.arts-education.org/arts_ed/smd.html I've worked alone and with others to to find lots of money through grants, gifts and by shaping federal legislation to develop programs and organizations that have a profound impact on the lives of many people. I am grateful every day for having the opportunity to make a difference and to help. I grew up very poor in an immigrant family. I was fortunate to attend Bernards High with stage buddy Meryl Streep where I found my love of painting through set designs for musical productions. I worked my way through Goddard College in the late 60s, twice by the early 70s for my graduate degree. I was still painting sets and added building to my skills through Goddard. I enjoy writing, painting and building. I love my family, my dog, my friends, my neighbors, my home on the lake and my work. I'm passionate about the Patriots, adore the Red Sox and my new place in Sarasota.

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