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  • Forum Post: Theo Speaks!

    Posted 10/04/2011 06:54:13 EDT

    The current days ARE a disatster... the Old days were just as bad if not worse.

  • Posted 10/04/2011 06:52:44 EDT

    AWWW poor Softy..did somebody steal your binky?   It's OK will make a friend one of these days...and then you guys can go to Chuck E. Cheese together. Until then, buck up little trooper!!!

  • Posted 10/04/2011 06:50:28 EDT

    I doubt anyone cares who you want on the mound in a game 7, particularly when it is Tim Wastefield.   Hey there Softlaw!!! Way to make a comment that has nothing to do with what is being discussed!!! more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 06:47:40 EDT

    "Just like athens doesn't know that less paul isn't a spelling, but a slight." This is Softy's new reason for misspelling "Les Paul", even though in other threads he has claimed that spelling changed more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 06:46:21 EDT

    When you learn how to PLAY a guitar you can make a statement, you coward. Until then, I will keep playing my Rickenbacker! more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 06:44:30 EDT

    Hey "Less" (LOL  still spelling it WRONG)   when are you gonna admit that you are SoftLaw? more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 06:43:18 EDT

    athens is not new. He is the alter ego of another poster who doesn't want to use his good cop moniker. They are both idiots;) Of course "Less" (your still spelling it wrong sweetie) now falls to the c more »

  • Forum Post: Glad this happened

    Posted 10/04/2011 04:19:58 EDT

    It seems to me that the Boston media (much like the Philly and NY media) have a massive effect on what happens with the local teams. The wroters seem to hold themselves up, as the keepers of some sacr more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 04:17:39 EDT

    Sorry... as a Braves fan, I HATE Francouer!! He either struck out, or hit in into a DP every time he came up in a big spot....then he would homer when the Braves were either up 10-1 or down 10-1. (I k more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 04:14:34 EDT

    Each loss counted exactly the same. The games in April are JUST AS IMPORTANT as the games in September. more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 04:13:10 EDT

    Don't get me wrong... Feller is one of the all time greats... I just am not,nor will I ever be, a guy who want a pitcher on the mound in a game 7 who has a tendency to walk a lot of guys. Of course yo more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 04:09:29 EDT

    I think it is obvious that a great catcher can have a massively positive effect on a pitching staff, that said.... Jorge Posada has proved that you DO NOT have to have a great catcher to win a WS. (He more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 04:06:55 EDT

    "Wake is a loser man!"

    Nice job Softy... you have taken a human being and said everything there is to know about him in 5 words!

    Softy is a troll man! more »

  • Forum Post: Glad this happened

    Posted 10/04/2011 04:05:03 EDT

    That is a nice..positive post SJDDAJ. Part of being a sports fan is the ups and seem to have a nice grasp on both. I enjoyed reading that very much. more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 03:57:37 EDT

    I know that expitch... however if Ryan (or Feller for that matter) weren't the walkingist bunch of walkers that ever walked a batter... they MIGHT be the 2 best pitchers ever, however considering all more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 03:54:32 EDT

    Didn't you know what's wrong with the Rays? They "went away", months ago...they don't even know that they are in the post-season. Ask Softy, he will give you the scoop. more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 03:48:46 EDT

    It is fun to see that the great BoSox fans will rally together and rot against the Evil Empire!!! So glad to see the Tigers win today!! more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 03:46:50 EDT

    Obviously I was dancing with a lady named "Hyperbole" in that statement. Yes, what I said about Feller is a matter of opinion, for sure...however, (not that it matters) my opinion is that Feller was a more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 03:44:28 EDT

    This idea that you can tell how much a player "cares" based on his facial reactions/emotion is so silly. You have NO IDEA how much success/failure affects a player..or how much desire a guy has to win more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 03:32:08 EDT

    Just like Softy is not accountable for ALL of the incorrect statements he makes on these threads! Or at least for spelling Les Paul's name correctly. more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 03:30:32 EDT

    Sadly... if you read interviews with Bob Feller..he's kind of a jerk.

    He was Nolan Ryan before Nolan RYan... if it wasn't for the excessive walks, nobody would have hit either one of those guys.
    more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 03:28:37 EDT

    Not to mention that of all the major team is the one where chemistry is the LEAST important. The late 70's Yankees hated each other and won 2 in a row. The Big Red MAchine had all ki more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 03:22:10 EDT

    In the last 2 weeks I have read at least 4 posts that included the line "I could have managed the '04 & '07 teams to a title". NO YOU COULDN'T!!. You are talking about a manager who kept his team toge more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 03:16:10 EDT

    In Response to Please Stop Crying about Francona -: He is gone and deservedly so.... So let's remember why he is history: He sucked at managing the bullpen He sucked at motivating his players He sucke more »

  • Posted 10/04/2011 03:12:47 EDT

    The Mets are most likely going to lose 1 of their 2 marquee guys in Reyes, so I do not think they have any intention of moving Wright. Also, the idea that they would move their BEST position player in more »

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