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  • Posted 07/30/2015 12:33:58 EDT

    I absolutely don't hate Kraft. He hasn't played his cards perfectly but he was dealt a very bad hand, including a report which DID have some incriminating stuff in it, whether you want to think so or more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 11:38:43 EDT

    LOL @Jets fans But I really don't mind this kind of thing - it reinforces the "us against the world" mentality that the Pats feed off of.  This team won't lack motivation, which some Super Bowl champs more »

  • Posted 07/29/2015 03:56:44 EDT

    "Looking forward to a Rozier/Smart backcourt that sets the tone with hustle, muscle, grit, and defense, with IT coming off the bench to light it up."  Agreed - IF Rozier proves he can handle the rock. more »

  • Posted 07/29/2015 02:19:09 EDT

    "Kraft & Co have done a really bad job in the public relations war." Add Brady and Co to that list - just terrible PR overall, we should have the NFL on its heels in the court of public opinion on thi more »

  • Posted 07/29/2015 12:16:23 EDT

    Da Celts that's awesome man, admire your upbeat view and please pass the good stuff.  I really hope you don't think this is a conference championship team but still.......appreciate the good vibes :)  more »

  • Posted 07/29/2015 11:45:56 EDT

    That is a heck of a statement by Kraft and absolutely nails this thing.  He also hits on how tragic this is, that the NFL has done a bag job on one of its all time greatest players, for no good reason more »

  • Posted 07/29/2015 01:33:21 EDT

    " I think DA is more shrewd than some of you care to admit" He's very shrewd but you have to admit he does have a soft spot that works against him sometimes (see: Jeff Green, Avery Bradley).  And he i more »

  • Posted 07/28/2015 10:01:34 EDT

    " this is the NFL saying he admitted to destroying a phone. You CAN divulge your phone records AND make your texts available and still destroy a phone" True - it was just an unfortunate decision on Br more »

  • Posted 07/28/2015 09:58:22 EDT

    Pat for what it's worth I have never felt that supporting Brady has meant claiming he is completely innocent here.  This was a bag job and Brady got himself bagged - a little bit, at least.  I persona more »

  • Posted 07/28/2015 02:40:18 EDT

    "i'm waiting- like some poster said- for "july 1st- we're going to trade a lot of guards for things that we need"" Don't count on it. Our only tradeable asset is Isiah Thomas, and Ainge ain't trading more »

  • Posted 07/28/2015 01:25:23 EDT

    two near all stars at the forward position?  c'mon....we got a couple of decent players.  but in general, maryngary, you are right. This is Ainge's plan: improve the team as much as possible, and make more »

  • Posted 07/26/2015 10:26:37 EDT

    Philly versus Boston will be a great study on whether you should tank all the way or take a more moderated approach as the Celts did.  Right now it's far too early to say which approach is better.  Bu more »

  • Posted 07/25/2015 01:42:11 EDT

    "Avery Bradley is a 2 guard who shoots over 41% and plays some defense." Bradley is barely over 41 percent, he didn't play defense that well last year and he's also too small to guard bigger guards.  more »

  • Posted 07/25/2015 01:37:38 EDT

    Imagyd I'm so disappointed in you for thinking it's cool to be part of Cowherd's herd. He's been race baiting and sensationalizing for years... a smart, free thinking dude like yourself needs to choos more »

  • Posted 07/24/2015 10:12:08 EDT

    I didn't like Phil because I knew that the fact he was playing a lot meant we were a pretty bad team, but having said that he always did play his heart out. I hope he does find a career in the NBA, ju more »

  • Forum Post: Clay Buchholz

    Posted 07/24/2015 03:02:04 EDT

    "How do you like him when he spends 1/3 of his potential starts on the DL? (Also, that would put him at about 20 mil a year is your normalize his annual starts to 33)" Umm, no - we're not evaluating C more »

  • Posted 07/24/2015 12:45:58 EDT

    "Also, Avery Bradley is Ainge's guy. He's not going to be traded." That's true-  but the biggest reason he won't be traded is because he has no trade value now that Ainge signed him to an above market more »

  • Posted 07/24/2015 12:44:09 EDT

    "if he blows out his attitude, oh say, 20 games into the season and starts to scarf big swacks by the 3's and 4's then you guys own him cuz he'll be untradeable by then....we'll see!!!" He's untradeab more »

  • Posted 07/22/2015 10:29:51 EDT

    Ray and Paul play similar roles now, and don't like each other based on Ray bailing on the C's. 

    They will never play in the same team again. 

    Pierce = the man

       more »

  • Posted 07/22/2015 08:17:37 EDT

    Imagyd does that mean you are picking the Clips to win the west again, or have you learned your lesson?

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  • Posted 07/21/2015 12:41:22 EDT

    "I know we've only seen a small sample of him this summer, but I'm anxious to watch Rozier play this season." I liked his play a lot in summer league, keeping in mind that summer league is highly unre more »

  • Posted 07/21/2015 09:28:38 EDT

    "No, Koji is not a part of the problem. Keeping him over a guy in his late 20s is the issue" Hard and fast rules are part of the issue. Lester should have been brought back, yet ownership did exactly more »

  • Posted 07/21/2015 09:17:45 EDT

    "If you make the product tempting enough they will come. Right now our product might not be tempting enough. Let's see if things change in the future." Agreed, and that's basically what Paul Pierce sa more »

  • Posted 07/20/2015 12:49:29 EDT

    I really like the dude and am confident we'll sign him. 

    My only pause is that KO ripped up the summer leagues last year, then he got schooled by so-so players most of the regular season...

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  • Posted 07/19/2015 03:29:03 EDT

    It's too much of a dogfight because they mostly play two positions....Danny has constructed an unbalanced roster.  We do have a bit of young talent but let's not get carried away. We run a huge risk o more »