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  • Posted 08/24/2015 11:23:26 EDT


  • Posted 08/24/2015 12:31:40 EDT

    Regarding the 3 new guys in the top 3 forward lines. Yeah I know people have anointed Sweeney as some kind of saviour for the trades that he has made, but to me there are a lot of question marks from more »

  • Posted 08/18/2015 11:33:33 EDT

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment: In response to Klaas' comment: But here's the thing. NAS, apparantly a moderator at the other site, maybe 2 weeks ago or so, came here on BDC and ran off his big m more »

  • Posted 08/17/2015 05:11:52 EDT

    Sorry for the long delay in my reply Fletcher1 but I've been busy.

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  • Posted 08/17/2015 05:05:22 EDT

    In response to Fletcher1's comment: In response to Klaas' comment:   True every site has rules. Some however have bs rules. Honestly any site that gives warnings for posting Stanley style posts is gar more »

  • Posted 08/14/2015 06:12:45 EDT

    To Fletcher1 and Chowdahkid. The Bruins board is not the only board I have posted on here at BDC. It's actually one of the least boards I occasionally have posted on even though I watch on average 15- more »

  • Posted 08/14/2015 03:05:38 EDT

    In response to BigBadnBruin's comment: In response to Klaas' comment: If I was to go to another Bruins site it would be the Boston Globe site and not one where they screen people. EVERY site has rules more »

  • Posted 08/13/2015 06:49:34 EDT

    If I was to go to another Bruins site it would be the Boston Globe site and not one where they screen people.

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  • Posted 08/13/2015 06:42:31 EDT

    Any site that bans Stanley and his predictions is a site I will not visit (never have and never will). Not that I like Stanley or anything but he is a worthwhile read, and much more knowledgeable on s more »

  • Posted 08/12/2015 03:03:35 EDT

    Translation ... Rask thinks the Bruins defense is in suck mode. But Rask need not worry, Sweeney is working on it. He drafted 3 defensemen in the first 2 rounds recently, got Colin Miller, and will dr more »

  • Posted 08/07/2015 02:44:45 EDT

    In response to moonslav59's comment: Worst Sox OBP this year (55+ PAs) .237 Craig .247 Leon .254 JBJ .260 Nava .273 Swihart .300 HanRam & Castillo .307 Napoli & Sandy Worst SLG%: .176 JBJ .182 Nava .1 more »

  • Posted 08/03/2015 09:28:08 EDT

    In response to futbal's comment: In response to Klaas' comment: My concern about the Bruins is mostly about their defense. Chara has permament PCL damage with only 10% of it still connected to his lef more »

  • Forum Post: Cody Franzan

    Posted 07/22/2015 04:23:01 EDT

    My initial reaction is that he is an offensive defenseman who likes to take big risks and not great in the defensive zone. I don't see Sweeney biting.

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  • Posted 07/20/2015 03:38:56 EDT

    My concern about the Bruins is mostly about their defense. Chara has permament PCL damage with only 10% of it still connected to his left knee. Seidenberg is slowing down. The guy we got in the Lucic more »

  • Posted 07/02/2015 11:58:07 EDT

    I'm not enamored about the Hamilton trade either but I think Sweeney wanted the Hamilton situation cleared before the draft. I also hate the Rinaldo trade as it's just so stupid in today's NHL. Everyt more »

  • Posted 07/02/2015 11:47:19 EDT

    In response to fishers5's comment:

    Don't disagree at all BUT will they stay healthy and can they score more than last year....

    Always Right.....at least in my mind

    If they are healthy they will score.

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  • Posted 07/01/2015 11:22:05 EDT

    Hopefully Talbot gets traded and Connolly will probably be signed.

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  • Posted 07/01/2015 10:17:34 EDT

    Hayes is a Boston boy. Hopefully that translates to that he grew up a Bruins fan and will do good here.

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  • Posted 07/01/2015 10:12:45 EDT

    Smith likes $ (see last year's holdout). One year later Smith is gone. Mmmm.

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  • Posted 07/01/2015 10:06:24 EDT

    He reportedly turned down a 4 year $16 million contract from the Ducks. I guess that extra 1 year was the difference.

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  • Posted 06/30/2015 02:35:55 EDT

    In response to mattbs' comment: If the Bs offerred 5.5 mil. for 6 years why did Hamilton refuse? I'm too lazy to look this up extensively but I would say  that this has to be something about after tax more »

  • Posted 06/30/2015 02:10:52 EDT

    I like this trade a lot. I think SJ is in decline and this could potentially be a top 10 pick in next year's draft.

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  • Posted 06/29/2015 06:37:24 EDT

    He's a John Scott type player the Bruins have been complaining about (dirty, out to injure people, juvenile punk, etc.), just shorter.

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  • Posted 06/28/2015 10:56:24 EDT

    In response to kitchener's comment:

    Sounds like Bruins offered Hamilton 33 mil over 6 yrs 5.5 a yr he wanted 7.5 ,yeah would have traded him too.

    Sounds to me like both sides were way off base.

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  • Posted 06/26/2015 06:06:59 EDT

    Just give LA next year's Cup already.

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