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  • Posted 07/29/2014 11:46:40 EDT

    Betts will be called up if for no other reason than to give the fans something to watch as the team replicates 2012.

  • Posted 07/29/2014 11:20:43 EDT

    In response to illinoisredsox's comment: [QUOTE] I disagree.  Keep Betts away from the mess that is this year's Red Sox as long as possible.  And he does have things to work on in Pawtucket, namely hi more »

  • Posted 07/29/2014 11:15:34 EDT

    If Betts isn't back up in the next few days I'll be shocked. 

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  • Posted 07/29/2014 10:53:55 EDT

    It feels like sort of a showdown between the FO and the fans.  I do expect them to be very busy between now and next Opening Day.  But losing Lester is a bitter pill.

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  • Posted 07/29/2014 10:51:41 EDT

    In response to S5's comment: [QUOTE] I agree Kim.  The FO botched this whole thing in a BIG way.  The solution was right in front of them in Spring Training and they docked around until now it's come more »

  • Posted 07/29/2014 10:43:28 EDT

    He's gone.

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  • Posted 07/29/2014 10:40:50 EDT

    In response to AL34's comment: [QUOTE] Remind anybody of the Potential Manny Ramirez trade for the immortal Lasting Millege that the FO was going to do in 2005. I think Lastings Milledge is working at more »

  • Posted 07/29/2014 10:33:28 EDT

    Well there you go folks...quite possibly, Jon Lester has pitched his last game for the Red Sox.

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  • Posted 07/29/2014 07:50:34 EDT

    No-hitter off the table.

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  • Posted 07/29/2014 07:44:08 EDT

    In response to dgalehouse's comment: [QUOTE] The three championships were great. They are in the books. We can always look back on them. I have all three of the boxed DVD sets. However, each season is more »

  • Posted 07/29/2014 07:06:27 EDT

    In response to pumpsie-green's comment: [QUOTE] Its the Red Sox who have become irrelevant. The part that is especially valid to me is that we have won a playoff game in only one year in the past six, more »

  • Posted 07/29/2014 06:51:44 EDT

    In response to pumpsie-green's comment: [QUOTE] Good analysis by OBF today:  Welcome to the "Mid-Market Zone." It's become evident based on history that 2013 was the aberration for the Red Sox, and th more »

  • Forum Post: To the older fans

    Posted 07/29/2014 03:42:38 EDT

    The new stats just give us more stuff to argue about between games.

    All that really matters is who wins the games, and ultimately who wins the championship.

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  • Posted 07/29/2014 02:59:42 EDT

    It is crazy to think that Lester's next start could be in another uniform - and that we've seen his last start for the Sox.  Kind of mind-boggling when you look at it that way.

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  • Forum Post: To the older fans

    Posted 07/29/2014 02:55:04 EDT

    Hey, I'm pretty old.  I'm 58 now.  But I'm part old school and part new school.  I do not dismiss any numbers.  I still look at W-L record, ERA, RBI's etc.  I was raised on baseball cards. But as far more »

  • Posted 07/29/2014 01:42:50 EDT

    In response to UWhuskiesAJM's comment: [QUOTE] In response to crazy-world-of-troybrown's comment: [QUOTE] Cole Hamels is older, and he does not have a 4 year contract. He has 4 years plus a 20 million more »

  • Posted 07/29/2014 12:40:07 EDT

    In response to moonslav59's comment: [QUOTE] I also remember the days as a Sox fan telling my friends, I'd gladly take 10 last place finishes to get one ring. [/QUOTE] Hah...I would have said the same more »

  • Posted 07/29/2014 11:50:38 EDT

    To me there 's not much point saying it's unacceptable unless there's something you're going to do about it.  If a fan who usually goes to the games at Fenway stops going because he's disgusted, then more »

  • Posted 07/29/2014 08:11:21 EDT

    In response to ma6dragon9's comment: [QUOTE] And, no, it doesn't just "work". If it just "works" explain that discrepancy between Gomes and Kemp. It's not like I had to dig for that one, it was right more »

  • Forum Post: JETER > YAZ?

    Posted 07/29/2014 07:11:43 EDT

    Jeter = Babe?  Commy, you are on something strong, dude.

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  • Posted 07/28/2014 09:43:50 EDT

    Acceptable is kind of a funny term for a sports team though.  What does it mean to not accept it?  Pitchforks and torches, or just complaining on a message board?

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  • Forum Post: Trade deadline

    Posted 07/28/2014 12:13:18 EDT

    In response to BogieAt12oclock's comment: [QUOTE] When Doubront and Carp say they want out, hell, please show them the door. It ain't like they're worth much to anybody but their immediate families. [ more »

  • Posted 07/28/2014 12:08:37 EDT

    In response to dgalehouse's comment: [QUOTE] Peavy seems like a good guy. Good teammate. As a pitcher, he used to be one of the best. No more. Now, guys like him are very plentiful. With a little luck more »

  • Posted 07/28/2014 12:02:33 EDT

    In response to illinoisredsox's comment: [QUOTE] W-L is a funny stat. The year Lackey had that 6.41 ERA, he went 12-12 because he got incredible run support. That same year Wakefield went 7-8 with an more »

  • Posted 07/28/2014 12:01:13 EDT

    In response to razcreation's comment: [QUOTE] No, but Cubs have the $$$ and remember it was Epstein and company that drafted Lester. Their farm system is stacked and he would be the guy to build aroun more »