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  • Forum Post: Pitching watch

    Posted 04/27/2015 01:07:56 EDT

    In response to pumpsie-green's comment: Well here we are almost 20 games into the season and our team is proving to be just as mediocre as I thought they would be. The reason was predictable from befo more »

  • Posted 04/27/2015 01:04:55 EDT

    In response to -BurritoT's comment: No. I am going on record: Hfxsoxnut prefers last nights game was 180-70. He wants big numbers. No, I do not prefer 180-70.  But I think the scoring systems in footb more »

  • Posted 04/27/2015 01:00:15 EDT

    In response to -BurritoT's comment:

    Let me help you out, how about we say one RBI now equates to 10 runs? Then last night game would have been 180-70

    Happy now?

    So you're ducking the question.

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  • Posted 04/27/2015 12:59:21 EDT

    In response to pinstripezac35's comment: maybe it's the walking of the #8 batter they enjoy Exactly, zac, sometimes you have the joy of watching the #8 hitter get pitched around before the joy of the more »

  • Posted 04/27/2015 12:57:18 EDT

    In response to -BurritoT's comment: Let us simplify. Please explain why one touchdown equals 6 points. Big numbers Big numbers. Exagerated effect. Okay, smart guy, if a touchdown was worth one point, more »

  • Posted 04/27/2015 12:55:43 EDT

    In response to S5's comment: In response to -BurritoT's comment: Yes. Me too.  And I'd enjoy it more if they actually took the time to get into good physical condition allowing them TO hit.  I know th more »

  • Posted 04/27/2015 12:51:35 EDT

    In response to -BurritoT's comment:


    Which part do you like best-the bunting, the hapless swishing or the occasional hits?


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  • Posted 04/27/2015 12:49:53 EDT

    In response to -BurritoT's comment: It is all about high numbers. America is all about economic growth without restraint and that includes baseball salaries and having NBA game score 110-90. Did the w more »

  • Posted 04/27/2015 12:48:06 EDT

    Does anybody here actually enjoy watching pitchers 'hit'?


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  • Posted 04/27/2015 11:58:21 EDT

    Yeah, it's a joke.  Most of the time pitchers are up at the plate, you know that the manager and the brass are just hoping he doesn't get hurt.

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  • Forum Post: MOD Appreciation

    Posted 04/27/2015 07:55:37 EDT

    In response to harness' comment: I'm not defending them. Please make this distinction. Nobody was more pointed against Pike and his issues than me if you recall. I'm defending their basic rights. Let' more »

  • Posted 04/27/2015 07:31:05 EDT

    I actually agree with the Vast one here. What I think has added a new level of stupid is having AL pitchers come to the plate 9 games a season when they play in NL parks.  Talk about a recipe for disa more »

  • Posted 04/26/2015 11:27:06 EDT

    In response to dgalehouse's comment: In response to J-BAY's comment: ‏@PeteAbe RHP Heath Hembree has joined the #RedSox in Baltimore.‏ @PeteAbe After using Matt Barnes for two innings last night h more »

  • Forum Post: MOD Appreciation

    Posted 04/26/2015 07:38:53 EDT

    In response to harness' comment: Yes, they do have the right to ban him, in accordance with the rules of this public message board.  I wasn't referring to BDC  policy. That mandate exists more for pro more »

  • Forum Post: MOD Appreciation

    Posted 04/25/2015 08:51:58 EDT

    In response to harness' comment: And that's when I'll engage him in a discussion. That's my option. Does anybody have the right to take that from me? Because they are denying him the same right. Yes, more »

  • Forum Post: MOD Appreciation

    Posted 04/25/2015 06:37:51 EDT

    In response to harness' comment: Someone thought to be Babe (I think) asked me a simple question regarding how the weather that I felt affected the bats on the initial road trip would affect the pitch more »

  • Forum Post: Porcello contract

    Posted 04/25/2015 10:41:50 EDT

    In response to BostonBruinss' comment: Porcello isn't is Lester class. Not even close. Lester pitched the sox to a WS.  Lester's ERA is 6.23, he's 5 years older than Porcello and his contract is for t more »

  • Posted 04/25/2015 08:33:32 EDT

    In response to ImagydVast's comment: seems like there is no longer a VAST conspiracy on this toic.. answer seems to b YES increasingly. as i said, i like to get in front of the bandwagon. dont say you more »

  • Forum Post: MOD Appreciation

    Posted 04/25/2015 08:10:48 EDT

    In response to harness' comment: What I'm seeing lately is quick bans of alleged aliases. And I don't agree with that. First of all, nobody really knows from a few posts who is who. That's where board more »

  • Posted 04/24/2015 11:50:23 EDT

    In response to tombirner's comment: In response to slomag's comment: Here's a little perspective for everybody.  Mookie's BABIP is .200.  He has 12 hits in 62 ABs.  He has 11 K's, so he has put the ba more »

  • Posted 04/24/2015 11:32:09 EDT

    In response to Kingface12's comment: In response to seannybboi's comment: Ok Mookie's batting average is below .200 but he works pitch counts, makes hard contacts just balls couldn't find gaps, walks more »

  • Posted 04/24/2015 08:46:51 EDT

    In response to MadMc's comment: How much of a difference is there between Nap and Ryan Howard about $10 M a year. I hope BenC is smart enough not to make the same mistake again, let him walk at the en more »

  • Posted 04/23/2015 09:39:32 EDT

    Odorizzi came into the game with a 1.74 ERA and a .68 WHIP.

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  • Posted 04/23/2015 06:30:17 EDT

    In response to 67redsox's comment: You didn't answer my question.  How many male posters have been called whiners?  Simple question. The term whiner has been used many times on this board to describe  more »

  • Forum Post: MOD Appreciation

    Posted 04/23/2015 06:24:04 EDT

    In response to harness' comment: I do find it rather humorous that nobody - N O B O D Y - had the stones to go here: If you were moderating this board - for nothing of course, and you had to sift thro more »