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About Me: Die hard Red Sox and Patriots fan. I like basketball and trying to get into the Celtics, but the Sox and Patriots provide already too much excitement and anguish, haha.

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  • Posted 11/22/2014 04:03:57 EST

    I got myself a 51" Panasonic Plasma, a comfyass couch to sit on from the 70's, a few bottles of delicious craft beers and windows wide open so the whole world can live with my pain and excitement! Som more »

  • Forum Post: Manning

    Posted 11/21/2014 03:42:10 EST

    Fairly accurate and a reason I think Wes doesn't seem nearly as happy there, he got away from BB and got Manning throwing him right into concussions.

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  • Posted 11/21/2014 03:39:41 EST

    Pats 36 Lions 21(7 points come in garbage time though)

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  • Posted 11/20/2014 11:49:38 EST

    Yep, they did. This is why come playoff time I am never worried about this team. I know they play good teams well, but they're just not an elite team and I think they break down at the worst moments.

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  • Posted 11/20/2014 03:02:30 EST

    Ihedigbo will get burned muliple times this week and Suh and that defensive front might get a sack or 2, but in the end the Lions will be put in their place. I think we can run on this team if our pas more »

  • Posted 11/20/2014 02:55:04 EST

    In response to IrishMob7's comment: Short answer: when dicking around in practice. This ^ BB will try a fake punt every once in a while and allow McD to do end arounds and what not. However, there is more »

  • Posted 11/18/2014 03:51:54 EST

    In response to BostonTrollSpanker's comment: p.s. checked out the Indy Colts forum here: From the Gronk thread:  "Sergio was running his mouth like Reg more »

  • Posted 11/18/2014 03:44:58 EST

    In response to rameakap's comment: Under normal circumstances I am in favor of a division winner that is at least 9-7 making it over an 11-5 wild card hopeful because usually the WC team is in the wea more »

  • Posted 11/17/2014 01:56:59 EST

    In response to DonHolman's comment: In response to joepatsfan111111's comment: [QUOTE] I think the chances of winning it go way down, but if we have the one seed.... the way this defense is built, we more »

  • Posted 11/16/2014 11:15:27 EST

    In response to rajkvp's comment:

    Gronk - best player in the  league  at the skill none.


    Gronk >> Jimmy Graham

    Only, a Pats hater would think another TE was better than Gronk



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  • Posted 11/16/2014 10:57:25 EST

    I'm In response to MoreRings' comment:

    Hope we saved some well designed run plays for Gray in the 4th qtr

    Sarcasm right?



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  • Posted 11/16/2014 10:56:38 EST

    Second time Colts got pushy, time for a flag next time.

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  • Posted 11/16/2014 10:55:56 EST

    I say bring Gray and Vereen both in and really throw the defense off.

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  • Posted 11/16/2014 10:54:44 EST

    We will take that for sure 

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  • Posted 11/16/2014 10:53:47 EST

    I know Gray is killing it, but where is Vereen? 

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  • Posted 11/16/2014 10:52:28 EST

    Once again, more LaFell please

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  • Posted 11/16/2014 10:52:02 EST

    In response to Sobchack's comment:

    Keep it moving and tick, tick, tick as much as you can.

    Need a TD if we kill 7-8 minutes of the clock 



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  • Posted 11/16/2014 10:51:29 EST

    In response to IrishMob7's comment:

    Why are we in the shotgun?  Run the f*cking ball

    You know Josh likes to get cute at times



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  • Posted 11/16/2014 10:47:00 EST

    Ugh, that drive was annoying to watch

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  • Posted 11/16/2014 10:44:14 EST

    In response to carawaydj's comment:

    I smell a turnover!

    This is what being level-headed sounds like.

    That is wishful thinking, but I like it



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  • Posted 11/16/2014 10:41:34 EST

    I hate Bradshaw

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  • Posted 11/16/2014 10:40:57 EST

    In response to Sobchack's comment: Browner can cover TEs but the fact that he's been getting called for everything, like 2 weeks ago - he's probably hesitant to get more physical There has also been c more »

  • Posted 11/16/2014 10:39:53 EST

    We make generic QBs and TEs look so good, tonight it's a generic TE

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  • Posted 11/16/2014 10:38:44 EST

    Stupid challenge obviously. 

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  • Posted 11/16/2014 10:36:05 EST

    Flag for pushing off?

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