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  • Posted 04/01/2015 09:29:40 EDT

    I LOVE a good crying jag.  Gets it all out.  

  • Posted 04/01/2015 09:11:59 EDT

    Dear Smoochless,

    1. Get off the anti-depressants.  They don't seem to be working. 
    2.  Elope.  


  • Comment on: I'm Far Away

    Posted 03/25/2015 09:22:29 EDT

    I'm wicked smaht.

  • Comment on: I'm Far Away

    Posted 03/25/2015 09:21:33 EDT

    I like berries.

  • Comment on: I'm Far Away

    Posted 03/25/2015 09:21:06 EDT

    Yeah I'm not really sure how he could force her to move .

    And there is always a choice.

  • Comment on: I'm Far Away

    Posted 03/25/2015 09:16:24 EDT

    For real.

  • Comment on: I'm Far Away

    Posted 03/25/2015 09:15:40 EDT

    This is why I never dated military guys.

  • Comment on: I'm Far Away

    Posted 03/25/2015 09:14:42 EDT

    Dear Far Away, I don't blame her for not being all in with this. I agree with Mer that she would have a very different side of the story here. If she's living with her grandmother, I'd imagine she's a more »

  • Posted 03/18/2015 09:29:07 EDT

    We can't always get what we want.



  • Posted 03/18/2015 09:28:18 EDT

    W T F is a mixer, anyway? more »

  • Posted 03/18/2015 09:27:01 EDT

    Sorry Jim. its the truth. more »

  • Posted 03/18/2015 09:25:59 EDT

    See below. more »

  • Posted 03/18/2015 09:23:38 EDT

    Friends with benefits, maybe. more »

  • Posted 03/18/2015 09:22:03 EDT

    Wanna get married? more »

  • Posted 03/18/2015 09:21:52 EDT

    Hey, we just had sex, so are you my boyfriend now?? more »

  • Posted 03/18/2015 09:21:11 EDT

    Its letters like this that are the reason I haven't been on the blog in three weeks. more »

  • Posted 03/18/2015 09:20:26 EDT

    Dear Wanting, "I know that he is not emotionally available for a relationship, but I wonder if I should have stuck it out." Please. You know the answer here. "Sticking it out" would have only resulted more »

  • Posted 02/27/2015 09:17:51 EST


    Forget about the dude. If he were as enamored with you as you are in him, it wouldn't have been so easy for him to leave you. more »

  • Posted 02/27/2015 09:17:02 EST

    Dear Lost,

    Maybe you should stick to writing bad romance novels. Include a really rich guy and a little BDSM and you'll hit the lottery!

    AJ more »

  • Posted 02/11/2015 09:34:48 EST

    Dear Pretty Pissed, Yeah, i'd be pissed, too. But he's telling you a lot here... he's not in for the long haul with you. I'd cut bait now. And definitely don't move anywhere to be with him. Sincerely, more »

  • Posted 02/10/2015 09:29:30 EST

    Maybe if he had actually tried those things before she would be more interested in him. more »

  • Posted 02/10/2015 09:25:10 EST

    "I never wanted to break up with her, so I always welcomed her." This is why she kept coming back, even though she didn't want to be with you. You were there to console her and be her Emotional Scratc more »

  • Posted 02/10/2015 09:22:50 EST

    I think a good first step to moving on is accepting that it is in fact over. Seems like he's still in denial about that. more »

  • Posted 02/10/2015 09:21:40 EST

    If I keep banging my head against the wall, will it eventually hurt less? more »

  • Posted 02/10/2015 09:21:13 EST

    Dear Dazed,

    What is there to be confused about? She's living with another dude! That seems pretty clear to me. Just keep trying to move on and forget about her. There's no future there.

    AJ more »

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