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  • Posted 07/31/2015 11:10:41 EDT

    that would be only if there were 7 strangers.

  • Posted 07/31/2015 10:36:27 EDT

    well....if they move in and it doesn't work out; we will have a guaranteed "THE LEASE IS UP" letter next year.

  • Posted 07/31/2015 09:21:44 EDT

    Also, not that it changes anything, but we're both dudes. Just for context. ---- not sure how that gives context. My advice would still be the same - go for it if you want to. It's not a big deal. You more »

  • Posted 07/31/2015 09:18:02 EDT

    maybe I was too much of a free spirit in my early 20's; but I never spent any time analyzing whether I should move in with my boyfriend after college ended. It just happened. Then again there was no L more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 03:43:15 EDT

    no, she's in her old room with the canopy and white dressers and poufy pillows and glitter on her closet doors. more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 03:41:04 EDT

    MoVa...I'm not saying it's all on her. They both are responsible for communicating; but she's the one writing in and seeming all flustered because her dear old boyfriend just happened to mentioned som more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 03:11:16 EDT

    no, she wanted confirmation on how awesome she is that she has a master's degree and is buying a home and this schlub has had the same job for 15 years and uses public transportation. more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 02:36:53 EDT

    he's got strong quads from all that walking. more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 02:21:09 EDT

    I think it's HER slant that he never took the time. Maybe he just didn't want to get a license and car because Amherst has lots of free and lost cost public bus transportation and his job and sports a more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 12:30:36 EDT

    Marino...not sure why you're saying "she's 25 for goodness sake" after my comment. I have no issue with her not being ready for marriage. I have an issue with her heaping all this superficial negative more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 12:25:39 EDT

    agree Dad...big difference. A small apt in Amherst would be considered big in NYC. more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 12:16:49 EDT

    english lit more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 11:21:54 EDT

    true, she could be dating Mr. Financial, but I think she knows their differences is the reason that she's not feeling anything more than Mr. Right Now. If these things didn't matter and it was just a more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 11:07:52 EDT

    We have fun, we play together in several sports leagues

    too bad one of the things you don't do is COMMUNICATE. more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 11:07:04 EDT

    they apparently don't talk; but they do play sports. Whee! more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 11:03:33 EDT

    I don't even think he said "their house". I think she only flipped because he mentioned his bus line and instead of thinking he might mean visiting her, she's assuming (and not communicating) that he more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 11:01:44 EDT

    yeah every night they're together, she's cooing to him, "oh baby..I love you. You're my one for right now". more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 10:55:24 EDT

    I don't get how he's lazy. He has a job. He probably likes it and he lives a simple life. Who's to say there's something wrong with that. Not everyone has dreams of having a corner office and a brand more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 10:32:02 EDT

    I fear he may think of this relationship as his last one while I view it as my mid-20s relationship. ---- I can't imagine dating someone for two years and not having communication that would let me kn more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 10:29:52 EDT

    Salt of the Earth Meaning

    Those of great worth and reliability.

    .....I don't get the sense that you truly see his worth. more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 10:26:47 EDT

    I live with my parents saving money to buy a house

    yet he's scorned for living alone and living in a small apartment. He might have been able to afford a house too if he didn't have to pay rent. more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 09:38:39 EDT

    He has come with me and has made comments about certain houses being close to a bus line for him to get to/from work --- you seem to be making a lot of assumptions about him, which is odd since you've more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 09:29:48 EDT

    Our relationship is good

    except for you looking down on him not having a college degree, living in small apartment, having same job, walking to work and not having a license or car. more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 09:27:58 EDT

    He doesn't have a license — no legal problems, he just never took the time to go through the process.)

    and you're using against him to add to your long litany of negative (to you) attributes. more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 09:26:34 EDT

    He lives in a small apartment and walks to work

    oh the horror! more »

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