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  • Posted 03/24/2015 11:54:44 EDT

    Just goes to show you that even McDonalds knows which rivalry is the best.

    (side note) Why is "Max" endorsing a burger? Doesn't he know the calories in them?


  • Forum Post: NOB lost a bet

    Posted 03/22/2015 08:26:34 EDT

    USD, CDN, Yen or Peso?

    Was that ever confirmed in the dialogue?


  • Forum Post: How It Works

    Posted 03/22/2015 12:23:46 EDT

    Good for you.

    Man on a Mission.

    Hope it works out for you. We all know how difficult it is to deal with Idiots


  • Posted 03/11/2015 11:44:42 EDT

    Campbell and Paille need to play. Great for the PK. (It will be needed) Soderberg can and will take a hit. Remember playoffs, Finsih you hit? I'm thinking Spooner sits. Would like to see what Connolly more »

  • Posted 02/01/2015 01:27:27 EST

    In response to cowboys9's comment: Seattle's D will be too much for the Pats offense....Wilson's scrambling and Lynch's punishing runs will wear down Pats D....Seattle wins back to back Super Bowls. A more »

  • Posted 01/23/2015 06:59:39 EST


     David Pastrnak FATHER!!

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  • Posted 05/27/2014 09:03:28 EDT

    Would have been quicker to open PayPal account, verify it and send through electronic mail.



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  • Forum Post: The negatives

    Posted 05/15/2014 12:35:32 EDT

    I agree, Call Them Out As Professionals, the players should be ashamed. However, they played another team. This time of year, a better team. The B's dominated Game 5. DOMINATED Game 6, SO FLAT Sure th more »

  • Forum Post: The negatives

    Posted 05/15/2014 12:06:01 EDT

    You ever think Montreal actually OUTPLAYED the Bruins? That's the way I saw it. IMO Sure some bad bounces and missed nets, that's hockey. I'm no Habs fan, but they hustled and took Boston game from th more »

  • Posted 05/14/2014 11:58:58 EDT

       Eriksson has to go. Not strong enough on the puck Bartkowski ... Gone Iginla ... Gone (standing around too much in D Zone) Chara ... ???? (not for him, don't even make playoffs) Krejci ... Keep (su more »

  • Posted 05/01/2014 11:46:27 EDT

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment: In response to LordByron77's comment:   Any Boston / Montreal series has issues with officiating. It kills me that the B's have to restrain from the "heavy" style more »

  • Posted 04/28/2014 11:37:42 EDT

    Any Boston / Montreal series has issues with officiating. It kills me that the B's have to restrain from the "heavy" style because of BS calls. For this reason, Mtl steals Game 1 and wins Game 3 outri more »

  • Posted 04/22/2014 07:16:56 EDT

    Loved the Dumb and Dumber.

    Guess they have nothing better to do than photo-shop.


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  • Forum Post: Bergeron hurt?

    Posted 04/13/2014 11:39:38 EDT

    I thought after John Scott hit Bergeron that managment realized Scott was only there for 1 reason. He went after Lucic too.

    I too would remove Bergeron from that "hockey player" Scott eyesight!

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  • Posted 03/23/2014 03:35:57 EDT

    Funny how Fans in other cities are louder than the home ice Fans. Notice that alot with Bruins games. Shows how "fanatic" people are outside the home city Love the "woooooo" after a Bruins goal in opp more »

  • Forum Post: The 3rd line

    Posted 03/19/2014 11:57:27 EDT

    In response to JWensink's comment: Soderberg is displaying legit 1st line talent - he could be that good. That gives Boston the best set of centers in the league. It's awesome to watch Have been think more »

  • Forum Post: Tuukka Rask

    Posted 03/17/2014 11:35:46 EDT

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment:

    How long have you been waiting to use this one NAS?


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  • Forum Post: Get Up Mary

    Posted 03/08/2014 09:41:21 EST

    The only thing I can think is that it's Coached to stay down. Why not, player hits you from behind is a penalty now. If you stay down, it could result in a power play. Player who "gets up" probably fe more »

  • Forum Post: One That Got Away

    Posted 03/08/2014 09:29:17 EST

    Caron has been on 4th 3rd line here in Boston. Colborne has been given top line minutes on lesser quailty teams. Plays with their better players. Would you see Caron with Krejci or Bergeron for any ex more »

  • Forum Post: Sunshine State

    Posted 03/08/2014 02:25:29 EST

    In response to Fletcher1's comment: Enough of this deadline nonsense.  Time for some good ol' fashioned southern cookin' this weekend.  Flying to Tampa Friday morning and then driving to Miami on Sund more »

  • Forum Post: Sunshine State

    Posted 03/08/2014 02:24:10 EST

    In response to asmaha's comment: Ugh. My happily retired parents are going to the Bs-Tampa game, while I sit here and have to put air in my tires every morning because the bleeping -2 temps. What the more »

  • Forum Post: One That Got Away

    Posted 03/08/2014 02:21:12 EST

    Colborne was with the Laffs last was he not?

    I see they let them go easily too.

    Wouldn't see a diamond in the rough if it cut them

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  • Posted 03/07/2014 08:57:22 EST

    Not really a suggestion, just my opinion.

    I mean no disrespect to anyone. I enjoy the hockey talk here. Plus we're mostly all Bruins fans. Could not imagine a Habs forum. (just threw up in my mouth)


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  • Posted 03/07/2014 08:43:31 EST

    I'm gonna pay my "union" dues? I've been a member for 3 yrs now, at first the forum seemed "normal". Many people here discuss hockey related issues. The odd personal discussion would arise. To me, wha more »

  • Posted 02/26/2014 12:44:14 EST

    In response to days-of-Orr's comment: In response to shuperman's comment: In response to 50belowzero's comment: I see Price is day to day with a lower body injury,won the gold medal,turned into a prim more »

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