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  • Posted 08/28/2013 04:57:16 EDT

    deft persons dialogue

  • Posted 08/28/2013 04:34:29 EDT

    Not all of us is log on 24/7. I suggest you to read your comments from time to time. You are very aggressive, especially with the one's with other opnion.

  • Posted 08/28/2013 04:03:20 EDT

    Be careful. When I wrote something about it russ called me a kid and asked people to ignore me :) what a bully

  • Posted 08/26/2013 06:50:56 EDT

    Thanks guys. I think they changed somthing in their format, but it's seems like the site running fine now.

  • Posted 08/26/2013 01:51:13 EDT

    In response to Philskiw1's comment:   In response to prolate0spheroid's comment:          Pats open against the Bills on Sept 8.      thank you sir       But it's an article from the Bills site by a B more »

  • Posted 08/26/2013 01:41:58 EDT

    In response to Philskiw1's comment: its right there       Now you got the easy part done telling me about it. Does that handshaped bruise on your b more »

  • Posted 08/26/2013 01:33:47 EDT

    What they do to the site? Why I have to read news about the bills and the Redskins?

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  • Forum Post: Positives

    Posted 08/23/2013 01:41:55 EDT

    In response to russgriswold's comment: In response to patriotsfan96's comment:   Arrington? You must be joking! He can play only as a nickle CB. He sucks man-to-man!!   Are you just repeating rhetoric more »

  • Forum Post: Positives

    Posted 08/23/2013 01:31:32 EDT

    Arrington? You must be joking! He can play only as a nickle CB. He sucks man-to-man!!

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  • Posted 08/18/2013 01:29:24 EDT   His interviw on Fox 1. In the last minute of the segment he says that in 01,03,04 the team had the best D in the league, a more »

  • Posted 08/18/2013 01:03:40 EDT

    Tedy B

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  • Forum Post: Ghost....

    Posted 08/10/2013 04:44:36 EDT

    In response to HOTBLITZ's comment: Perhaps some may think I'm overreacting but I think Ghost has lost his mental toughness. I was wondering if you all agree with me in thinking if there are other viab more »

  • Posted 08/09/2013 10:43:26 EDT

    In response to mthurl's comment: My lord!! If this was for keeps, you can put that catch and scoring positioning on T. Wilson. Dude, do you know what you're doing out there? Can you get any further aw more »

  • Posted 08/09/2013 10:05:51 EDT

    In response to MattC05's comment:

    Tavon Wilson seems like he's bringing the lumber tonight.  I don't remember him going for quite so many knockout hits last year.

    He did really bad job in the last TD

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  • Posted 08/09/2013 09:04:34 EDT

    In response to PATSchampsSB's comment:

    Tebow time!!!!!!!!!!

    ...And it's gone

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  • Posted 08/09/2013 08:56:32 EDT

    First LB with great TD, now Brandon Bolden with an awful penalty. Evertying count

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  • Posted 08/09/2013 08:52:36 EDT

    Patriots averaging 11.2 per run

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  • Posted 08/08/2013 04:22:40 EDT

    Deion was a great player, who did many great things for the Patriots

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  • Posted 07/29/2013 07:06:52 EDT

    Tedy gave a great great speech. He should be on stage

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  • Forum Post: Brew-ski

    Posted 07/29/2013 05:04:38 EDT


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  • Posted 07/26/2013 11:50:28 EDT

    Some bad calls both playoffs game we lost in 05 and 06: Against Denver: 1. Phantom pi against Asante, giving the Broncos 1&goal on our 1. 2. Champ B touch back - giving the Broncos 1&goal on our 1. Ag more »

  • Posted 03/15/2013 01:45:41 EDT

    In response to getdrunkstupit's comment:


    You got it all wrong my friend. The video is Brady's reaction to Kyle Arrington new contract.


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  • Posted 10/14/2012 07:27:56 EDT

    Sad to say, but I think this thread is more relevant than ever...

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  • Posted 09/24/2012 04:18:15 EDT

    In response to BabeParilli's comment:   In response to patriotsfan96's comment:   2006 AFCCG, 2009 colts game (2&4), 2010 colts game (Manning int), 2010 bolts game, 2011 AFCCG, 2011 SB, 2012 ravens ga more »

  • Posted 09/24/2012 02:47:45 EDT

    In response to BostonTrollSpanker's comment:   Umm it's our defense that  has lost the ability to close it out,  think McGinest with the sack, Harrison with the interception.  Blame the offense for th more »