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  • Posted 06/14/2011 09:47:13 EDT

    The Sox are swinging incredibly hot bats right now, but tonight they're facing a pitcher that has owned them at his home park. Since '08, James Shields has a 4-1 record in 5 starts vs. the Red Sox at more »

  • Posted 06/13/2011 03:07:52 EDT

    Tommy Hottovy has been around the Red Sox organization since before I began paying attention to prospects, and I did that quite a few years ago. I didn't need to gain too much familiarity with the min more »

  • Posted 05/23/2011 05:31:52 EDT

    These Indians are a confident and overperforming team, but, despite his great overall numbers, Justin Masterson appears to be the same guy he always was. When he pitched with the Sox, his sole failing more »

  • Posted 05/23/2011 05:19:32 EDT

    Asdrubal Cabrera, in his first 4 years in the major leagues, hit one home run every 78.6 at-bats. This year, he's popping one out every 20.2 at-bats. Brady Anderson, anyone? Looks like Cleveland has d more »

  • Comment on: 'Red Sox’

    Posted 02/17/2011 03:33:57 EST

    We "sun-starved stat geeks" prefer "fans who actually think about what the numbers mean", Mr. Boyfriend. I know that phrasing is a bit awkward and more difficult to spell, but it's considerably more a more »

  • Posted 01/02/2011 06:24:03 EST

    If CHB cannot comprehend why Patriot fans might want to see a Patriots game, regardless of the game's import in the postseason, I can't explain it to him. If he were a sports fan, he wouldn't be so co more »

  • Posted 12/18/2010 04:22:35 EST

    As far as I'm concerned, the warning shots across Papelbon's bow are among the most encouraging events in an already encouraging off-season. I'd been concerned that Theo's head was in the sand about " more »

  • Posted 04/05/2010 07:48:03 EDT

    If you remember, the Sox missed Jason Bay's impact in the middle of the order for a good chunk of last season, too. His mid-season slump wasn't as deep as David Ortiz's April-May slide, but it was jus more »

  • Comment on: 'Sox’

    Posted 03/29/2010 04:28:34 EDT

    firsty wrote: "Montero is the No.5 prospect in all of baseball.Better clone Varitek." _____ Montero is a beast with the bat, but this is an article about catching prospects, and most scouts believe Mo more »

  • Posted 11/12/2009 10:32:42 EST

    Rasheed missed 11 treys in a row over the course of the Phoenix, New Jersey until he finally hit on his second attempt in last night's game, so it's not surprising that his overall percentage has take more »

  • Posted 11/04/2009 12:00:27 EST

    N2thalzzo: "Boy, I miss Marbury and Mikki Moore coming off the bench..."

    Post of the day. more »

  • Posted 10/12/2009 07:25:40 EDT

    None of the above. The lineup is a streaky one, and they fell into a poorly timed collective slump. The starting pitching was certainly good enough to have won each game, but you can't win if you can' more »

  • Posted 10/08/2009 11:27:20 EDT

    Get with the program, Pete. Dave Wallace hasn't been the Red Sox pitching coach since 2006. I know you just got back from covering the Yankees and all, but seriously, isn't it time you started learnin more »

  • Posted 10/08/2009 03:21:48 EDT

    It might surprise a lot of people to know that Brian Anderson's line since he came to the Red Sox in the Kotsay deal is .294/.381/.647. It's a tiny sample, but it should be enough to make us consider more »

  • Posted 09/25/2009 08:14:14 EDT

    Lowrie over Woodward is a no-brainer, very like Nick Cafardo himself. more »

  • Posted 09/16/2009 11:00:12 EDT

    Geez, Bob, pull out the calculator every now and then, willya? A WHIP of 2.20 does, indeed, translate to more than 18 baserunners per 9 innings. It also translates to more than 17, more than 10, and m more »

  • Posted 09/16/2009 10:17:30 EDT

    mabaker1962 saw the play the same way I did. Adalius had Edwards wrapped up when I heard the whistle and I thought to myself, "Don't do anything stupid here. The play is over." Then, two counts after more »

  • Posted 09/08/2009 06:02:32 EDT

    Don't care. Sox can beat them both. more »

  • Posted 09/04/2009 03:05:42 EDT

    In Response to Re: MR. EPSTEIN... Take your bows for mr. wagner and and mr. buchholz: In Response to Re: MR. EPSTEIN... Take your bows for mr. wagner and and mr. buchholz : Sir, I played softball agai more »

  • Posted 08/07/2009 10:52:17 EDT

    Leave it to Cafardo to ignore the most telling stat for Smoltz this season (numbers aren't really your thing, are they, Nick? Or analysis. That's not your thing either.): Smoltz vs. right-handed batte more »

  • Comment on: 'Buchholz’

    Posted 08/03/2009 02:48:30 EDT

    More Buchholz bashing by the least baseball savvy reporter on the Globe staff.

    Nice hit piece, Nick! You're a hack! more »