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  • Posted 05/18/2011 11:25:35 EDT

    I called Malden my home for the first 40 1/2 years of my life. I moved to be closer to work. I come back to Malden once in a while but could not live there again. Change is inevitable but not always f more »

  • Posted 05/18/2011 11:07:01 EDT

    Oh yeah, I have an interest in this. I called Malden home for the first 40 1/2 years of my life, Lowell for the following 9 and now Dracut. more »

  • Posted 05/18/2011 11:03:58 EDT

    Maybe the Greater Boston League and the remaining teams from the Merrmimack Valley Conference can get together once Tewksbury, Chelmsford and Billerica depart for the Dual County League and Haverhill more »

  • Posted 04/05/2011 08:43:51 EDT

    First round sweep for whoever the Bruins opponents will be. The Rangers, Canadiens or Sabres must be licking their chops! more »

  • Posted 06/22/2010 07:47:07 EDT

    The second NASCAR Sprint Cup race (known as Winston Cup then) started racing at NH in September 1997. The IRL stopped in 1998 so therefore the second race was not a replacement. I know, I was there fo more »

  • Comment on: 'Leveled'

    Posted 05/13/2010 08:22:16 EDT

    Face it folks, the Bruins are done. For the third time in NHL history, a team will come back from being 0-3 in a series and win it, 4th time in sports history and we all know who that involved. This i more »

  • Comment on: 'Bear bones'

    Posted 05/11/2010 08:13:43 EDT

    Face up to it folks, the Bruins are D-O-N-E. Flyers in 7. The regular season Bruins are back more »

  • Posted 05/06/2010 12:03:01 EDT

    I know this is a little off subject but was Davidson closed as part of the GM dealer closings? I remember walking to school (1st or 2nd grade) when both sides of Cross Street was being constructed for more »

  • Forum Post: Favorite diners?

    Posted 03/05/2010 03:37:11 EST

    In Response to Re: Favorite diners?: Bingo - Carl's Diner In Response to Re: Favorite diners? : Posted by coasterman Here's another vote for Carl's in Oxford. I will drive down from the Lowell area to more »

  • Posted 01/08/2010 12:15:52 EST

    And to think I considered leaving the Merrimack Valley (2 mile ride to work) and move back to Malden and commute 30 miles to work like I did for 7 years in the 90s. I'm glad I changed my mind and move more »

  • Posted 12/07/2009 04:05:44 EST

    Regardless if you like the media or not and what they say, one thing I know for sure - stick a fork in the Pats. THEY ARE D-O-N-E!!!!! It happens as other people have said here. Brady's best years are more »

  • Posted 10/29/2009 08:40:15 EDT

    Next to my beloved Red Sox, I have been a Phillies fan since the mid 70s so I am thrilled with last night's victory. But in no way am I going to gloat, the Yankees are too good of a team to just roll more »

  • Posted 09/03/2009 01:16:02 EDT

    In Response to Re: Defunct stores/brands that you miss:

    Deli King on Comm Ave and Harvard Street.
    Posted by muse57

    Still in business on Rte 38 in Tewksbury more »

  • Posted 07/17/2009 03:42:01 EDT

    I am glad to see some of my favorites get mentioned here (Memories, Sullivan's, Sully's, Hodgies, Lagos Lone Oak, Richardson's) but Jay Gee's in Methuen and Hayward's in Nashua deserve to get a shout more »

  • Posted 04/28/2009 12:07:29 EDT

    As much as I hate to see Pontiac go, the quailty of their cars went downhill recently and their customer service people were no help. I have a 2004 Grand Prix I bought brand new 5 years ago and it has more »

  • Posted 04/23/2009 09:01:40 EDT

    I love it when I'm wrong!!!!! jimkon and siestafiesta are right, Andy Brown was the last maskless goalie. I remember the Gumper too. Heck, I remember Jacques Plante playing for the B's but what I stil more »

  • Posted 04/10/2009 09:12:29 EDT

    Mr. Bornstein should get his facts right. I would not be able to see the MLB Network on Comcast unless I subscribed to the sports tier package. I for one will not be heartbroken to see the NFL Network more »

  • Posted 04/07/2009 10:44:11 EDT

    My wife and I had a small wedding reception(70 people including the bride and groom)at a restuarant in Saugus and everyone had a great time. Except for one family member having the audacity to send me more »