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  • Posted 12/28/2009 03:01:59 EST

    It's obvious isn't it? The Colts could not face the possibility of losing the Super Bowl (should they be so fortunate to get there) and lose a perfect season at the same time. The Patriots loss under more »

  • Comment on: 'Tiger can’

    Posted 12/04/2009 04:53:06 EST

    First let me say that I respect Chad Finn very much. He's a great writer. But the title of this column "Tiger can’t outrun these hounds" strikes me as a bit, shall I say, insensitive? I mean, wasn't more »

  • Posted 11/27/2009 11:27:23 EST

    K-maxxxxxxxxx : )   The Pats win it all this year my friend!  They wil beat the Saints 31-24!!! I have to agree with Bubba - "At times, the Patriots' offensive play calling has been called "conservati more »

  • Posted 11/15/2009 02:21:58 EST

    I'm right there with you ewhite...I HATE this late night start. Since my job is mental computer audit work I have no choice but to watch only up until 10:00. My work is my bread & butter and the game more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots vs Fins

    Posted 11/08/2009 01:46:14 EST

    SHI+  I'm out....all the best more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots vs Fins

    Posted 11/08/2009 01:44:03 EST

    I'm leaving when it's 14-3 dammit!!!! more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots vs Fins

    Posted 11/08/2009 01:43:13 EST

    You too Kmax!! I can't tear myself way right now...wifey is getting pissed : ) more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots vs Fins

    Posted 11/08/2009 01:42:07 EST

    Pick....them....apart!!!  I....HATE...JOEY....PORTER's>>>>GUTS!!! more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots vs Fins

    Posted 11/08/2009 01:38:18 EST

    KMAXXXXXXXXX : ) How are you?  I'm on my way out the door on this glorious 65 degree day in NH man but I had to check in with you friend. This is a big game for the Pats of course considering the oppo more »

  • Posted 10/25/2009 04:09:19 EDT

    It was fun spending the game time with you all...have a great Sunday night and let's hope the Angels take that series to seven tonight...just for the drama! We will know just how good this Patriots te more »

  • Posted 10/25/2009 04:05:54 EDT

    I would reccommend that the Pats make a trade right now and it is this: Our first round pick this year and 1st rounder in 2011 for the rights to Tampa Bays first rounder this year. SAM BRADFORD!!!  An more »

  • Posted 10/25/2009 04:02:30 EDT

    I pray for Super Bowl revenge against the Giants...is that asking too much? Does it speak to the fact that that loss still irks me? Of course it does!  I WANT REVENGE!!! more »

  • Posted 10/25/2009 03:57:19 EDT

    Fair enough assessment Andrew...again, I hate to be "Mr. Negative" but I am simply not a fan of his.  Nice win. Not to be a braggard but 9 deep into this thread I wrote: "I think based on the competit more »

  • Posted 10/25/2009 03:44:41 EDT

    Hey mightypatriotz, true dat!  I work in a call-center with girls who focus more on snacking than producing : )  I work in effect with a bunch of MARONEYS'!! They show glimpses of production then long more »

  • Posted 10/25/2009 03:40:59 EDT

    "he hasn't had many holes today but it looks as if he's running with some purpose." Andrew???  Maroney is a lousy back!!  Granted the OL isn't pro-bowl but this guy does not have a history of "running more »

  • Posted 10/25/2009 03:35:31 EDT

    Good call right there! Give it to Maroney. See how he has given up his dancing routine? BB is calling a great game! more »

  • Posted 10/25/2009 03:33:54 EDT

    Brady is the best, when he is the Brady we know. I remember early on in his career he was just a little off on passes, overthrowing by a hair, and I am experiencing some deja vu with him now. Hate to more »

  • Posted 10/25/2009 02:53:56 EDT

    Play calling is as key as anything else...hopefully that will get better as we just saw. So many options and so little immagination so far...maybe this TD to Watson will be the start of something? IMM more »

  • Posted 10/25/2009 02:48:26 EDT

    JohnHannah I feel your pain man...but what your missing is a poor display by our Pats against a HORRIBLE TB TEAM!  They are playing down to the competion imo.

    Jet lag? Screww excuses!! more »

  • Posted 10/25/2009 02:45:45 EDT

    They're DEEP ON THE OL?  IS THAT WHAT HE JUST SAID?  Deep in bodies but not talent! more »

  • Posted 10/25/2009 02:42:52 EDT

    This is like practice...or at least it had better be! Let me ask you guys, seriously and realistically, do you think this team can win it all this year? I mean, similar to the Red Sox who had a pretty more »

  • Posted 10/25/2009 02:26:53 EDT

    I think based on the competition we have to look at this game a little differently no? This is my viewing suggestion:  The Pats have given up 7. Any more than 14 (I only say 14 cause of garbage time) more »

  • Posted 10/25/2009 02:10:59 EDT

    They picked up that behemoth "project" Vollmer last year but I gotta tell ya, I agree, this team needs to focus on really good OL talent in the upcoming draft. And I don't mean 4th and 5th round junk. more »

  • Posted 10/25/2009 01:46:26 EDT

    LAME PASS TOMMY!!! W T F????? more »

  • Posted 10/25/2009 01:44:54 EDT

    Killer eyes or what?

    more »