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  • Posted 06/27/2015 10:06:46 EDT

    In response to TexasPat's comment: In response to mbeaulieu07's comment: In response to MellyMel7's comment: In response to PatsEng's comment: In response to thejuice1's comment: Exactly mb. Last nigh more »

  • Posted 06/27/2015 08:42:28 EDT

    In response to MellyMel7's comment: In response to PatsEng's comment: In response to thejuice1's comment: Exactly mb. Last night was just step 1 of this off-season. Still two more steps come july 1. T more »

  • Posted 06/26/2015 10:43:36 EDT

    In response to pats-fan-2007's comment: MB, what's your take on the 2 picks? I don't hate the Rozier pick like most.  I didn't see any must have players at #16 (though I wanted Dekker), so I think it more »

  • Posted 06/25/2015 10:56:19 EDT


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  • Posted 06/23/2015 02:14:42 EDT

    With the draft a few days away, I figured that'd it'd be a good time to revisit this topic. As things stand today, if they stay at #16, I likea n athletic wing, like Wisconsin's Sam Dekker (maybe Stev more »

  • Forum Post: Dax Swanson

    Posted 06/10/2015 01:40:28 EDT

    I'm most intrigued by Matt Wells and Darryl Roberts... look forward to seeing how they fair in camp/the preseason.  Both are ultra-athletic and could potentially factor on ST as they develop on the de more »

  • Posted 06/07/2015 08:33:53 EDT

    Here's me on Super Bowl Sunday:



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  • Posted 06/06/2015 10:34:41 EDT

    In response to fishers5's comment: MB.  Am in same boat as you... But if the kid can skate and score, I am all in... Bs seem to like larger slower players that are defensive minded while is ok until t more »

  • Posted 06/06/2015 09:30:26 EDT

    Haha, no prob, man.

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  • Posted 06/06/2015 09:13:11 EDT

    Posted this on the BDC Bruins board as well, but wanted to post it here too.  Hockey is definitely not my strong suit, but  I love anything draft.   In researching the players that could be around whe more »

  • Posted 06/06/2015 09:01:34 EDT

    Admittedly, hockey is not my strong suit (spend most of my BDC time on the Patriots board) so I wanted to reach out to those in the know.  With that said, I love anything draft, whether it be the Pats more »

  • Posted 05/31/2015 09:53:13 EDT

    My initial thought was DE/OLB as I'm curious to see if a Moore or Grissom or Flowers, etc. can emerge as a solid rotationl player behind Chandler, Nink and Sheard. With that said, I'm most curious to more »

  • Posted 05/27/2015 04:14:14 EDT

    With the NBA draft less than a month away (June 25), is anyone interested in a little Celt's draft talk?    I'm not the biggest bball guy in the world, but I love all things draft and team building.   more »

  • Posted 05/20/2015 02:06:41 EDT

    Honestly, what exactly do fans expect BB to say... and/or who are they looking for him to appease?!

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  • Posted 05/20/2015 01:43:25 EDT

    What penalty did the Colts receive for tanking to get Luck?

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  • Posted 05/14/2015 02:37:16 EDT

    In response to BabeParilli's comment:

    Pinch hitting for TFB12 - but he is the master.


    Babe... this is f'n great... awesome job!

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  • Posted 05/14/2015 02:36:20 EDT

    In response to TFB12's comment:     ***************************************** 4 X Super Bowl Champions! Now the drive for 5!! Wow dude, this is f'n fantastic!!!!!!!  So many quotes with "balls" in it more »

  • Posted 05/12/2015 03:47:35 EDT

    Headlock... noogie... a few Indian burns...  then feed him to my Rancor.

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  • Posted 05/12/2015 03:27:07 EDT

    Thanks, brah!

    Or maybe even adding Brady's face to this pic... which was prob from his meeting with Wells or Goodell.


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  • Posted 05/12/2015 03:20:49 EDT

    Can you get Belichicks face on Gibson's body... complete with paint?  Maybe even make the picture bigger if you can? This is how I imagine him addressing the team before the week 1 massacre vs. Pittsb more »

  • Posted 05/07/2015 10:10:15 EDT

    It looks like Brady (via his agent) just deflated his balls all over Ted Wells, and his report.

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  • Posted 05/06/2015 10:21:36 EDT

    In response to TripleOG's comment: I think this may be my favorite pick. If you watch the film, it looks like he is playing in our defense. He is long at 6'1" which makes it harder for QBs to drop the more »

  • Posted 05/04/2015 03:23:02 EDT

    Check out the 2nd name listed on post one of the thread.  Didn't have the round right, or even close (looked like a potential Rd 1 talent after the 2013 season), but had the name. ;)  Can't wait to se more »

  • Posted 05/04/2015 11:26:16 EDT

    In response to TripleOG's comment: In response to Muzwell's comment: In response to TripleOG's comment: Good Recap MtHurl!  I basically agree on everything. Ive been wanting the Pats to go more with r more »