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  • Posted 09/17/2012 10:28:09 EDT

    Romney won't release list of donors>>>>Obama won't release his official travel records,school records and of course how his education was paid for and by whom..

  • Comment on: 'Obama’

    Posted 09/09/2011 10:35:42 EDT

    Now I understand how Obama carried Mass in the elecetion. Half the state is here illegally and are related to Obama. Did Partick do his family tree?????is the change you voted for I hope you are all h more »

  • Posted 09/07/2011 04:10:37 EDT

    no wonder Bill trades his high draft picks they just do not make the team. Hire a draft consultant? more »

  • Posted 08/29/2011 04:50:55 EDT

    Detroit looked like world beaters. Pats looked like the whipping boys for nfl. the way to beat pats big wide receivers look what they did to the smurf brigade if this is what we have to look forward t more »

  • Posted 08/28/2011 06:40:09 EDT

    Hope last night game was a farce. Detriot's dline dismantled our great oline from play one. Offense did nothing at all where is the vaulted horizontal passing game??Ocho Cinco big zero along with most more »

  • Posted 06/24/2011 06:51:19 EDT

    The sad truth is that the Feds really want to get Billy Bulger really bad. We will see if there is a connection to Billy from Whitey the feds are drooling for a possible take down of bith Bulgers.. more »

  • Posted 05/15/2011 06:29:28 EDT

    Sox can not beat Tampa Bay,Bruins can not beat Tampa Bay, Celtics can not beat Miami hmmmm is there bad mojo that we can not beat a team from Florida????? more »

  • Posted 05/15/2011 06:25:56 EDT

    Hey guys give them a break. Do you know hard it is to live on the T pension while only working 22 years for a full pension...They have to supplement their pensions with another free ride on the tax pa more »

  • Posted 05/08/2011 06:33:48 EDT

    Reference to Whitey Bulger is nutz. Everyone with a little common sence knows that the frds killed Whitey and burried the body somewhre. If Whitey gets caught most of the Boston Office of FBI Goes to more »

  • Comment on: 'Don’

    Posted 05/02/2011 04:55:04 EDT

    Hey listen up the Pats have not won a playoff game since Parcells left. Parcells was the brains behind the draft and BB was the defense guru. Jets are the beast of the east now they have beaten Pats 2 more »

  • Comment on: 'Don’

    Posted 05/02/2011 07:17:13 EDT

    Report for drug testing now. This was a bad draft for Pats they did not address anny of their needs except for oline. No WR to stretch field,o olb ,no pass rusher, drafted running backs too soon both more »

  • Posted 05/01/2011 06:31:20 EDT

    I beleive that BB is trying to prove the whole nfl wrong and try to win a superbowl with no pass rush.  By the way how many playoff games have the Pats won since the departure of Parcells???I think Pa more »

  • Posted 04/30/2011 07:15:31 EDT

    Worse draft ever for pats. Think of this how many playoff games have pats won since Parcells left????None. Parcells was the brains behind the draft and BB was the defense guru plain and simple BB is n more »

  • Posted 04/30/2011 04:16:02 EDT

    I think the patriots are hell bent on proving the whole world wrong and try to win superbowl with no defence. This draft is a joke not filling any holes on the d. olb,dline,pass rusher, not even a wid more »

  • Posted 04/30/2011 07:28:13 EDT

    Day 2 of draft over..Pats did not take anykind of dline or olb on the board. Pats couldn't stop anyone last year so it looks like with the picks its all about scoring and forcing other teams to score more »

  • Posted 04/30/2011 07:10:24 EDT

    Pats draft sucked  who is going to rush the qb?????No one so far in this draft  Has BB lost his marbles???2 rb's in the draft...NO DLINE OR OLB??????wHAT IS GOING ON.  last years version of pats defen more »

  • Posted 04/29/2011 01:58:35 EDT

    Pats trade again for value. Lets see possible a number 32 pick next year for a 28 this year. Am additional 2nd by the way the pats willo trade away pick 33 for future pick again so what is accomplishe more »

  • Posted 04/29/2011 06:13:01 EDT

    I am a little sick of hearing from Patriots we traded 1st round pick because there is better value li a later round. Pats should of stepped up to the plate and taken dline at 17 and at 28 oline. 2nd r more »

  • Posted 04/22/2011 05:01:39 EDT

    Bill seems to be afraid to draft first rounders. He likes quantity picks instead of quality. Take a chance Bill pick 17 DE , 27 OLB, 33 oline etc. Never mind more is better use what you have. Don't tr more »

  • Posted 04/19/2011 05:36:59 EDT

    Send Crawford to Pawtucket to get his confidence and his mojo back. He is now a bad influence on the team. A few weeks in sunny RI will be beneficial and have hime face pitchers with less experience. more »

  • Posted 04/14/2011 05:49:48 EDT

    All the above named players are not on the pats big board. This is part of the coach hoodie smoke screen. Look for oline first have to protect brady,another big dlineman dline getting older and hurt,a more »

  • Posted 04/13/2011 06:29:06 EDT

    As usual the politicians are pissed. They all missed a payday for passing a new law to legalize poker rooms. All this does is bring to light and above board the in your cellar card games that go on da more »

  • Posted 03/18/2011 06:48:57 EDT

    This is another hack haven..Most if not all are placed there by politicians and its almost impossible to fire them. This is your government at its best. One call from city hall and a job mysteriousely more »