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  • Posted 12/03/2010 09:44:48 EST

    Demarco Murray? Titus Young? what do you guys think of these two and possible pats uni's?

  • Posted 11/29/2010 12:17:28 EST

    So who all does everyone like for the first 3 rounds only? Curious to see what everyone thinks our needs/wants are and who everyone likes thus far?

  • Forum Post: Green-Ellis

    Posted 11/29/2010 12:10:16 EST

    He has been super clutch. Have loved him for a couple years glad he got the shot to become the starter. Next year we do need to bring someone in though or draft a running back . Taylor and Morris will more »

  • Posted 11/29/2010 12:04:07 EST

    Ok so they get the better of the two nice to know i was wondering that. Our draft is going to be huge next year especially if they implement a rookie salary cap or wage scale. Super excited for this m more »

  • Posted 11/28/2010 07:57:14 EST

    Pathers still with one win basically another first rounder. With Another Raiders loss it keep improving our pick, this paired with a domination on Turkey Day caps a good week.. Bring on the Jets... Ps more »

  • Posted 11/09/2010 01:33:21 EST

    Haha as i was watching the game last night i thought about this too, no surprise him and Bill belly  have a good relationship. more »

  • Forum Post: 2011 Draft

    Posted 10/19/2010 11:44:14 EDT

    how about the 2010 season were 4-1 worry about the draft when the season is over our needs will change people will improve, players will be back warren,bodden,faulk etc..... more »

  • Posted 10/06/2010 10:49:45 EDT

    This is a HORRIBLE DEAL...... picks DO NOT come close to proven players.... Moss pulled the safety and corner on every single play... sometimes commanding a tripple team... opening it up for welker, h more »

  • Posted 09/19/2010 11:55:09 EDT

    It was 1 game no teams going undefeated people on this site are ridiculous look at colts last week look horrible and crushed tonight....they will be fine....the only person that truly concerns me is B more »

  • Posted 09/18/2010 11:10:33 EDT

    Pats 31-jets17

    Minnesota over Miami

    Greenbay over the Bills

    we could be in command over the division quick if these happen
    more »

  • Posted 09/18/2010 01:11:02 EDT

    Moss is great, a sure HOFer.  However, I like this O with several very good options instead of superstuds.  The salary cap relief would allow us to sign a solid, move the chains RB plus draft 1 or 2 ( more »

  • Posted 09/15/2010 10:54:22 EDT

    Patriots 31-jets 13 more »

  • Posted 09/14/2010 04:25:19 EDT

    Its FINALLY time for BENJARVUS GREEN-ELLIS to carry the rock... lol .... probably bring up Tyrone Mckenzy from practice squad....... also maybe denver took some of the money he was due this season and more »

  • Posted 09/05/2010 09:40:00 EDT

    I agree he really had a good camp and preseason I like what he brings to the table the problem is we have explosive tate and edleman .. welker coming back with Moss extra nasty... hernandez is basical more »

  • Forum Post: Barber

    Posted 09/05/2010 04:33:40 EDT

    lets do it what will it take a 3rd rounder? and something else more »

  • Posted 09/05/2010 04:32:14 EDT

    mcKenzie better than fletcher and possibly guyton ... never got a fair chance .... more »

  • Posted 09/05/2010 01:11:24 EDT

    Once again a horrible post prob a jets fan....... our offense is soo much better than the jets and bills we can easily outscore them .. and palmer will and always has been overrated ... pats 34-24 ove more »

  • Posted 09/05/2010 01:04:39 EDT

    I agree with 49patriots good points .... D played well against first offense for the falcons and saints.... moving pieces everywhere im sure we will be fine... bodden loss kind of hurts but mccourty w more »

  • Posted 09/05/2010 12:55:33 EDT

    Tate is the guy, they wont risk mccourty, they might slip edlman in as well and tate and edlman will be competing for 3rd w/r spot more »

  • Posted 09/01/2010 11:41:01 EDT

    horrible post once again we have 3 good tightends more »

  • Posted 07/25/2010 06:32:50 EDT

    more »

  • Posted 06/20/2010 11:52:25 EDT

    I concur the three most recent ridiculous calls were pretty much the entire nba finals this year horrible calls on both sides and more so in favir of the lakers. The safe at first base call to rob gal more »

  • Posted 06/08/2010 07:40:33 EDT

    Dumb post Brady is clearly going to get a contract with new england it takes awhile to work out details and his side is also waiting on Peyton Mannings contract ... What, would you say the same about more »

  • Posted 06/08/2010 07:34:34 EDT

    At this point i think wheatly is almost done with the Patriots  I would love to see him do well but right now he is behind bodden, butler, mccourty,and wilhite. I personally think breakout player this more »

  • Forum Post: David Patten

    Posted 06/08/2010 07:31:58 EDT

    Patten was solid in our superbowl run days but he will be behind ... Moss, welker, holt, edleman , tate, and price most likely and hard for him to get a roster spot. i would like to see him kae the te more »

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