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  • Posted 03/18/2011 12:16:15 EDT

    I think Seguin can play, no doubt.  I wanted him because of his speed, shot, and his skill.  After last night's game, all I wanted to see is him finish his checks.  He peeled off of so many playes, it more »

  • Forum Post: Cj

    Posted 01/11/2011 12:32:14 EST

    He can mix the lines up which ever way he wants but his style is just not fit for this team.  I post over and over that dump and chase just doesn't work in the NHL.  Give Savy and Berg the chance to c more »

  • Posted 01/07/2011 12:35:55 EST

    Dump and chase, Dump and chase, Dump and chase, Dump and chase, Dump and chase, Dump and chase, Dump and chase, Dump and chase, Dump and chase, Dump and chase..... This team has too much talent for du more »

  • Posted 01/03/2011 01:31:06 EST

    I have confidence in this team and know that they can play a lot better and harder than they have.  Here is why I think Julien should be gone: I can not stand his dump and chase method.  It doesn't wo more »

  • Posted 12/21/2010 04:10:23 EST

    I like the fact that he's changing it up a bit.  I still think Recci should be on the third line, Berg play wing and put Krejci in the middle for the Gold line.  The B's NEED two dominating lines and more »

  • Posted 12/21/2010 11:24:57 EST

    I would much rather have Terry O behind the bench.  He is still passionate for the team and would very much like the chance to coach one more time!
    more »

  • Posted 12/21/2010 11:23:11 EST

    The coach is the head cheerleader!  It is the job of the coach to get the boys fired up before the game, during the game, and yes, after the game.  He has to bring intensity to practice, to the locker more »

  • Posted 12/07/2010 11:43:01 EST

    Comcast has a show NHL on the fly wich is great for catching a re-cap of all the nhl action.  They also do a rookie watch which is pretty cool too. more »

  • Posted 11/12/2010 02:11:42 EST

    I'm thinking more in the lines of getting Parise on this team.  It would take a very attractive offer to get him from NJ and that is why I'm thinking of Tuukka.  You are right, there isn't much down i more »

  • Posted 11/12/2010 12:28:39 EST

    The Devils are looking to move Zach Parise.  Before you go and throw me under the bus, hear me out.  I love Tuuka, and I think he is going to come out of this slump with out a doubt but Tim is the num more »

  • Comment on: 'Obama’

    Posted 09/21/2010 08:55:29 EDT

    She intended on returning but didn't have the money? B.S.! Maybe a new law called the "Zeituni Law" should be passed stating that all people traveling to this country MUST have a 2-way ticket. Should more »

  • Forum Post: Kabanov

    Posted 09/16/2010 10:09:51 EDT

    Anyone know where to find a roster for the rookie games? more »

  • Posted 05/14/2010 02:01:37 EDT

    I was stating the fact that we all look like a buch of mosh-posh fans.  Pittsburgh had the white out so we should all get together and have another black out! more »

  • Posted 05/14/2010 10:41:18 EDT

    I'm tired of seeing B's fan wearing gold shirts, white shirts, black shirts, suits, and so on.  Come on fans, let's all wear black tonight!  It will be for the Philly's wake!  Not sure how the B's pic more »

  • Forum Post: Disgusted

    Posted 03/19/2010 10:27:04 EDT

    I was at the game and was very disappointed with the courage and heart that the B's showed.  Nice to see Thornton step up in Cooke's first shift, BUT, after that Cooke was running the B's at every opp more »

  • Posted 03/08/2010 12:23:46 EST

    Savy would have been the first one to stand up to a hit like that.  What is up with Ryder, drop the gloves and stick up for your best player.  He stood there like a big you know what!  It's called pla more »

  • Forum Post: Thomas to ATL.?

    Posted 02/10/2010 12:36:13 EST

    The B's made it clear that they are in a rebuilding year (offering out Ryder & Thomas).  Why patch a leaking boat when you can down size to a new one?  So, try and move Thomas and Ryder for 1st round more »

  • Posted 02/05/2010 09:11:22 EST

    Hey, the B's are playing great!  The passing is looking good, D is not too bad, Rask looked pretty good...  Why are we complaining?  Oh I know, WE CAN'T SCORE!  Nah, we don't need a scorer, don't trad more »

  • Forum Post: PC WAITS

    Posted 02/01/2010 03:39:31 EST

    I agree about trading, just don't sit there and let a good one go.  If it's draft pics then do it and call up some of the young guns for the remainder of the season.  Be a team that's a seller, pics f more »

  • Forum Post: PC WAITS

    Posted 02/01/2010 02:19:36 EST

    joeshmoe, I said I'd give one of them up, not all three!  No, I'm a long time Bruins fan and have spent my hard working dollars going to games.  I've been to my last game Saturday night and will not g more »

  • Forum Post: PC WAITS

    Posted 02/01/2010 12:21:11 EST

    I blame the "SYSTEM".  Enough enf on defenseive thinking, that's not going to win games and this admin just proved that!  Enough crying over PJ as he was one of the worst players on the team last year more »

  • Forum Post: WHATS UP WITH PC

    Posted 01/26/2010 04:49:56 EST

    Hey Bim, if that is the route that PC is going to take then why not dump Chara and his over priced salary now to a contender.  I would try and shop Thomas as well to free up some money.  Those two are more »

  • Posted 01/26/2010 03:51:07 EST

    Wish our captain played with as much heart as Sobotka does! more »

  • Posted 01/26/2010 02:20:44 EST

    Let him walk for picks and get a "PROVEN" goal scorer with that money.  Hey, he's been terrible this year but we can't put the puck in the net either.  If I where GM, I'd drop this defensive style of more »

  • Forum Post: We're delusional!!

    Posted 01/26/2010 11:47:32 EST

    As a season ticket holder, my ticket is stamped and paid for, thus I go!  That said, I will not be returning next year with this same team.  If they don't trade then we are in the same boat for the ne more »