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  • Posted 06/18/2013 12:50:38 EDT

    In response to kelvana33's comment:

    Ranger players will love this. No more going down to block shots. Now, just go down and see if you can draw a penalty.

    Rangers will go 5 for 500 on PP next year.

  • Posted 06/18/2013 12:44:43 EDT

    Awesome, unless you're the guy the actually got mauled. Shouldn't feed a bear barbaque, or poke it.

  • Posted 06/09/2013 12:44:40 EDT

    In response to AFNAV130's comment: In response to chitownBruinfan's comment:   No more going out to the bar to watch hockey for me.   Haha that's funny. Why not?   I got a new nice TV. No other reason more »

  • Posted 06/09/2013 12:42:31 EDT

    In response to dezaruchi's comment: In response to chitownBruinfan's comment:   No more going out to the bar to watch hockey for me.   Good luck. This is the final you've dreamed about.    Thanks, at more »

  • Posted 06/09/2013 12:35:19 EDT

    No more going out to the bar to watch hockey for me.

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  • Posted 05/13/2013 09:54:11 EDT


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  • Posted 05/13/2013 09:20:49 EDT

    jagr is awful there too, i didnt realize seguin was even playing tonight.

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  • Forum Post: Jagr...

    Posted 05/06/2013 11:35:54 EDT

    In response to zamboni24's comment: Not to mention if the refs would wake up a call Leafs for hanging all over him. Those are penalties he's been drawing his entire career. Oh -- sorry -- that's when more »

  • Posted 04/10/2013 09:17:16 EDT

    why do they keep putting lucic on the ice? looks like he's skating with 2 broken legs!

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  • Posted 03/22/2013 10:53:59 EDT

    and how was there no penalty on the play! image if they tied it up!!! hopefully karma keeps them out of the playoffs.

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  • Posted 03/21/2013 09:03:00 EDT

    maybe they can get brodeur to help the PP

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  • Forum Post: David Who?

    Posted 03/04/2013 07:36:52 EST

    hopefully this isnt like past seasons when he would disappear 5-6 games at a time.


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  • Posted 01/10/2011 10:27:50 EST

    maybe the key is to play like crap for 55 minutes or so then play a real good five. more »

  • Posted 01/08/2011 09:55:44 EST

    please neely GET A NEW COACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more »

  • Forum Post: TIME FOR A CHANGE

    Posted 01/08/2011 03:20:43 EST

    the one thing about the "system" is it never changes. same 80 foot tip passes from behind the net when they set up. the wingers are so low in the defensive zone the other teams points are open and whe more »

  • Forum Post: same old c#@p

    Posted 01/03/2011 07:55:30 EST

    dont forget cant break puck out of own zone. more »

  • Posted 01/02/2011 04:24:49 EST

    the problem is the coach, savard shouldn't be playing with lucic and horton yet, especially when krejci and bergeron are the other options. savard seems to be pressing and its bring down who he plays more »

  • Forum Post: Horton??

    Posted 12/28/2010 11:11:41 EST

    i dont believe he played after tampa's 3rd goal. played just over 11 minutes in game  was at game in south florida and he didnt show much there either. doesn't finish hits or take puck to net enough. more »

  • Posted 12/20/2010 09:28:59 EST

    2 for 2 in taking periods off.
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  • Posted 12/12/2010 02:48:25 EST

    stop passing the puck back and forth behind the net
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  • Forum Post: 22 = no fire

    Posted 11/24/2010 11:53:53 EST

    the score was 2-1 at the time, why take a retaliatory penalty and risk florida tying it?? winning games is more important. penalty was called, marchand wasnt hurt. it ends there, by the way it wouldnt more »

  • Forum Post: .

    Posted 11/10/2010 10:22:07 EST

    deep thoughts, by hockey101 more »

  • Posted 11/08/2010 04:52:56 EST

    one game closer for 2 great draft positions more »

  • Posted 10/28/2010 10:04:37 EDT

    In Response to Re: PREDICTION FOR the BRUINS-Leafs game on Thursday : Hate to say it but no McGrattan = No win: Posted by Fletcher1 I am not afraid of the Maple Laughs ....but why does Nathan Horton h more »

  • Posted 08/01/2010 03:59:34 EDT

    no i followed hockey my whole life and if a 50 point guy leads your team in scoring its going to be a long boring season. did u miss last year buddy. maybe they'll sign ryder to an extention with a no more »