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  • Posted 02/03/2010 01:52:01 EST

    they won during the 71-72 season!  what the f*** is the difference ? 38 years or 39 years.  that's a life time!   To my 20 year old girlfriend, you are still old whether you're only 38 or 39 years old more »

  • Posted 02/03/2010 01:35:21 EST

    Delusional, laying blame on all the wrong people!   Simply delusional! more »

  • Posted 02/03/2010 01:33:27 EST

    [Who'd really want Recchi??? I mean at this stage of his career his trade value would be only slightly better than Andrew Ference's.] But he's the type of DIFFERENCE MAKER we'll get.  You can count on more »

  • Posted 02/03/2010 01:31:58 EST

    Who the f* doesn't play hurt in this league ?  To use "injury" as an excuse when you s*ck is sad, simply sad!
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  • Forum Post: Disgusting

    Posted 02/03/2010 01:30:06 EST

    [Fool me once shame on you

    Fool me 342 times shame on me

    Feel me 342 times, I'm just a complete idiot and delusional to boot!
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  • Posted 02/03/2010 01:28:14 EST

    [to spend on 1 or 2 DIFFERENCE MAKERS]

    Ain't gonna happen!  Satan is your DIFFERENCE MAKER!
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  • Posted 02/03/2010 01:27:14 EST

    [ PC is right, Thomas has underacheived after signing the big contract.] You fans are so delusional!  TT was a journeyman!  He wasn't an elite goalie!  Get real.   Don't blame TT if you must blame som more »

  • Posted 02/03/2010 01:25:08 EST


    Time to get REAL and call this team for what it is!  A joke!
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  • Posted 02/03/2010 01:19:45 EST

    Enjoy paying more and getting less!!!   Delusional! more »

  • Posted 02/03/2010 01:16:47 EST

    [I think Milan has lost it totally since he came back from his injury ...doesnt fight anymore, doesnt hit as much] Hey delusional!  Have you thought about maybe some of the players are mailing it in b more »

  • Posted 02/03/2010 01:14:21 EST

    [ Not One, dreadful Krejci misses the net on penalty shot!!!!!!!!!!] Can fan!  Usually I would tell you to STFU but your point is correct and it's reality which says way more than some of my fellow DE more »

  • Forum Post: Stop the madness!!

    Posted 02/03/2010 01:09:23 EST

    [ how about STOP THE HOCKEY]

    That would do too!
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  • Posted 02/03/2010 01:08:40 EST

    [no delusion chum, i said they were elite LAST YEAR, finished number 2.  That's elite.] Chum ?  How the F* do you go from an ELITE team to the bottom of the trash heap in ONE YEAR when the make up of more »

  • Posted 02/03/2010 01:02:13 EST

    [since you are clueless about jacobs i'll fill you in! FOR DECADES before the cap, a cap he whole heartly pushed for so he would no longer stand out!] Holy sh*t broheim!!  I couldn't have said it any more »

  • Posted 02/03/2010 08:20:14 EST

    [ 4-2 over the Caps]

    How's that working out for you!   

               ************ DELUSIONAL! ********** more »

  • Posted 02/03/2010 08:17:52 EST

    [The day after the Bruins traded Joe Thorton, I was talking to another hockey fan and he told me that Mike O'Connel is married to Harry Sindens daughter. Does anyone know if this is true? If it is, it more »

  • Posted 02/03/2010 08:15:32 EST

    [This finally became crystal clear for me last night.  The 2009-2010 Bruins are no longer A Team; they are merely a bungh of hockey player (some of whm are very talented) skating around on the ice tog more »

  • Posted 02/03/2010 08:05:56 EST

    [ This team was elite last year and this year it's pretty broken down, but I can't say it's broken.] Delusional!   Do you even know the definition of "elite ?"   When was the last time we won the Cup, more »

  • Posted 02/03/2010 08:02:42 EST

    [You sheep are really really rediculous. Whatever move the Bruins make it is the best!!] Concur completely ChiaPuppet!  Yup, there are a lot of "puppets!" all right and they are the ones getting all t more »

  • Forum Post: Stop the madness!!

    Posted 02/03/2010 07:56:56 EST

    Stop laying the blame on the wrong people, people!   Don't lay the blame on the GMs, coaches, and players entirely!  It's true the players are the one on the ice but they come and go.  GMs come and GM more »

  • Posted 02/03/2010 07:51:03 EST

    [It amazes me how PC thinks he may have to make a move to provide a "spark" like he claimed on WEEI. He still doesn't realize his team doesn't have enough talent?? Even with a healthy squad they have more »

  • Forum Post: Disgusting

    Posted 02/03/2010 07:45:48 EST

    [a trade or 2 is needed ferrance started the game off well but sucked at the end. A defenseman is needed to replace him] Sorry to burst your bubble.  That's delusional!  "A trade or 2 ?"  We're talkin more »

  • Forum Post: We're delusional!!

    Posted 02/03/2010 07:39:44 EST

    8 straight losses and counting, 10 points away from the cellar w/the Carolinas, 8 points from the 2nd to dead last position w/the Leafs.  3-11 in the month of January.  They were outscored 42 to 27 du more »

  • Forum Post: Who Then??

    Posted 02/02/2010 11:14:25 EST

    Delusional fans, simply compare Chara's number with Gonchar!!!! You will be surprised!  The year our Great Chara won the Norris, Gonchar was hurt!   Take a look but you may not like what you see.  Why more »

  • Forum Post: TT pack your bags

    Posted 02/02/2010 11:10:03 EST

    [I was a proponent of this guy for a long time, but this SO has just been the last straw, backing the puck into his net!  We have two strong goalies, with TT on the end of the peak of his career, so i more »