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  • Posted 01/27/2015 07:27:54 EST

    I lot of yak about 2 that even if they came back today the B's couldn't afford them.

    and if we did miraculously sign them we'd soon trade them for 8 lesser players

  • Posted 01/07/2015 09:33:36 EST

    Did the B's have a secret locker room meeting and decide not to shoot the puck tonight?


  • Posted 01/04/2015 05:27:48 EST

    The B's will get a wild card slot and defeat the Canadians in the second round. And everyone will joyful ;)

  • Posted 12/27/2014 10:10:18 EST

    Too much holiday celebration

  • Posted 12/27/2014 08:07:52 EST

    It doesn't make any sense to have a 7mil player busting his hands up and sitting in the penalty box


  • Posted 12/23/2014 08:41:59 EST

    "And a comment on surfin Joe - always seems to be playing casually no matter what his intensity level."


    He's that good

  • Posted 12/23/2014 07:28:16 EST

    In response to SanDogBrewin's comment:

    Yah those big fat paychecks being deposited on the 1st and 15 must of been horrible.

    Still getting big fat pay checks along with some respect

  • Posted 12/23/2014 06:35:36 EST

    Face it folks Thorton , Seguin, Kessel. None of them would even think about coming back to Boston


    And who can blame them. They were all treated like cow ****

  • Posted 12/18/2014 08:16:41 EST

    1. A dynamic offense first team that wins a cup every once in awhile or 2. A less dynamic defense first team that wins a cup every once in awhile I personaly would rather watch 82 exciting games, offe more »

  • Posted 12/11/2014 07:53:55 EST

    B's pokin' at the puck in their crease. That's ridiculous . How about falling on the puck or taking out some bodies

    more »

  • Forum Post: More Trade Rumors

    Posted 12/09/2014 09:36:41 EST

    In response to Bruinfaninnewjersey's comment:

    where did you read this?

    Not sure . One of the usual rumor mills. May have been Hockey Buzz

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  • Forum Post: More Trade Rumors

    Posted 12/09/2014 09:06:26 EST

    Jakob Silfverberg

    more »

  • Forum Post: Seguin's Website

    Posted 12/06/2014 09:37:33 EST

    Why so much acrimony towards such a young talented young man ?


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  • Posted 12/06/2014 12:54:28 EST


    Lucic needs to be traded now while he has some worth

    He's not goinng to get any better

    I like him but a think a 6 million salary can get a better player

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  • Forum Post: All Stars

    Posted 12/05/2014 11:28:49 EST

    Would have been nice to have a high scoring forward last night. Someone that the opposition has to really concentrate on. It puts a little pressure on them. Someone capable of actually scoring two goa more »

  • Forum Post: All Stars

    Posted 12/04/2014 10:23:25 EST

    In response to chipnchase's comment:

    The B's traded Sequin?

    Formerly "hangnail"

    Nah , they just loaned him out until he's in his forties

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  • Forum Post: All Stars

    Posted 12/04/2014 10:08:23 EST

    In response to JWensink's comment: In response to skater68's comment: [QUOTE] Wouldn't it be nice if the B's had a true offensive allstar .   I miss that from the B's 4 for 1 dude...that's all I'm say more »

  • Forum Post: All Stars

    Posted 12/04/2014 06:19:27 EST

    Wouldn't it be nice if the B's had a true offensive allstar .

    I miss thst from the B's

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  • Forum Post: Tough Schedule

    Posted 11/18/2014 11:12:07 EST

    This should test the B's. 3 games in four days, Two of those games against division leaders. Hopefully Marchand is back Bruins need a win against the Habs at home then I'd say they'll be ready for Pit more »

  • Posted 11/18/2014 10:00:06 EST

    Pittsburg seems to have a good balance excellent offense and good defense

    Kicking Habs as* tonight

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  • Posted 11/18/2014 10:50:07 EST

    Says Tampa Bay

    Good defense is the best offense says the B's

    With comparable goalies


    What prevails in the NHL


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  • Posted 11/08/2014 05:55:23 EST

    For sure he's slowing down but how many D men are better

    He's a top D man on any team

    But I guess any player could be traded if the deal was sweet enough


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  • Posted 11/08/2014 05:32:11 EST

    I'm glad some on here have a sense of humor and can tell when a discussion topic is facetious

    At any rate I'm looking forward to the Habs rematch

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  • Forum Post: Soderberg Effect

    Posted 11/07/2014 06:11:36 EST

     Teams can't afford four good lines.

    Keep trading until you get killer first and second lines. Hopefully get buck stoppers on the third and fourth lines


    But what do I know



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  • Posted 11/07/2014 06:02:55 EST

    The Habs were the second game of back to back games when we played them in October and will be the second games of the two times we meet them this month. Day after Leafs game then a day after Blue Jac more »

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