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  • Posted 05/21/2012 09:07:32 EDT

    It seems as though the rest of the league undervalues Gerard Warren.  The Pats could probably cut him with the understanding that he would be the first one called if the Pats sustained an injury to th more »

  • Posted 04/27/2012 11:24:40 EDT

    I remember reports from last year that claimed Cunningham was beefing up.  It will be interesting to see what he weighs coming into camp. more »

  • Posted 04/19/2012 11:24:24 EDT

    Brandon Lloyd and Donte Stallworth will probably be your outside threats this year.  Anthony Gonzalez may also be able to contribute a bit on the outside.   The Pat's offense got a bit more dynamic th more »

  • Posted 04/16/2012 08:01:33 EDT

    That article is a joke.  It sounds like a 7th grade science paper: State Hypothesis Introduce subjective supporting evidence State conclusion The author is really grasping at straws to try and prove a more »

  • Forum Post: Bobby Carpenter

    Posted 04/05/2012 07:15:50 EDT

    Carpenter over Guyton, Ouch. more »

  • Posted 03/25/2012 05:35:18 EDT

    Thanks for the great service Matt.  Happy retirement!

    P.S. - Stay in shape
    more »

  • Posted 03/19/2012 09:15:42 EDT

    Pats fan down here in Carolina.  Part of Stewarts problem in 2010 was injury.  He played hurt and didn't have the same burst.  Also, the Panther's offense was probably the most predictable in the leag more »

  • Posted 03/18/2012 02:32:23 EDT

    I think the Pats are really looking for a blocking TE.  Something similar to what we saw last year with their 5th round pick (Lee Smith) and then again with the addition of Dan Gronk.  I think Fells w more »

  • Posted 03/18/2012 11:26:48 EDT

    Fleener might be the only day 1 option at TE in this years draft.  I don't think there is an over abundance of talent in this years crop of TEs.  A FA would seem to make the most sense.  I thinks Fell more »

  • Posted 03/14/2012 10:42:26 EDT

    I'd like to see the Pats bring back James Sanders.  I think Sanders was usually in the right place due to his ability to diagnose plays quickly.  McCourty had an outstanding rookie season and I credit more »

  • Posted 03/14/2012 08:06:44 EDT

    I was thinking this was a Mike Wright type signing as well.  6.5 sacks and decent against the run, sounds like a decent rotational player. more »

  • Forum Post: DB Vincent Fuller

    Posted 12/22/2011 07:21:51 EST

    He sustained the injury in week one so hopefully he has healed. had a pretty good scouting report on Fuller: The Patriots once again added a new defensive back to their secondary. For more »

  • Posted 09/24/2011 06:04:07 EDT

    Not to split hairs but didn't that trade take place in the seventh round?  I thought the pats traded back and took Malcolm Williams more »

  • Forum Post: Maneri vs Butler

    Posted 09/04/2011 09:50:22 EDT

    Sorry Aytee,

    I read which has links to The Globe, The Herald, ESPNBoston, WEEI, NESN and CSNNE.  I'm sorry, I don't have a link. more »

  • Posted 09/04/2011 09:45:50 EDT

    I don't think anyone was expecting either of these two to light up the stat sheets. Their value was in blocking with the added value of having decent pass catching ability.  They were prospects that n more »

  • Forum Post: Maneri vs Butler

    Posted 09/04/2011 06:51:24 EDT

    I liked Maneri.  Hopefully he makes it to the practice squad (doubtful).  He had more upside then Mark LeVoir, hence the Pats releasing LeVoir.  The Pats have only announced 4 practice squad signings. more »

  • Forum Post: Navy players

    Posted 09/02/2011 05:00:40 EDT

    I was a little disappointed when the Pats drafted Ridley because I wanted Kettani to have an opportunity to earn the bruising back role.  In retrospect, Ridley looks like a solid draft pick.  I would more »

  • Posted 07/13/2011 08:32:18 EDT

    Thinking about that goal from Rapino to Wahmbach (spelling?): Compare that goal to a football throw.  30 yards over a defender and puts the ball in the back of the net.  Excellent execution.    more »

  • Posted 07/11/2011 07:12:50 EDT

    I have seen a couple articles praising Lavarnway for his improved defense.  Here is a tid bit from it is Lavarnway’s defense that will determine his future big league role. In that respect, more »

  • Posted 07/11/2011 08:07:40 EDT

    How is that your sister? I didn't think you were white, per your Ray Lewis thread.  I don't care either way, it just seems like something is not adding up here. Your Ray Lewis thread: i know there's a more »

  • Posted 07/09/2011 03:24:45 EDT

    Interesting info.  According to, the Pats should be set up well if the cap is indeed $120 million: more »

  • Posted 06/24/2011 07:57:44 EDT

    I have been contemplating the Pat's 3rd down defense because that is the down the Pats struggled with.  I think the return of Bodden actually improves two positions: outside corner and slot corner.  B more »

  • Posted 06/24/2011 04:42:40 EDT

    Hmmm…. I was thinking Stroud on 3rd downs in a Big Nickel package with a 4 man line.  The Pats opened last year in the Big Nickel formation against the Bengal’s 3 wide set.  The front line was Wright more »

  • Posted 06/22/2011 12:54:12 EDT

    Agreed Zbellino.

    don't forget Marcus Stroud on third downs as well.  more »

  • Forum Post: is this true??

    Posted 06/11/2011 08:08:25 EDT

    Babe - it is fine to be objective but it sounds as if you think Bill is doing a horrible job.  Who would you rather have as coach?  Belichick is one of the best in the league.  The Pats had the best r more »