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  • Posted 06/16/2011 11:27:20 EDT

    I agree. I would post the same thing about any teams' fans acting this, including ours.

  • Forum Post: Well done, Bruins

    Posted 06/16/2011 11:24:35 EDT

    In Response to Re: Well done, Bruins: Congrats to the Bruins....well played game, MVP Tender, that we just couldn't beat. Party responsibly and and enjoy the year, we'' be coming for that Hardwear nex more »

  • Posted 06/16/2011 10:42:30 EDT

    Yo, Tony, didn't I see you on an episode of Jersey Shore? more »

  • Posted 06/16/2011 10:35:42 EDT

    In Response to Re: ARE THE BRUINS ON THE VERGE OF A DYNASTY?: Relax and celebrate this one Posted by maddog2020 -------- Man -I just want to enjoy this.  Also, dynasties are rare in hockey in this day more »

  • Posted 06/16/2011 10:29:05 EDT

    OK - Joe wasn't what we thought he would be... but he's a decent guy and I have never thought badly of him - - and he did nothing wrong to Boston personally!   This is a misguided thread posted at the more »

  • Posted 06/16/2011 10:22:08 EDT

    Always liked Timmy... many of us defended him here over the past few years... but to those who doubted him, your concerns were understandable. I am just glad we stuck with him and it paid off.  I am b more »

  • Posted 06/16/2011 10:10:55 EDT

    You should be proud, Nucks!

    more »

  • Posted 06/15/2011 05:11:35 EDT

    I want to see this tonight in Montreal and Vancouver:     
    more »

  • Posted 06/15/2011 04:43:55 EDT

    Recchi on a break away late in the 3rd and scores over Luongo - - no, make that Schneider's - - shoulder...  top shelf!   That's the winner and makes the second of the night for Recchi. That's the way more »

  • Posted 06/15/2011 04:10:48 EDT

    I am going to sit under the #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #8, #9, #15, #24 and #77 banners hanging in my sports bar room and take down a few whiskies and beer while I watch Luongo glance at his bench to see whe more »

  • Posted 06/15/2011 03:48:23 EDT

    How sweet would it be to have Luongo give up the first goal and watch him peering at his bench to see if they are about to give him the hook?   You know he is aware that he's on a short leash.   

    more »

  • Posted 06/15/2011 03:42:05 EDT

    You have to live in your parents' basement and have no girlfriends to be on another team's site trolling all day.   Either that or several trailer parks around Vancouver finally got wifi.   

    more »

  • Posted 06/15/2011 03:34:07 EDT

    In Response to Re: Bruins will win game 7 because...: In Response to Re: Bruins will win game 7 because... : Don't pretend that you know anything about me.  Because you don't. And I don't take orders more »

  • Posted 06/15/2011 03:11:18 EDT

    Same here.  I called out several fans for ripping Thomas when it was defensive breakdowns that often made him look bad.  Even then, he had great uncoventional saves that kept us in many games.   I thi more »

  • Posted 06/15/2011 02:51:11 EDT

    Here's to the Bees coming out flying - hitting everything in sight and playing with the same urgency that they did in Boston.  I have been wishing for this for 40 years... Fingers are crossed...    

    more »

  • Posted 06/15/2011 02:30:29 EDT

    In Response to Re: Bruins will win game 7 because...: i see but i have to disappoint you... i'm not ! keep on with your ''troll chasing'' never know someday he'll come back ! Posted by WeCanKnockTheBr more »

  • Posted 06/15/2011 02:19:43 EDT

    It'll be easy to tell in the first 10 hockey minutes whether the Bees win tonight... if the Bees are on their heels - not hitting bodies and playing like madmen like they have in Vancouver.... we're t more »

  • Posted 06/14/2011 01:54:19 EDT

    I thought we'd play the 5th game in Vancouver like we have at home, but we didn't. The Bees have to play with a chip on their shoulder - banging bodies at every chance. If we play it conservatively, a more »

  • Posted 06/14/2011 01:26:10 EDT

    Nov--6--2012, do you get out of your double-wide trailer much? more »

  • Posted 06/10/2011 01:31:55 EDT

    I totally agree. If the Bees continue to play with this intensity and grit - banging everything that moves - then they have a good shot of beating these guys. If we revert back to a defensive style... more »

  • Posted 06/09/2011 11:56:28 EDT

    In Response to Re: timmy thomas for con smythe: In Response to Re: timmy thomas for con smythe : okay maybe i was speaking in slight hyperbole. I dont know who dkrejci is, I am certainly not that clow more »

  • Posted 06/09/2011 11:50:30 EDT

    I wonder where all the dimwits are who were ripping TT earlier this year and last year for being "unconventional"?  I recall many of the folks here posting positive comments ripping Timmy to shreds no more »

  • Posted 11/08/2010 04:52:58 EST

    It's really nothing personal, Ergoetal.  Like Dave Orr said, quite simply we are looking for the highest draft pick we can get.  So - it's in our interests to see you finish dead last.   It's nothing more »

  • Forum Post: Classless Philly

    Posted 06/10/2010 01:07:26 EDT

    In Response to Re: Classless Philly: Was there a sale on sour grapes at Star Market this morning? Posted by Kennedy97 No. Folks are just being honest.  I thought the booing would stop at some point an more »

  • Posted 05/19/2010 11:22:17 EDT

    So let's see...  CJ could coach last season but he suddenly forgot how to coach and now needs to be fired...   This is typical of knee-jerk reactionary fans -  choose the simple solution.   Cold it ha more »

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