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About Me: I'll always be liberal. And damn unashamed of it. What in the merry hell has happened to the Land of the Free that a plurality of Americans don't believe the Founding Fathers really meant any part of the Bill of Rights except the Second Amendment, that they do believe torturing information out of people is a good thing to do, and that helping those less fortunate than us is out of the question? So many of them claim to believe in Jesus, but the Second Coming would have to be their worst nightmare, because if the Jesus of the Bible ever does show up – you know, the one who preached "That which you do to the least of us, you do to Me" and who was so down on gathering wealth – there'll be a fearful judgment upon these folk. Somehow I missed the part where the Bible said that it was okay to $crew people over as long as you thought they had it coming to them. And let's not get started on the "tea baggers" and their tantrums. Sure, we all know what they claim to be against; they're screaming often enough. I've yet to hear a single one tell me what he's FOR. They don't seem to be FOR anything but tantrums and screaming. That's the political policy of a two-year-old. When is the Republican Party going to grow up?

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