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  • Posted 11/27/2011 07:28:13 EST

    What the heck? Halloween is OVER!

    Ca you stop ruining my breakfast with these disgusting images?

  • Comment on: 'Don’

    Posted 03/08/2011 08:37:27 EST

    Derrick. Great article. I think you are absolutely right.

  • Posted 03/01/2011 07:29:43 EST

    Alex. What's up with this thing of "if there is a lady in room" and "if you cohabit with women"? Is it that only women are interested in weddings and men in sports? So much for stereotypes..To be a ma more »

  • Posted 02/22/2011 05:54:56 EST

    Dontbedum wrote: You mean sit and talk as Obama and the DemoRATS did when creating Obama Care? Paybck's a be-itch when the people vote Redpublican, ain't it? I for one am glad I will have Obamacare. I more »

  • Posted 02/22/2011 01:31:14 EST

    Talking about arrogance..look at the arrogance of Scott Walker assuming that he has the right solution and unwilling to talk. Isn't this an example of Big Government? more »