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  • Forum Post: Around the world

    Posted 03/28/2010 11:49:39 EDT


  • Forum Post: Canada VS USA

    Posted 02/23/2010 07:51:56 EST

    In Response to Re: Canada VS USA: time to bring on a real team like the russians because canada was just a tune up game for the gold medal coming to USA chew on that you loser hosers. eh, eh, eh, eh, more »

  • Posted 02/23/2010 07:50:05 EST

    Canada as is our natural birth right will win the gold while the lazy slob americans will not even medal. more »

  • Posted 02/22/2010 08:51:21 EST

    Sorry dezaruchi... Men trying to meet other men online just kinda creeps me out... I guess that is just me though. more »

  • Forum Post: ESPN Rumors:

    Posted 02/22/2010 07:40:15 EST

    The Bruins are the lowest scoring team in the NHL so Chiarelli targets a defenceman, brilliant! more »

  • Posted 02/22/2010 06:10:58 EST

    The only things the USA can beat us in is eating fast food cheeseburgers more »

  • Posted 02/22/2010 06:10:56 EST

    Yeah cause Lucic has been so good for the Bruins right? Please! more »

  • Posted 02/21/2010 10:07:20 EST

    Yeah people who turn other people into lamp shades more »

  • Posted 02/21/2010 09:57:48 EST

    Canada will not lose. It is OUR destiny. more »

  • Forum Post: Canada VS USA

    Posted 02/21/2010 09:56:40 EST

    Expect the lazy americans to be weighed down by all their Burger King and McDonalds and the triumphant and chosen breed of the Canadians will be triumphant more »

  • Posted 02/21/2010 09:29:05 EST

    What kind of creep trys to meet strangers online? Don't you have any friends of your own? more »

  • Posted 02/20/2010 05:19:55 EST

    Everyone knows Canada is a far superior to the USA in terms of people of charachter, education, hockey players themselves, etc etc So naturally the entire planet is pulling for Canada in these Olympic more »

  • Posted 02/16/2010 06:31:16 EST

    I am not from Boston but looking at that playoff record I dont see any real commitment to winning from ownership on down. more »

  • Posted 02/16/2010 06:27:49 EST

    Chiarelli is one of the most inept GM's in the NHL. I hate to break the news to you. more »

  • Forum Post: My Apology to All

    Posted 02/15/2010 04:34:22 EST

    I believe we could make sweet music together ZILLA. We can knock back a few ryes and see where the night takes us. more »

  • Forum Post: My Apology to All

    Posted 02/15/2010 04:14:38 EST

    In Response to Re: My Apology to All: In Response to Re: My Apology to All : I'm glad you are a loyal friend. That makes you my first ever. Keep up the kindler, gentler approach. It works well if you more »

  • Forum Post: My Apology to All

    Posted 02/15/2010 01:37:34 EST

    Yes ZILLAGOD, I had to create this name after my other names of stinger646 and holywow were mysteriously deleted.


         your loyal friend
    more »

  • Posted 02/15/2010 11:36:02 EST

    There was a guy who played for Quebec/Colorado that in his first many years of being on that team had a minus rating in the 100's. He has sense gone on to win 2 Stanley Cups. His name is Joe Sakic. more »

  • Forum Post: My Apology to All

    Posted 02/15/2010 11:26:06 EST

    I consider myself to be a man of my word and when I mess up I step forward and admit that I have made a mistake. I try not to make the same mistake twice, but it seems like lately I may be making the more »

  • Posted 12/19/2009 08:38:54 EST

    Would like to see some sort of throw down soon. Maybe Orr vs. McQuaid more »

  • Posted 12/19/2009 08:33:01 EST

    In Response to Re: Thomas dealt to toronto!:

    posting on your own thread? your cool
    Posted by pbergeron37

    Stupid me I fell for this I did not see the date. What do you mean my own thread? more »

  • Forum Post: rask is human

    Posted 12/19/2009 08:31:34 EST

    At least Savard got a shot on net... His first in 5 games! more »

  • Posted 12/19/2009 08:29:24 EST

    Was this why Thomas was scratched and just went into the locker room a couple of mins ago?? more »

  • Posted 10/12/2009 01:56:24 EDT

    In Response to Re: Are all of you ready for a huge let down!!!: are you kevin dupont trolling these forums? Thanks for your pessimism but your off on a lot of things. 1. we are supposed to despair bec more »

  • Posted 10/12/2009 01:50:54 EDT

    In Response to This team (still) succkks!: defence special teams the worst in hockey. Posted by mpn1928 Jacobs tripled the ticket prices on you guys and he gives you another putrid product. Very distu more »

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