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  • Posted 04/06/2011 01:08:52 EDT

     If seguin is a bust for a #2 pick  that must mean that bobby ryan,malkin,heatley and this years scoring champ daniel sedin are all busts as well.they were all #2 picks and didn't even play in the nhl more »

  • Posted 04/06/2011 12:12:14 EDT

    In Response to 5TH OVERALL INPTS YET FANS ARE COMPLAINING!: unreal if i had said boston would be in top five in nhl in pts after season ends would you  not had taken it? Posted by bruins8  I aint a br more »

  • Posted 04/04/2011 07:26:16 EDT

     we must have lost the neely for pederson trade too since pederson out produced neely that first year and we hadn't yet drafted wesley or poor colorado traded derek morris for a pick and drafted paul more »

  • Posted 04/04/2011 06:51:34 EDT

    In Response to Re: Leafs so far WINNERS in Kessel Trade: kessel more than doubles seguins goals  need we say more its almost laughable  do peopele really thiink the bs won the trade?  cmon Posted by b more »

  • Posted 04/03/2011 10:27:57 EDT

     bruins8  I did you a favor and went through the game log for phil this year. The leafs lost 16 games by 1 goal this year in which phil failed to score, i just remember reading last year everytime bru more »

  • Posted 04/03/2011 07:07:37 EDT

    In Response to Re: kessel 1 of 7 players to have 3 straight 30 plus goals: kessel single handily kept leafs in chase until now...hes on a terrible team  no question if he was here or on a top team he more »

  • Posted 03/10/2011 01:12:25 EST

    In Response to jones,cooke no suspensions either stop whinning habs fans: jones, cooke, richards, no suspensions, i can go on and on and on, this is the nhl injuries happen deal with it, enjoy the 6th more »

  • Posted 02/26/2011 06:02:37 EST

     as far as your argument about lucic having 5 en goals,your actually making everyones point  kessel dont score empty net goals because he is too much of a defensive liability to be on the ice protecti more »

  • Posted 02/26/2011 05:58:44 EST

     Is the n.h.l folding after this year?  more »

  • Posted 02/25/2011 09:48:46 EST

    In Response to Re: Kessel: 4 More Points Vs Montreal: 25 Goals: ya barley making the lineup playing on 4th line...been watching, we didnt trade the rookie kessel my friend we traded kessel now for seg more »

  • Posted 01/15/2011 10:05:35 EST

     How many points have leafs got this year by getting a power play goal in last minute of game.they got 1 tonight,2 against bruins and i seem to remember it happening atleast 3 or 4 other times,its rid more »

  • Forum Post: D call up

    Posted 12/08/2010 01:22:03 EST

    haven't said anything official on injury yet but chara said after the game that they would be calling up a defenseman(according to Bartowski did stay the longest,lasting through the prague more »

  • Forum Post: D call up

    Posted 12/08/2010 01:05:32 EST

     If stuarts gonna miss sometime who do we want to see get the call-up? I liked kampfers play during the pre-season and would like to see how he does. more »

  • Posted 11/08/2010 04:53:48 EST

     I know it stinks that leafs are 4-0-1  but thankfully the other teams that most pundits believe are gonna be at bottom of conferance also have gotten off to good starts so they really havent seperate more »

  • Posted 11/08/2010 04:53:45 EST

    In Response to Re: Toronto Record Tracker: In Response to Re: Toronto Record Tracker : Is that your fat a ss doing a disservice to the #33?  Lay off the donuts!!! What's this crap your trying to make more »

  • Posted 11/08/2010 04:53:43 EST

    In Response to Re: Toronto Record Tracker: In Response to Re: Toronto Record Tracker : How often do you play with Kessel's nuts?  I'm going to guess about every night with the way you talk about him. more »

  • Posted 11/08/2010 04:53:37 EST

     I may be wrong,i watched last nights game and they put brown in his spot in the third to protect the lead,I only remember him skating one shift in the third and that was on the pp. more »

  • Posted 11/08/2010 04:53:37 EST

     so we completely ignore the 4.5 million differance between seguin and kessel and just make it as simple as replace seguin with kessel. Its not that easy if kessel was here then you have to take atlea more »

  • Posted 11/08/2010 04:53:36 EST

    In Response to Re: Toronto Record Tracker: kessel will have alot more goals and points than seguin and thats the bottom line....that was the trade the 23 yr old kessel for 18 yr old seguin so thats wh more »

  • Posted 11/08/2010 04:53:34 EST

    In Response to Re: Toronto Record Tracker: dont be so sure kessel is to good to allow a long losing streak this season hes on a mission and will score 50 Posted by bruins8 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz more »

  • Posted 10/17/2010 12:30:29 EDT

    In Response to Re: BRIAN BOYLE "KESSEL IS AN ALL WORLD PLAYER": msg network interviewd boyle after leafs game and boyles words were "kessel is a all world player" i watched it   how ca you sit there a more »

  • Posted 10/15/2010 10:27:18 EDT

     you know what the funny thing is,after the pitt game when kessel did nothing and got benched for the 3rd period for defensive reasons not one of the mature adults on here started a thread about that. more »

  • Posted 10/08/2010 07:17:04 EDT

     lets not forget that in the summer of 09 it was basically resign kessel or krejci so as far as just comparing seguin vs kessel this year is non-sense.  Of course looking back now they should have sig more »

  • Posted 08/10/2010 09:38:51 EDT

     I will say first that i want savard to stay. That being said if you believe the report it says he never waived his no movement clause,not that he was never asked to waive it. more »

  • Posted 08/08/2010 01:08:47 EDT

     I believe dan quinn is a pro golfer as well. more »

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