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  • Posted 09/30/2010 10:58:33 EDT

    Yeah and Parcells never won a Superbowl with out Belichick. Check that out.

  • Posted 03/22/2010 06:51:38 EDT

    He is by far our best OL player, I believe he is one of the Top 5 guards in the league and should be paid like it!

  • Posted 03/20/2010 10:33:52 EDT

    The mid section a little but again I think it could be the picture

  • Posted 03/20/2010 10:23:24 EDT

    Yeah he does but I think its just the picture is not very good quality and that could have something to do with it

  • Posted 03/08/2010 07:51:30 EST

    We need to resign Ben Watson. I think if he's used correctly he would have a big impact.

  • Forum Post: Watson

    Posted 02/26/2010 06:33:27 EST

    I think so as well, I really think he's a good player just not used enough. I would like to keep him if he does not break the bank

  • Posted 02/25/2010 03:44:16 EST

    I actually believe he is the best corner in the game. I have the Sunday Ticket and one of my close friends is a Raiders fan and he comes over on Sunday to watch his Raiders since they are a west cost more »

  • Posted 02/23/2010 10:09:47 EST

    I was at the Razor when we played the Ravens and it looked like we were the Rams with all those empty seats. I was very disappointed I came all the way from Atlanta and paid good money for those seats more »

  • Posted 02/22/2010 03:14:27 EST

    Pay him!

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  • Posted 02/18/2010 03:14:04 EST

    Look, I don't know if this is true or not but if it is then he has some character issues & I don't  think Kraft & BB would bring him on but if their some misunderstanding then I would like to see a tr more »

  • Posted 02/18/2010 02:57:22 EST

    In Response to Re: Would you resign Vrabel?: AlpharettaPat1....welcome to the forum and I'm guessing you're from Georgia? I'm headed there next month to St Marys, it better be warmer there than here ( more »

  • Posted 02/18/2010 01:42:44 EST

    No way great player but his time has past. We need to continue getting younger and moving forward.
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