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  • Comment on: Her ex died

    Posted 09/30/2015 09:23:40 EDT

    LW, time and space. Those are the things which will help this situation. She needs time to process and grieve. Allow her that time.

  • Posted 09/22/2015 09:16:04 EDT

    LW - you are not going to change him or the family dynamic. Do you really want to spend your time and energy fighting for time and attention? Think about that....

  • Posted 09/21/2015 09:38:34 EDT

    Actually, I was responding to TwoCent's advice....

  • Posted 09/21/2015 09:37:59 EDT


  • Posted 09/21/2015 09:34:23 EDT

    Your boyfriend and his "friend" are merely keeping each other on the proverbial "holding area". Get out. Get out of this clown show NOW.

  • Posted 09/18/2015 09:01:53 EDT

    LW - a relationship is a two way street, and it seems like you were the only one putting anything into it. Use this time to get to know yourSELF, and to heal. Trust me, you will be okay.

  • Posted 09/15/2015 09:33:27 EDT

    I just about spit out my tea.... you almost owe me a new keyboard!!

  • Posted 09/15/2015 09:21:16 EDT

    The Ex AND the family. (It's a small town, ya know...)

  • Posted 09/15/2015 09:20:11 EDT

    LW - are you REALLY ready to get married. Ex is taking up way too much of your brain power, and if I'm having second thoughts you probably are too... Oh, and Faceboom is perfectly acceptable in this c more »

  • Posted 09/14/2015 09:26:36 EDT

    LW - time to grow a backbone instead of a wishbone. I would let this entire group of "friends" go, including the boyfriend. Get to know other people on campus, and just chalk this up as a learning exp more »

  • Comment on: He can't have sex

    Posted 09/11/2015 10:18:56 EDT

    My first bit of advice is to find help for yourSELF. Being with someone who is chronically depressed is hard, I know that for a fact. Start off with resources which help family members navigate the up more »

  • Comment on: He can't have sex

    Posted 09/11/2015 10:16:35 EDT

    Obviously my comment is just too awesome. I'll try again... more »

  • Comment on: He can't have sex

    Posted 09/11/2015 10:16:09 EDT

    Really, why can't I post today? more »

  • Posted 09/10/2015 09:29:50 EDT

    LW - this honestly sounds like a rather immature relationship which needs to end. I understand your need to have all of the children together to be one big happy family, but that is not going to happe more »

  • Posted 09/10/2015 09:19:28 EDT

    Familiarity breeds contempt... more »

  • Posted 09/09/2015 10:20:17 EDT

    Again, must be a fellow child of the '70s.... more »

  • Posted 09/09/2015 10:18:50 EDT

    This wins for Most Interesting Thread so far... more »

  • Posted 09/09/2015 10:16:50 EDT

    L.M.B.A.O!! more »

  • Posted 09/09/2015 10:14:51 EDT

    You must be a child of the '70s.... :) more »

  • Posted 09/09/2015 10:13:41 EDT

    My work here is really done. Thx MoVa!
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  • Posted 09/09/2015 10:12:09 EDT

    Wow, the first three comments were about helicopter parenting. My work here is done.
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  • Comment on: I gave him a rash

    Posted 09/08/2015 10:19:38 EDT

    I'm only on page 1, and it seems like you have been shamed enough.... Yet, I am still going to say

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  • Posted 09/02/2015 10:03:40 EDT

    I feel like this relationship has run its course. He's picking fights, and that's just not cool. And you do need to work on your speech patterns in general.

    Just end this.
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  • Posted 08/31/2015 11:33:08 EDT

    ::::clueby4:::: = AWESOMENESS! more »

  • Posted 08/31/2015 11:30:54 EDT

    Really, let this girl (and I do mean girl) go. And you may want to look at the real reasons you are hanging on to this trash.
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