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  • Forum Post: July 2013 TTC

    Posted 07/22/2013 04:10:16 EDT

    Just wanted to add my two cents in case anyone is interested... I had 2 IVF cycles with FCNE (Fertility Centers of New England) and while they were fine, I wasn't overly impressed...they were just mor more »

  • Forum Post: May 2013 - TTC

    Posted 05/23/2013 01:43:17 EDT

    Thanks for the perspective ladies :) It is helpful!

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  • Forum Post: May 2013 - TTC

    Posted 05/22/2013 11:28:14 EDT

    KMMZ-So sorry for you... Having one of those down days (yet another delay from doctor/insurance office....third round of IVF will happen in July/August now...ugh...).   How does everyone keep their sp more »

  • Forum Post: May 2013 - TTC

    Posted 05/07/2013 03:44:36 EDT

    Good luck KMZ!

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  • Forum Post: APRIL 2013 TTC

    Posted 04/01/2013 01:35:50 EDT

    In response to Chiclet831's comment: [QUOTE] Thanks for your comment Chiclet. You are right in that FCNE has a standard protocol that they do. I will look into MGH (especially since they have an offic more »

  • Forum Post: APRIL 2013 TTC

    Posted 04/01/2013 11:07:08 EDT

    Hi ladies, I hope you all get good news this month! I wanted to know what clinic you are using/recommend? I currently use FCNE out of Reading MA. They are good so far but I have had 2 failed IVF cycle more »

  • Forum Post: March 2013 TTC

    Posted 03/14/2013 12:26:47 EDT

    In response to KMMZ1012's comment:

    KMZ- my father was actually put on Clomid as well which helped conceive me. Apparently it's not just a lady pill!



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  • Forum Post: December 2012 TTC

    Posted 12/13/2012 02:15:01 EST

    You guys are all right! :) I'm doing round 2 of IVF and the accupuncturist said to not have caffeine or alcohol or processed foods...and to eat healthily, etc. The RE seems to be more relaxed about al more »

  • Forum Post: December 2012 TTC

    Posted 12/13/2012 09:03:51 EST

    Hi ladies,

    I was just wondering what kind of lifestyle changes you have made while TTC (whether doing ART or not). For instance, coffee/alcohol/sweets, etc.? What have people eliminated?


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  • Forum Post: November 2012 TTC

    Posted 11/28/2012 01:49:34 EST

    Hey ladies,

    Has anyone used (or heard of using) accupuncture for TTC/IVF?

    I was thinking about trying it for Round 2 of IVF....

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  • Forum Post: November 2012 TTC

    Posted 11/21/2012 08:55:22 EST

    Hey ladies,

    So I'm not pregnant :(

    Hopefully we'll have better luck with Round 2 after the holidays...


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  • Forum Post: November 2012 TTC

    Posted 11/16/2012 11:45:54 EST

    Thanks so much! I'm using Fertility Centers of New England (they have branches all over MA and NH). I'm keeping my fingers crossed :) If we aren't successful this time we're going to try another round more »

  • Forum Post: November 2012 TTC

    Posted 11/16/2012 10:56:27 EST

    Hi KMMZ1012, I haven't posted on this board yet but I had to after reading your comment. My situation is actually pretty much the same as yours. I have a son who's 2 who we conceived after 3 rounds of more »

  • Posted 12/21/2011 10:16:10 EST

    That was awesome- thanks!

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  • Forum Post: Daycare costs

    Posted 12/02/2011 09:11:28 EST

    My son is in a small home run day care center 1/2 hour north of Boston. We pay $50/day. (She charges the same amount regardless of age of child). more »

  • Forum Post: Father's Day

    Posted 06/14/2011 10:27:10 EDT

    I might get this for DH....$60 gets you a 4 hour Porsche rental ($150 gets you a full day)

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  • Posted 04/20/2011 08:52:06 EDT

    Hi ladies, I know that some of this has been covered before but I'm looking for responses from those who had stitches "down there" (which I've had). We have tried bed'ding but it just doesn't feel rig more »

  • Posted 03/23/2011 01:22:37 EDT

    Hi, I had mastitus a while ago (caused by clogged ducts) so I'll tell you what my OB had me do because it's probably the same stuff minus the antibiotics for mastitus-a fever and a sunburn are tell ta more »

  • Posted 04/24/2010 01:34:54 EDT

    I'll definetely check both those places out, thanks so much!!! more »

  • Posted 04/21/2010 12:53:32 EDT

    Hi everyone, So I'm at the 3 month mark and someone said I should start lookiing into daycares already. (Is this true?) If yes, does anyone have any good recommendations for either traditional day car more »

  • Posted 03/24/2010 07:15:48 EDT

    Thanks for the tip. I just called them and they aren't taking any new patients.... :( more »

  • Posted 03/24/2010 01:11:20 EDT

    Hi ladies,

    I am hoping to deliver at Winchester hospital and am looking for a good OB (preferably female) in the Reading/N. Reading area.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help!!!
    S more »

  • Forum Post: OB vs. Midwife?

    Posted 03/16/2010 07:38:54 EDT

    Thanks everyone, this is very helpful! I actually have BCBS but it may be out of Mass so I'll check. I'll have to do more research into this decision. I have an appt. with my PCP (well, the nurse prac more »

  • Forum Post: OB vs. Midwife?

    Posted 03/15/2010 09:07:31 EDT

    Hi Everyone, Ok, so I am a little past 7 weeks and realize I need to choose a doctor! I was working with a gyn before but he doesn't do OB anymore so he recommended a hospital midwifery. I guess this more »

  • Forum Post: Saliva?

    Posted 02/17/2010 08:55:10 EST


    I read somewhere that saliva can interfere with sperm-is this true?

    If so, does this mean my DH can't use his tongue down there beforehand?

    Sorry for the graphic question! more »

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