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  • Forum Post: December Updates

    Posted 12/02/2010 06:11:12 EST

    Congrats Sarah and Quad! Fram -- my sister and one of my best friends had high initial results that turned out to be nothing.  Remember that the first glucose test is just a screening, designed to cat more »

  • Forum Post: December Updates

    Posted 12/02/2010 11:19:00 EST

    Congrats on all the wonderful ultrasounds and the BFP Sarah! I LOVED lemonade my first trimester as well, and am back to it again in my third trimester.  So very yummy.  Also, I highly suggest the lem more »

  • Forum Post: november updates

    Posted 11/30/2010 05:09:57 EST

    ajuly-DH and I are taking the Mt. Auburn midwives class this weekend.  I'd be happy to let you know what its like.  I think it will be useful but its ALL day (9-6) and you have to bring your own lunch more »

  • Forum Post: October Updates

    Posted 10/18/2010 09:55:49 EDT

    Congrats LIL and IPW!!  It is so exciting to read birth stories (and from women who were over on the TTC boards!).  And, I agree with Poppy, I love the birth stories and detail!  (Does that sound stra more »

  • Posted 09/20/2010 09:12:04 EDT

    Cookie - An infant at the RE's office is rough.  I completely understand and sympathize with your reaction.  I had to walk past a "prepared childbirth class" the day my second cycle was cancelled.  It more »

  • Forum Post: September Updates

    Posted 09/20/2010 09:06:12 EDT

    Hi Everyone, It is so great to see so many from the TTC boards over here.  Fram - congrats on the little girl!  So exciting!  And thanks for all the BF advice.   I've been lurking for a while - after more »

  • Forum Post: June - TTC

    Posted 06/08/2010 08:38:13 EDT

    Alto - I had my annual apt. in Jan. and mentioned we had been trying 9 months at that point.  By the time I was seen at the fertility clinic, had the full work up (my HSG wasn't too bad), and was read more »

  • Forum Post: May - TTC

    Posted 05/26/2010 06:52:45 EDT

    So tested this morning..... faint line.  Faint line is still positive right?  Wow.  Excited but still afraid to get my hopes up.   more »

  • Forum Post: May - TTC

    Posted 05/25/2010 09:00:48 EDT

    Oh C&B you are so not alone in any of your thoughts!  I am astonished by the lack of support groups out there in our lovely city.  I remember a while back someone suggested that in the waiting rooms o more »

  • Forum Post: May - TTC

    Posted 05/13/2010 08:54:36 EDT

    Hi Everyone! My thoughts to those who have had AF visit.  As others have suggested, enjoy a frosty beverage or two. We are triggering tomorrow night and IUI on Sunday.  Two days earlier than last cycl more »

  • Forum Post: May - TTC

    Posted 05/08/2010 01:18:48 EDT

    AM, showers are tough.  I agree with ml, stay busy if its at someone's home.  There is always cleaning and dishes to be done mid-shower.  A bit of champaigne helps too.  Good luck.   So, AF showed at more »

  • Forum Post: May - TTC

    Posted 05/03/2010 07:24:11 EDT

    Congrats Cookie!  And hope everyone else is doing well! Prill - I feel your pain. AFM:  I'm seriously confused.  We had an unsuccessful IUI in March, and we decided just to take it easy, have fun and more »

  • Forum Post: April TTC

    Posted 04/20/2010 09:06:45 EDT

    Good luck CookieM!! AFM:  I'm enjoying the month of just not worrying about ttc.  Actually, we had a room that was our "study" but that we hadn't decorated, expecting that it would be a nursery soon. more »

  • Forum Post: April TTC

    Posted 04/05/2010 09:02:53 EDT

    Kar and Alf - DH and I tried the all out bd blitz in December (more time off of work and more time for play).  It was lots of fun, but pretty exhausting. LIL - thanks for the good wishes!  I'll defina more »

  • Forum Post: April TTC

    Posted 04/03/2010 02:08:50 EDT

    So AF showed up yesterday - 10 days after the IUI.  Because it was so soon after the IUI, I thought for a few hours that it was implantation bleeding and got really excited.  And then it was clearly n more »

  • Forum Post: March TTC

    Posted 03/22/2010 08:33:09 EDT

    Hope everyone is well.

    AFM:  We did the trigger shot last night, and I'm headed in tomorrow for my first IUI.  Wish us luck!  For those who have done an IUI, how long did the actual procedure take?  
    more »

  • Forum Post: March TTC

    Posted 03/16/2010 10:25:27 EDT

    Congrats to Stephani, Luv and Hydrangea! Speaking of out of control emotions...  My poor DH asked me at the wrong moment last night if I was excited about my appointment this morning (ultrasound and b more »

  • Forum Post: March TTC

    Posted 03/11/2010 07:25:25 EST

    Hi everyone, Long-time lurker finally posting... First, let me just say what an amazing group of women are on this board.  When I first hit the point of, um, shouldn't this have happened by now, I fou more »

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