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  • Posted 03/10/2010 09:41:27 EST

    I shoveled out my parking space.
    You steal it, and I'll know your face.
    Don't touch that old chair,
    Yes, I put it there.
    Our home-rules apply in this place.

  • Posted 03/10/2010 08:53:59 EST

    You dare take a seat at the wheel?
    What laws? We just drive like we feel.
    No braking, just gas.
    "Bleep bleep!"  "Move your *ss!!"
    At rotaries - "Let's Make a Deal."

  • Posted 03/10/2010 08:50:21 EST

    From Wrentham, Scott Brown, "41,"
    He swept, with a breathtaking run.
    A now-former JAG,
    With his girly mag,
    Took place of the Kennedy Son