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  • Posted 09/02/2011 12:07:04 EDT

    In Response to Re: What are Realistic Expectations for the BC Football team: In Response to Re: What are Realistic Expectations for the BC Football team : and your one of the idiots ... Posted by 82nd more »

  • Posted 08/26/2011 11:03:24 EDT

    In Response to Re: BC back to the Big East?: In Response to Re: BC back to the Big East? : Darth Vader please go back to your Marvel Comic books you consider educational before you rant on a BC web si more »

  • Posted 08/25/2011 12:21:53 EDT

    In Response to Re: BC back to the Big East?: Were I the ACC Commish, I'd request copies of Leahy's phone logs. Why? To be sure he ain't makin/takin any calls to/from 401 244 3278. Peace. Posted by Lon more »

  • Posted 08/20/2011 12:40:30 EDT

    In Response to Re: BC back to the Big East?: Who cares about BC really .... ACC is a corrupt conference!  Posted by whr If you do not care about BC, then why are you always on these post? I was under more »

  • Posted 06/10/2011 11:43:26 EDT

    The head honchos of Saturday Night Live must be licking their chops at the prospect of Palin running for President. Tina Fey and the sponsors are going to reap the benefits of huge ratings they are su more »

  • Posted 04/13/2011 04:31:31 EDT

    At least goyanx is telling the truth. BC bolted the Big East for one reason --- MONEY. For those BC fans who sniff about academic equality with the ACC schools as the reason for bolting, give me a bre more »

  • Posted 04/12/2011 04:27:45 EDT

    This kid is going to be a fine addition to which ever team he ends up with in the NBA. Another product of the great system which Jim Calhoun has established at the University of Connecticut. Hopefully more »

  • Posted 04/08/2011 08:34:28 EDT

    Well deservered. With the maturation process of this years underclassmen, UConn should be very good again next year, despite the loss of Kemba Walker. more »

  • Posted 04/05/2011 03:56:00 EDT

    Battle tested by the rigors of a BIG EAST schedule, UConn remains the last team standing.

    The cream always rises to the top. The Big East Conference is King of the Hill. more »

  • Posted 04/04/2011 02:56:08 EDT

    In Response to Re: Reggie Jackson Declares for NBA Draft: In Response to Re: Reggie Jackson Declares for NBA Draft : Commander:  My point was not that the ACC is somehow superior to, say, the SEC, it more »

  • Posted 04/04/2011 09:05:38 EDT

    For the first & probably only time, I would have to agree with LP. The ACC calling themselves a superior conference is a joke. The only reason they are slightly better than the Big East in football is more »

  • Posted 04/01/2011 05:31:00 EDT

    Jackson's situation on declaring early brings to mind Hashem Thabeet of UConn a couple of years ago. To every UConn fan it was incredibly obvious he was not even close to being ready for the NBA. The more »

  • Posted 03/02/2011 02:44:26 EST

    The unfortunate reality is that professional sports teams will always get more coverage than college teams. A similar situation occurs in New York where college sports gets minimal coverage, if any at more »

  • Posted 02/09/2011 09:48:31 EST

    @gsp; In all due respect, you have confirmed what @bungee had stated when he mentioned the almighty dollar as being the over riding reason for the switch to the ACC. Some folks will talk about academi more »

  • Posted 02/09/2011 11:33:19 EST

    @bunzee: You hit the proverbial nail right on the head. I never understood the logic for Boston College leaving the Big East. While I can somewhat understand the appeal of playing North Carolina & Duk more »

  • Comment on: 'Pack on top'

    Posted 02/07/2011 08:00:51 EST

    JC126: I would agree with you. I can only imagine what was going through Farve's mind as he sat in his living room watching the game. My guess would be he was rooting for the Steelers. At game's end, more »

  • Posted 01/29/2011 01:05:34 EST

    A better option might be to schedule a home and home series with UConn. It would make sense in terms of geographics. From a historical standpoint, Holy Cross would appeal to older Alumni who were arou more »

  • Posted 01/29/2011 12:55:29 EST

    In Response to Scheduling Temple and Holy Cross For football?: Since BC has an open dates now that their commitment to Kent State is over why It would be interesting to see BC schedule another old Big more »

  • Posted 01/13/2011 04:12:30 EST

     Brown:  You should probably get some facts straight before offering an opinion. I can not speak for the others, but I am a Boston sports fan having grown up on the North Shore.  I only responded to c more »

  • Posted 01/13/2011 11:10:39 EST

    markes8336: You are probably right. I should not have said that. It stems from reading the New York papers and seeing the arrogance a guy like Cromartie in full display. This is a guy with nine kids b more »

  • Posted 01/13/2011 10:42:28 EST

    Wow!!!! I did not realize that this dude Putter was a problem on this site. I got into a verbal altercation with him over the last few days without realizing that this is something he thrives on.  Now more »

  • Posted 01/13/2011 10:21:38 EST

    Great news folks, I just heard on WFAN that Cromartie will be running back punt returns. This will provide the opportunity for the special teams guys to clean his clock. Hopefully someone will ring hi more »

  • Posted 01/13/2011 09:54:56 EST

    Putter reminds me of a New York Jets fan. All talk with no substance. I respect Boston coolege and their fan base but I have zero respect for an idiot like him.  Putter you need to get a life. My gues more »

  • Posted 01/13/2011 09:41:02 EST

    Be prepared folks> it's going to get ugly at Gillette Stadium on Sunday. Listening to WFAN radio, I am hearing that a lot of Jets fans will be attending the game. One can only imagine what will transp more »

  • Posted 01/12/2011 01:20:48 EST

    Hey Putter:

    If my mind is small, it is still much larger than the pea you call a brain. Yes, we lost, but to lose to Oklahoma is more respectable than losing to Nevada. 
    more »