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  • Forum Post: Philly fans/Refs

    Posted 05/05/2010 01:23:47 EDT

    Abra - I thought the same thing when I read that poor Carcillo had a finger bitten - of course he didn't show that to the media, just more garbage coming from him.  I would like to see someone straigh more »

  • Forum Post: Time for Thomas

    Posted 04/19/2010 05:43:58 EDT

    I didn't get a chance to see either of the games, saw the highlights of Vanek getting hurt - looked like Boychuk hit him in the right leg, not the left - so I really don't have an idea of what this ga more »

  • Posted 04/19/2010 05:30:07 EDT

    Loves Real Hockey - I've been a Bruins fan since 1955 or thereabouts -   I think the big problem is the contract that management provided to Thomas.  And part of the contract (NTC, # of years & $$$) - more »

  • Posted 04/09/2010 04:18:34 EDT

    I have to agree with everyone on the board - you don't mess with a grade 2 concussion.  I had what probably would have been a grade 3 or 4 concussion a long time ago and can't remember a thing about t more »

  • Posted 03/10/2010 06:22:19 EST

    We had a saying, long, long time ago "Payback is a med evac" - it would seem appropriate for Cooke to be on the wagon on the 18th.  I agree with Tim-Thomas God - on the retaliation to Crosby - but the more »

  • Posted 03/10/2010 05:09:04 EST

    BadHab - can't remember what year that was - either '66 or '67?  If it was either of those years, I was having my own trouble ducking incoming mortars and rockets.  Worrying about somebody getting kno more »

  • Posted 03/10/2010 05:01:48 EST

    And what if they take out Crosby and some other pens - at this point in the season with what else has happened, we could always bring up the remaining PBruins - at least some of them would have some h more »

  • Posted 03/09/2010 01:05:52 EST

    Agreed - hope they bring up either McQuaid or Lefebreve for the 18th.  Montecristo - it was a great era to watch/play hockey - at least you knew who had your back when you were on the ice.  Any word o more »

  • Posted 03/08/2010 04:58:06 EST

    PBergeron37 - I'm with you on all the players except for Chara.  I didn't think he could play worse than the first year he was here but he's almost invisible this year now.  If the captain doesn't hav more »

  • Posted 03/08/2010 03:29:56 EST

    MeanE - agree with you on the lineup except for Marchand.  I think they would need to sit Thornton, Wideman and either Ryder or Lucic for the 18th - Lucic 'cause his nose isn't going to be better by t more »

  • Posted 03/05/2010 04:44:38 EST

    Okay time to fire Claude - now who do they replace him with?  I would have liked to see Peter Laviolette behind the bench or the former Providence coach (can't remember his name) Scott Gordon? They bo more »

  • Posted 03/05/2010 04:27:22 EST

    Have to agree with everyone on this one.  I don't get to see to many of the Bruins games here in SE Texas but the few that I have seen Wideman has been just like his first year with the Bs.  Last year more »

  • Posted 03/04/2010 06:00:49 EST

    Interesting that Sabourin was just put on re-entry waivers & they called up Dalton to be TT's back-up tonight. 

    toys 0311 more »

  • Posted 03/04/2010 04:37:37 EST

    I have to chip in my 2 cents on this one.  Do I wish we had brought in a legitimate scorer for this year - definitely yes, but would any of you be willing to let go Bergie or Krejic for that scorer & more »

  • Posted 03/01/2010 06:40:46 EST

    How about Boston's Toronto's 2nd round pick (almost like a first), Wideman, Zach Hamill & Marchand for Nash or Wideman and Lucic for Nash and the Toronto 2nd round pick.  I like Lucic but to be able t more »

  • Posted 02/19/2010 05:14:41 EST

    Didn't Hamill have an injury a year or so ago (I remember something about his thumb?).  From what I heard they were surprised that he was back playing and thought that the injury could be a career end more »

  • Posted 02/18/2010 05:57:58 EST

    Turk S16 - I think the Bruins sponsored Bobby Orr's minor team - I know he played juniors with the Oshawa Generals but the Bruins did the sponsorship so that they had provincial rights to him.  I'm no more »

  • Forum Post: My Apology to All

    Posted 02/15/2010 12:30:50 EST

    Accepted by me as well.  Every once in a while go check the Herald - talk about really nasty posts - its like a bad soap opera. Any way, appreciate the fact that you felt it necessary to apologize & t more »

  • Posted 02/08/2010 01:11:43 EST

    Cowboys9 - yes but he can waive the NTC if the trade is to a team that has a chance to win the cup.  I like Thomas - he is competitive and doesn't like to lose, I thought he deserved the Vezina last y more »

  • Posted 01/28/2010 06:40:18 EST

    Sorry to tread on toes but I don't see Kovalchuk coming to Boston for what Atlanta wants in return.  Also Whitney is 37 - everyone was complaining about Recchi but I would rather have him in the lineu more »

  • Posted 01/28/2010 06:23:14 EST

    I know Kovalchuk is a good scorer but he's also a -88 career wise.  I don't think it would make a whole lot of sense to get rid of Caron or Wheeler for someone who might just be a rental player.  He w more »

  • Forum Post: trade proposal

    Posted 01/27/2010 05:38:52 EST

    KrazieJoe - with you 100% on Stuart & Morris.  I really would not like to see McQuaid & Boychuck featured in any potential trades - they are both young and to need more time at the NHL level but they more »

  • Posted 01/08/2010 03:38:05 EST

    Wood - just did a quick comparison check Liles is a little smaller than Wideman (about 2" & 11 pounds); cost wise Liles is about $325,000 more than Wideman, Liles is 3 years older than Wideman (29 to more »

  • Posted 01/08/2010 01:10:02 EST

    He's still young and getting bigger - you add 10 to 15 pounds of muscle and it does have an affect on you.  I think he's still trying to adjust to the difference in weight between this year and last y more »

  • Posted 01/08/2010 01:05:08 EST

    I just checked that thread and they have 31 pages of comments on what Wilson said at practice.  About 90% of what I read was from Leaf fans complaining not about Wilson but about Kessel and his attitu more »