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  • Posted 07/27/2010 12:53:44 EDT

    I'm very sorry I was unable to attend, Mr. Wildo. I was on holiday in Bora Bora with Msr. LeBeau. We spent the week climbing Mount Otemanu and burning ants with our monocles. It was a splendid time. I more »

  • Posted 07/27/2010 12:47:37 EDT

    I've missed you, Wildo :-)

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  • Posted 03/24/2010 03:22:28 EDT

    In Response to Remember the OLD Commoners chat room of 10+/- years ago?: I was an old commoner and I'm sad there's no place like the old Commoners room anywhere online.  People spoiled it with sick, d more »

  • Forum Post: Wordy Associations

    Posted 03/24/2010 03:20:19 EDT

    count chocula more »

  • Posted 03/23/2010 11:40:21 EDT

    Al Gore.

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  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 05/13/2009 02:34:08 EDT

    Ok, Mr. Handsworth. I give up. I read some reviews of last night's Idol, but once again could not watch. My engagement has sort of sucked up my whole life for now. My GFF(garlic fingered fiance) met m more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 05/07/2009 09:12:06 EDT

    Carly's problem was song choice. And you do make a valid point about Kris. His choices have stacked up better. But Carly left after doing that Jesus Christ Superstar song last year and that was truly more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 05/06/2009 02:35:26 EDT

    P.S. Sorry for my horrible grammar up there. I am running on fumes today and really don't feel like going back to edit :-) more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 05/06/2009 02:28:57 EDT

    Ok, my personal rankings this week based on really horrible youtube clips.....Apologies if I am way off base with some of these comments. Having not actually heard them live and only hearing a smidgeo more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 05/06/2009 01:21:27 EDT

    [QUOTE]The problem with Paula is she often recites material that is pre-written for her, either by herself or more likely someone else, so her reviews run long much of the time Kara hasnt figured out more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 05/05/2009 01:20:06 EDT

    [QUOTE]Hi, Red You may be right about Kris, but I think he is savvy enough to put something together that will work for him. The other 3, I am expecting some serious HQP I believe there will be 8 perf more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 05/04/2009 03:30:15 EDT

    I certainly hope your right and Allison is in the F3. She deserves to be there. Kris' cuteness will only carry him so far and I don't see him choosing wisely during rock & roll week, to be honest. I s more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 04/30/2009 08:54:20 EDT

    I meant to post this yesterday, but I was actually very busy at work...Anyways, it's too late since everyone knows who was booted and all...but my picks this week: Goofy Danny Gokey - Sang Come Rain o more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 04/28/2009 03:03:16 EDT

    [QUOTE]You thought Allison was tops last night, huh? Hmmm. I kept waiting for her performance to lift off, but for me it didnt. Sorry, Red. It wasnt great IMO, and I'm afraid she is going to suffer fo more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 04/22/2009 05:01:52 EDT

    Disco Week - Still Top 7 - my take Allison Iraheta - Sang Hot Stuff...and was it indeed was "a hot one" as Fat Randy would have said. I could give a cr@p what they said about poor arrangement, etc. Sh more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 04/21/2009 04:50:25 EDT

    [QUOTE]So? And your message is?
    Posted by MosesHandsworth[/QUOTE]
     hahahaha "Life is not the worst we have." more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 04/16/2009 02:07:02 EDT

    LOVE the song, babe! hahahahahaha I can't believe they used their one save this season on Matt. Are they for effin' real???? I'll be sooo mad if Allison loses out as a result of this. She deserves to more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 04/16/2009 01:55:05 EDT

    [QUOTE]Red lol The worst nights on Idol bring out your best reviews. That's a fact And just to underscore how weak the night was, you rank Adam's performance 3rd best, but in your blurb for him, you r more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 04/15/2009 10:10:44 EDT

    Idol Thoughts for Cinema Week Kris with a K Allen - In a huge upset last night...Pretty Boy Kris was my top vocal for the evening. Not because he outsang anyone. The fact of the matter is, he can't ou more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 04/13/2009 01:52:30 EDT

    I'm looking forward to it, love.

    I hope Allison makes it or if she gets the boot the judges save her. She really is one of the bright spots this season.
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  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 04/09/2009 11:08:13 EDT

    First off, I want to say kudos to the OIPR for answering fan mail. I think this is a marvelous feature and a great way to really connect with our audience. I have to say as far as this week's results more »