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  • Posted 07/27/2010 12:53:44 EDT

    I'm very sorry I was unable to attend, Mr. Wildo. I was on holiday in Bora Bora with Msr. LeBeau. We spent the week climbing Mount Otemanu and burning ants with our monocles. It was a splendid time. I more »

  • Posted 07/27/2010 12:47:37 EDT

    I've missed you, Wildo :-)

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  • Posted 03/24/2010 03:22:28 EDT

    In Response to Remember the OLD Commoners chat room of 10+/- years ago?: I was an old commoner and I'm sad there's no place like the old Commoners room anywhere online.  People spoiled it with sick, d more »

  • Forum Post: Wordy Associations

    Posted 03/24/2010 03:20:19 EDT

    count chocula more »

  • Posted 03/23/2010 11:40:21 EDT

    Al Gore.

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  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 05/13/2009 02:34:08 EDT

    Ok, Mr. Handsworth. I give up. I read some reviews of last night's Idol, but once again could not watch. My engagement has sort of sucked up my whole life for now. My GFF(garlic fingered fiance) met m more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 05/07/2009 09:12:06 EDT

    Carly's problem was song choice. And you do make a valid point about Kris. His choices have stacked up better. But Carly left after doing that Jesus Christ Superstar song last year and that was truly more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 05/06/2009 02:35:26 EDT

    P.S. Sorry for my horrible grammar up there. I am running on fumes today and really don't feel like going back to edit :-) more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 05/06/2009 02:28:57 EDT

    Ok, my personal rankings this week based on really horrible youtube clips.....Apologies if I am way off base with some of these comments. Having not actually heard them live and only hearing a smidgeo more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 05/06/2009 01:21:27 EDT

    The problem with Paula is she often recites material that is pre-written for her, either by herself or more likely someone else, so her reviews run long much of the time Kara hasnt figured out how to more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 05/05/2009 01:20:06 EDT

    Hi, Red You may be right about Kris, but I think he is savvy enough to put something together that will work for him. The other 3, I am expecting some serious HQP I believe there will be 8 performance more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 05/04/2009 03:30:15 EDT

    I certainly hope your right and Allison is in the F3. She deserves to be there. Kris' cuteness will only carry him so far and I don't see him choosing wisely during rock & roll week, to be honest. I s more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 04/30/2009 08:54:20 EDT

    I meant to post this yesterday, but I was actually very busy at work...Anyways, it's too late since everyone knows who was booted and all...but my picks this week: Goofy Danny Gokey - Sang Come Rain o more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 04/28/2009 03:03:16 EDT

    You thought Allison was tops last night, huh? Hmmm. I kept waiting for her performance to lift off, but for me it didnt. Sorry, Red. It wasnt great IMO, and I'm afraid she is going to suffer for it la more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 04/22/2009 05:01:52 EDT

    Disco Week - Still Top 7 - my take Allison Iraheta - Sang Hot Stuff...and was it indeed was "a hot one" as Fat Randy would have said. I could give a cr@p what they said about poor arrangement, etc. Sh more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 04/21/2009 04:50:25 EDT

    So? And your message is?
    Posted by MosesHandsworth

     hahahaha "Life is not the worst we have." more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 04/16/2009 02:07:02 EDT

    LOVE the song, babe! hahahahahaha I can't believe they used their one save this season on Matt. Are they for effin' real???? I'll be sooo mad if Allison loses out as a result of this. She deserves to more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 04/16/2009 01:55:05 EDT

    Red lol The worst nights on Idol bring out your best reviews. That's a fact And just to underscore how weak the night was, you rank Adam's performance 3rd best, but in your blurb for him, you rip him more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 04/15/2009 10:10:44 EDT

    Idol Thoughts for Cinema Week Kris with a K Allen - In a huge upset last night...Pretty Boy Kris was my top vocal for the evening. Not because he outsang anyone. The fact of the matter is, he can't ou more »

  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 04/13/2009 01:52:30 EDT

    I'm looking forward to it, love.

    I hope Allison makes it or if she gets the boot the judges save her. She really is one of the bright spots this season.
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  • Forum Post: The OIPR

    Posted 04/09/2009 11:08:13 EDT

    First off, I want to say kudos to the OIPR for answering fan mail. I think this is a marvelous feature and a great way to really connect with our audience. I have to say as far as this week's results more »