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  • Comment on: He hasn't proposed

    Posted 10/09/2013 09:44:45 EDT

    Clearly, you should make him 300 sandwiches.



  • Posted 08/30/2013 09:19:32 EDT

    This guy is bad news.  He is seeing how much he can get without breaking up with his girlfriend.  Stop talking to him.  He does not care about you.  If he wanted to break up with his girlfriend, he wo more »

  • Posted 08/08/2013 08:51:14 EDT

    If he wanted a serious relationship with you, he would be having one.  He knows that he can have a casual fling with you whenever he wants.  Tell him goodbye.  You two are not on the same page. 

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  • Posted 07/13/2013 09:35:32 EDT

    Man, why was I cutting onions while reading this?

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  • Posted 07/05/2013 09:48:09 EDT

    Maybe I dated two 5'5 men?

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  • Posted 07/05/2013 09:38:10 EDT

    I dated a guy who was 5'5.  He was also bald. He brought this up in a conversation once.  It never bothered me, and he said it did not bother him either.  

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  • Posted 07/05/2013 09:36:43 EDT

    I dated a guy who was 5'5.  He was also bald. He brought this up in a conversation once.  It never bothered me, and he said it did not bother him either.  

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  • Posted 07/05/2013 08:56:02 EDT

    I am the only one in my office today.  Pretty sure I am the only one in my building.

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  • Posted 07/05/2013 08:53:34 EDT

    I take it the ones commenting this morning are the ones at work.  At least the a/c is on full blast at my office.

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  • Posted 07/01/2013 09:27:36 EDT

    I think Taylor Swift would have something to say on this one.    LW, End it for good.  You don't want to get back with her.  More time is not going to change it.  It's not fair for you to get your ex more »

  • Posted 06/26/2013 09:18:38 EDT

    LW, sometimes relationships do not work out.  You have made yourself a better person with what you have learned.  You can use that in your next relationship.   I would not contact him anymore.  Time t more »

  • Comment on: He Looks Old

    Posted 06/24/2013 09:23:18 EDT

    Why did she break off her engagement with another man?  Did he look too young?

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  • Comment on: He Looks Old

    Posted 06/24/2013 09:10:08 EDT

    Break up with.  Get over yourself.   All you wrote about in your letter were his flaws.  Meredith is right.  You would have defended your relationship instead of criticizing him.  I'm sorry that you a more »

  • Posted 06/21/2013 09:05:05 EDT

    This guy is not going to leave his girlfriend.  The whole salary reason is an excuse.  Stop talking to him.  You mentioned that he gets to go back to his old life without any repurcussions.  I hope yo more »

  • Posted 06/20/2013 09:08:14 EDT

    These "breaks" you keep having are breakups.  Break up for good.  He's not going to be the guy you want him to be just because you are giving him time away from you.  Stop this.  If he wanted to stay more »

  • Posted 06/17/2013 09:43:18 EDT

    I was watching a movie with a guy at his place once, and he suggested that we watch it in his bed so we could both have room to stretch out.  Yeah, didn't fall for that one. 

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  • Posted 06/17/2013 09:12:47 EDT

    He wanted to sleep with you.  He is not interested in dating you or being your boyfriend.   If he really was interested in that, he would show it. 

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  • Posted 06/10/2013 09:09:31 EDT

    Dude, she's not into you.  Stop wasting time analyzing everything that she does.  Move on.

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  • Comment on: I looked up his ex

    Posted 06/03/2013 09:29:34 EDT

    LW, I can understand the curiousity.  I am not going to fault you for that because I have done the same thing.  I don't think it is a bad thing to want to know about someone's past, but maybe next tim more »

  • Comment on: Play me some music

    Posted 05/10/2013 09:35:01 EDT

    Meredith, I am so sorry for your loss.  You and your family are in my thoughts.   I was once a hopeless romantic.  A horrible breakup and a few years of dating ruined that for me.  I can remember when more »

  • Posted 04/17/2013 08:26:23 EDT

    Honey, I bet your husband made sacrifices while you went back to school.  I also bet that you have student loans.  It's time to get any full time job (or a 2nd part time job) so that you can start pay more »

  • Posted 04/12/2013 09:34:30 EDT

    Dude, she did not want you to be her boyfriend.  She did not betray you.  She did not hurt you.  She liked someone else. 

    I don't see how you two can be friends. 

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  • Posted 04/07/2013 10:33:48 EDT

    I love Mei Mei!

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  • Comment on: He disappeared

    Posted 03/13/2013 09:59:16 EDT

    Normally, I think that living with the parents at 27 would be a red flag.  However, the job market is not in good shape.  Maybe he is also trying to save money to buy a place.  I don't think that is n more »

  • Comment on: He disappeared

    Posted 03/13/2013 09:22:06 EDT

    LW, when guys like you, they make the time to see you.  You won't have to question their feelings.  This guy just was not into you.  Maybe he met someone else.  Maybe he just does not want a relations more »

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