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  • Posted 10/02/2015 02:37:11 EDT

    With regard to Shaw, I'm going to take hope from the example of another corner infielder who had good, not great, minor league stats, was never a very highly-regarded prospect, and didn't break throug more »

  • Forum Post: Rich Hill

    Posted 10/02/2015 10:58:03 EDT

    http://www.weei.com/sports/boston/baseball/red-sox/rob-bradford/2015/10/02/rich-hills-message-i-can-pitch-anybody-agains He does not sound like a guy looking for a minor league deal or bullpen/depth r more »

  • Forum Post: Roseburg, OR

    Posted 10/02/2015 10:50:15 EDT

    In response to redsoxdirtdog's comment: Keep us & especially our kids in your prayers!  It's been a very tough day here in Roseburg, OR.  It's going to be very tough for a long long time for quite a n more »

  • Posted 10/02/2015 10:48:18 EDT

    In response to pinstripezac35's comment: so what do U do  once all the guns R gone and the wackos start running downs  kids in the playground will U outlaw SUV's at that point and then when they start more »

  • Posted 10/02/2015 09:46:31 EDT

    Yeah, I'm just talking about 2013 in hindsight...there's no way I'd do it today either.

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  • Posted 10/02/2015 08:40:01 EDT

    In response to JoeBrady1's comment: Two years ago, yes, I'd have done that trade.  That would be 3 years of Stanton for 6 of Bogaerts. Two years ago, I would have as well...which is saying a lot given more »

  • Posted 10/01/2015 06:32:37 EDT

    No, I'm not proposing a trade. According to Gordon Edes, the Red Sox probably could have had Stanton a couple of years ago if they'd been willing to include Xander in the package, which they balked at more »

  • Forum Post: SOX/yanks 09/30/15

    Posted 09/30/2015 11:09:50 EDT


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  • Posted 09/30/2015 11:38:07 EDT

    For the record, S5, I did mean "high-minded" as a compliment. Thanks for the explanation. In Kopech's case it sounds fairly likely he just took a supplement without being aware of everything that was more »

  • Posted 09/30/2015 11:01:10 EDT

    In response to S5's comment: In response to illinoisredsox's comment: Hanley has been bad news for many of the teams he's played on.  Panda is what he is.  As Kruk said last night, he's not a .320 guy more »

  • Posted 09/30/2015 10:17:51 EDT

    In response to S5's comment: In response to Flapjack07's comment: In response to S5's comment: No. I have a zero tolerance policy for PED useage and Davis served a suspension.  That disqualifies him f more »

  • Posted 09/30/2015 09:55:50 EDT

    In response to S5's comment: No. I have a zero tolerance policy for PED useage and Davis served a suspension.  That disqualifies him from being a player I want the Sox to go after.    I forgot about t more »

  • Posted 09/30/2015 09:28:32 EDT

    I basically agree with your thoughts, seanny. I certainly wouldn't complain about signing Davis, but I'd rather use our resources to fix the rotation and the bullpen. We have Hanley (for better or wor more »

  • Posted 09/30/2015 07:16:25 EDT

    From Alex Speier's '108 Stitches': http://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/baseball/newsletter/108-stitches-newsletter On the strength of an excellent performance with the Lowell Spinners (.290/.408/.540 wi more »

  • Posted 09/29/2015 06:00:29 EDT

    Keep in mind that not only does he come with clubhouse/chemistry issues, but he's no longer the pitcher he once was, either (ERA does not tell the whole story). That said, if we gave up little to noth more »

  • Posted 09/29/2015 10:08:59 EDT

    I liked the Porcello trade (though not so much in hindsight, knowing Cespedes went on to have a career year), but the extension was premature and a case of Ben trying to be a bit too clever for his ow more »

  • Posted 09/29/2015 09:30:48 EDT

    Since it's in our nature here to pat ourselves on the back when we're right, but rarely do we want to admit when we're wrong: I was thrilled about the Hanley signing this past offseason, while many of more »

  • Posted 09/29/2015 09:24:34 EDT

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread about this yet... http://espn.go.com/blog/boston/red-sox/post/_/id/47320/hanley-ramirez-goes-home-will-he-ever-come-back   More and more this doesn't look like a guy more »

  • Posted 09/29/2015 09:18:57 EDT

    I took a lot of flack for insisting we trade him as soon as he looked healthy, which was apparently by opening day. I knew we'd get next to nothing back in return, except for a little salary relief as more »

  • Posted 09/29/2015 09:15:22 EDT

    I stopped caring about a protected draft pick weeks ago, but we don't appear to be in "good" shape there: http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/reversestandings It's hard not to be proud of what they've done more »

  • Posted 09/29/2015 09:06:14 EDT

    In response to Hfxsoxnut's comment: .858 OPS is all that matters to me.  We all choose what we care about. Anyone who watched last night's game saw why he's a player to be excited about!  He did it al more »

  • Posted 09/29/2015 08:58:04 EDT

    In response to sycophant123's comment: [QUOTE] In response to Flapjack07's comment: Two things, Syco: 1. Stipulating to the obvious fact that AAA performance is not MLB performance and carries a lot l more »

  • Posted 09/27/2015 09:23:17 EDT

    Two things, Syco: 1. Stipulating to the obvious fact that AAA performance is not MLB performance and carries a lot less weight, do you consider Bradley's 300+ plate appearances of production in Pawtuc more »

  • Posted 09/26/2015 11:30:17 EDT

    Some people here are pretty stingy about how they define an "ace," so we could theoretically add two shutdown bullpen arms and a really good starting pitcher under this scenario. Of course, we never s more »

  • Posted 09/25/2015 09:52:34 EDT

    Make that 30 K's in three starts.

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