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  • Posted 05/14/2013 02:55:07 EDT

    Ther hypocrisy and contempt shown by O'Malley's refusal woould be outrageous if committed by any other public figure, but here, it is just the same old thing by a church who is out of step with its me more »

  • Posted 04/25/2013 01:17:00 EDT

    Patronage has been a way of life since time immemorial: it is a spoil of victory for those elected. Just look around at any political organization and you will find it packed with pals and family of t more »

  • Posted 06/09/2010 03:37:03 EDT

    Giving an opponent bulletin board material is what happens when you talk smack. "Paul Pierce predicts that oil in gulf disappears" would rank right up their with the credibility of any other thing he more »

  • Posted 05/12/2010 04:46:07 EDT

    I never thought I'd see the day when I considered the Catholic church to be a bastion of intolerance and bigotry, but as this story illustrates, that's what they've become. I'm sure Jesus would have h more »

  • Posted 03/25/2010 11:12:53 EDT

    Dan: These are the same people who are birthers, who spit on congressmen and call civil rights heroes the n-word. They vote for Sarah Palin and believe God tells them what to do. This is the America m more »