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About Me: John Gatti Jr. Massachusetts Government, Business, Labor: Accountability and Oversight Architect of the Massachusetts Public Employee "Whistleblower Law" who writes, reports, and testifies on Government/Business/Labor waste, fraud, and abuse.. Conscientious sincere government employees and managers, legislators, reporters, and the general public that report inappropriate behavior must be shielded and encouraged to come forward. Gatti previously spent over a decade as a legislative advocate before the Massachusetts Legislature for the State Employee Organization of Engineers, Scientists, and Technicians. He is recognized for his focus on misuse, inefficiency, and disregard of taxpayer dollars and programs through advocating strong support of public records disclosure and media sunshine laws. Taxpayers and Citizens will only have respect for public employment as an honorable profession when there is full open disclosure at all levels of government activity. Gatti is known for being one of the first to publicly question the lack of accountability and oversight on the Central Artery Project, Office of the State Treasurer, Contamination of the Saltonstall Building, investigating HMO prescription drug/ health benefit changes, the contract awards in the state Human Service delivery system, and various government programs. A strong advocate on behalf of consumers and businesses in dealing with the healthcare industry and continuing monitoring of Massachusetts employment laws are among his current research and reporting projects. Gatti is a former Massachusetts Director of Industrial Safety responsible for managing, administering and enforcing employment and safety laws affecting Masachusetts working children, men, and women workers, as well as the legitimate businesses and industries who provide their employment. Gatti also served as a field inspector and investigator for the Department of Labor and Industries and Office of Attorney General where he received the Attorney General's Certificate of Merit. Member and Blogger New England News Forum Personal Website: :http://oversightwatchmassachusetts.blogspot.com/2008/

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