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  • Posted 03/16/2011 06:09:06 EDT

    This was contact to the head but was like a play slap. I still think the NHL will give Marchand a game suspension because with Chara not getting one the Bruins need someone to be a fall guy. This was more »

  • Posted 03/16/2011 05:52:41 EDT

    It shouldn't be a surprise except it took CJ this long to make the move. What is says to Seguin is Veteran or not you have got to produce and Seguin did that last night on shootout and has that finish more »

  • Posted 12/05/2010 04:09:04 EST

    Look for 20mil a year they could just sign him via free agency next year. No need to give up the depth. Look who's leaving next year. Cameron 7.5mil,Drew 14mil Ortiz 12mil and maybe even Dice-K at 8mi more »

  • Posted 11/09/2010 06:06:02 EST

    To FerenceONpoint..yes you are right a real defensemen would have done better but it's not Ference! The PP shouldn't even involve Wheeler but were just fans and I have to trust CJ. So if CJ doesn't ha more »

  • Posted 11/08/2010 08:32:00 EST

    Paille has sat long enough and will outpoint Wheeler. He is more hungrier now and will do better. Wheeler will be on top line and hope he doesn't mess up the chemistry with Lucic and Horton. However i more »

  • Forum Post: Andrew Ference!

    Posted 11/08/2010 04:46:28 EST

    Bottom line is can we afford to lose his play fo the Bruins? To me he for a veteran should play a little better in the puck moving ability and the fact he is teamed with Chara will only boost his stat more »

  • Posted 10/30/2010 01:28:26 EDT

    I think at beggining of season all players were signed to give us best chance to go for cup. Now that camp is over and we see what we have we have to tweak it just a little bit and yes will have to lo more »

  • Posted 10/29/2010 10:11:01 EDT

    First of all Recchi is versatile being he can play on defense at point on powerplay and is a bargain for the money. Now I don't see him here more than maybe 1 more year if that and his leadership is u more »

  • Posted 10/24/2010 08:31:45 EDT

    I was always worried if any of the top 4 defensemen got hurt with the minutes they play, what could happen. Well now just that and I am nervous that Ference and Hunwick will be exposed. When it comes more »

  • Posted 10/21/2010 09:39:32 EDT

    Liked Recchi at the point on the power-play. Boychuk just passed to Chara to close it out with one. GREAT GAME!!! more »

  • Posted 10/21/2010 07:45:35 EDT

    I'm not sure. He does have an excellent offensive skill set but his two- way pro game still might need some work. On the other side of it we still have Hunwick and Ference here and until one of them i more »

  • Posted 10/20/2010 10:44:41 EDT

    I think it will be an offensive lineman. more »

  • Posted 10/20/2010 10:08:02 EDT

    The worst d-man on Bruins is Ference. Hunwick at least has some offensive game. Everytime the defensive pairings are with Ference or Hunwick I worry. While we are winning they will at least showcase t more »

  • Posted 10/15/2010 06:50:16 EDT

    It's early but, so far whatever line Wheeler has been on has not produced. I can see the energy Marchand brings and I've become a fan of his. Still looking for my Boychuk jersey which pro shop doesn't more »

  • Posted 10/14/2010 07:38:09 EDT

    Does anyone know what options Patriots have? If they can't come to an agreement can they trade him for draft picks in 2011 or 2012? I don't understand this whole situation. If someone would like to he more »

  • Posted 09/30/2010 07:23:22 EDT

    Some of you bloggers are brutal! Anyway with Morris,Taylor and Faulk at the end of those prime years why not have multiple fresh legs for those to the house game-breakers. We need someone like a Tony more »

  • Posted 09/25/2010 06:39:57 EDT

    Ryder,Wheeler,Seguin and Caron should all make the club. 23 players on a team...20 dress for game and 3 sit out. As for Ryder he still is trade bait and Wheeler is next in line. Seguin and Caron are t more »

  • Posted 09/24/2010 07:48:47 EDT

    We can take any stat you want and when it comes to these three Beltre,Ortiz and V-Mart the MVP is Beltre hands down. In second place is V-Mart and that leaves Ortiz. Ortiz is on the decline at 34. Bel more »

  • Posted 08/01/2010 12:51:08 EDT

    To Studio Stu: You wrote that Nava was not getting the job done in the big leagues so Kalish was brought up and is more ready. Well you might be right as far as the upside of Kalish but Nava had the b more »

  • Posted 08/01/2010 12:25:57 EDT

    Theo corrected the only weakness within our farm system was a back-up or 2nd catcher for the run in 2010. I stand behind Theo as he knows what he has and is giving this team a chance to compete every more »

  • Posted 07/23/2010 02:53:29 EDT

    Are greatest need is who will play catcher for Red Sox next season ? more »

  • Posted 07/17/2010 07:36:46 EDT

    Well first off if Mike Lowell were gone this wouldn't have happen. Besides that we need to say "sayonara" to Okijima and Wakefield. Hermida has been disappointing with a .217BA Anyone who can not hit more »

  • Posted 07/11/2010 11:13:18 EDT

    I don't think Danny wanted Tony here for more than 2 years. Good for Tony to get multi-year contract with bad knees. Celtics still need to get another big man and will find guard to replace Tony. Tony more »

  • Posted 07/11/2010 03:14:14 EDT

    There is no doubt he has to get signed. He's a bruiser who can rebound and shoot the three. Big baby in last year of contract and who knows if he re-signs. Scal will be gone. DeShawn Sims could also m more »

  • Posted 07/10/2010 05:26:17 EDT

    Nobody knows how Ellsbury is really feeling. He and he alone has to or should have at least talked to someone to let them know what's going on. For Youk to say he doesn't know what's going on ...where more »

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