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  • Posted 01/23/2015 08:24:52 EST

    All jokes aside, too bad about Murray.  Guy's had some serious balls his whole career.  Never liked a team he was involved with, but he's got a world class hockey resume as a coach, manager and exec.  more »

  • Posted 01/23/2015 08:16:39 EST

    Brilliant - except, dude, white overalls? There oughta be a list of great musicians who rocked the spoked B at some point.  I'll add Gord Downie the list you started, watch.     Are you not entertaine more »

  • Posted 01/23/2015 08:11:58 EST

    Check out his headshot in the media guide from last year here and tell me if you agree;       Are you not entert more »

  • Posted 01/23/2015 08:11:13 EST

    Can't be a Chiarelli if he's 6'2" - all Chiarellis in the Ottawa Valley are under 6'. I think it's Scott Fitzgerald, Assistant Director of Amateur Scouting.  Big meaty head is a dead give away - but m more »

  • Posted 01/23/2015 03:59:29 EST

    In response to marco0863's comment: Want specifically to him however... explain? More of the fact that some here keep sayin so snd so is gone ... move on.. no use whining etc etc.. lots of this moving more »

  • Posted 01/23/2015 01:44:33 EST

    In response to marco0863's comment: How come so much moving on is required by bruin fans? That is more the question? My answer mgmt making grave errors ..  You have totally missed Sandog's point...and more »

  • Posted 01/23/2015 01:42:01 EST




    Are you not entertained?!?!

    more »

  • Posted 01/23/2015 11:50:25 EST

    It's not working because the Bruins aren't timing their s/o goals to match or beat the other team, not because their shooters stink.  As NAS said, Bergeron's 3 for 7.  Patrick Kane is 4 for 7.  One mo more »

  • Forum Post: Jagr

    Posted 01/23/2015 11:24:28 EST

    I guess you can boil this down to:

    Jagr > nothing

    even though

    Doan > Jagr


    $$ for Doan > $ Jagr



    Are you not entertained?!?!

    more »

  • Posted 01/23/2015 11:20:02 EST

    Yeah, I'm on the same wavelength as socca and SanDog - is this the first of many?  Calgary-Adirondack?  Winnipeg-St. John's?  LA-Manchester and Anaheim-Norfolk?  Vancouver-Utica? Arizona-Portland?  It more »

  • Posted 01/22/2015 02:25:03 EST

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment: I'll take blind support of a team over the crybaby shipjumpers we get here sometimes. "We'll get 'em next time" is better than "bunch of cowardly pukes" in my eyes more »

  • Posted 01/22/2015 10:42:13 EST

    In response to Not-A-Shot's comment: Honestly, I don't understand why people revel in the failures of this team.  They've never "done anything" to the Bruins in my lifetime.  Celebrating their sad sta more »

  • Posted 01/22/2015 10:29:32 EST

    In response to jmwalters' comment: In response to SanDogBrewin's comment: [QUOTE]  What happened to Waffles ? The visual of Phil on all fours licking them up off the ice was just too much..... [/QUOTE more »

  • Posted 01/22/2015 10:22:42 EST

    Inherent bias and conscious bias are different things, and the conspiracy theorists don't seem to mean inherent bias.  I do think this is a complicated thing, and the levelling of effect happens over more »

  • Posted 01/22/2015 12:56:20 EST

    In response to 49thparallel's comment: Then he bragged to reporters after the game that he turned the game around. What a POS! I have to wonder if this is what hurts him most.  I mean, I don't think t more »

  • Posted 01/21/2015 11:56:16 EST

    Best thing about Krug's goal?  That is a reliable goal.  Nobody had to do anything special.  Nice, crisp pass by Lucic to Pastrnak, who keeps his shot low and through the traffic created by Lucic driv more »

  • Posted 01/21/2015 11:49:40 EST

    In response to jmwalters' comment:



    Dude, you work for a Canadian University.  You can't afford that many chips!  That's the big leagues!

    [object HTMLDivElement]

    more »

  • Posted 01/21/2015 07:25:28 EST

    Ottawa is apparently in the market for a top line player and looking to make a 2 for 1 type of deal.  Basically, they're looking for another Bobby Ryan type deal.  This is interesting for two reasons. more »

  • Posted 01/21/2015 06:52:02 EST

    Oh, Prettyboy is a superstar.  No question.  But looking back, I wonder what Seguin actually did.  Lots of plays where he was the finisher, but of those 9 shots, I can think of one that was more than more »

  • Posted 01/21/2015 02:00:14 EST

    In response to shuperman's comment: I thought the oilers were a mess.  The leafs need a complete blowup of that organization.   It's funny bc the players mentioned in trade rumors may bring back bad c more »

  • Forum Post: Fistric

    Posted 01/21/2015 01:17:06 EST

    Mark Fistric not only was available on waivers, he cleared.  I wonder if we can read anything into that.  Like, does that mean that PC's not looking for a Fistric type player at all?  Or is this just more »

  • Posted 01/21/2015 07:38:06 EST

    I'm in favour of charging anyone for throwing anything on the ice during play.  This is mixing up two things - the players getting pissypants about fans protesting their performance (incidentally, I t more »

  • Forum Post: Eric Staal Rules

    Posted 01/21/2015 07:33:34 EST

    In response to bostonfan191646's comment: In response to shuperman's comment: [QUOTE] Haha.  Staal keeps looking back.  Should gestured about having a cup ring as well.  I always felt bad for dion and more »

  • Posted 01/20/2015 11:03:02 EST

    "...And there is no rebound" - Jack.


    Haven't heard that nearly often enough this year.



    Are you not entertained?!?!

    more »

  • Posted 01/20/2015 10:50:53 EST

    In response to kelvana33's comment: In response to Bookboy007's comment: [QUOTE] Just once...I want Kelly to centre Eriksson and Lucic so we can have the Fat Loui CK line.     Are you not entertained? more »

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