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  • Posted 05/29/2011 10:04:36 EDT

    Boston readers- please consider taking a second to support a local in her quest to become published! My YA novel, Lost in Thought, is currently a finalist for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and a more »

  • Posted 04/28/2010 02:48:48 EDT

    In Response to Re: OT - I miss my friends: Thanks everyone! It's lovely to "hear" your voices again.  I'm quite sad to read so many of you have or are going through tough times, though I guess that's more »

  • Posted 04/19/2010 11:59:09 EDT

    I'm totally resurrecting a zombie post now, but I just had to pop in- way way late- and say hello to all the old gang.  What a wonderful, diverse group of women, and what fun we had... I miss you all, more »

  • Forum Post: OT- HI ALL!!!

    Posted 08/18/2008 06:03:28 EDT

    Thanks ladies! I do miss the little community that was so nice and strong here! To those who were wondering, my mother in law passed away in January. She fought very hard and made it through Christmas more »

  • Forum Post: OT- HI ALL!!!

    Posted 08/18/2008 10:53:18 EDT

    Hi ladies! Just wanted to pop in to say hello to any of the 'old timers' who are still around and remember me! Congratulations too to all the more recent brides who've come through or are still planni more »

  • Forum Post: BM/GM Gifts

    Posted 04/07/2008 09:53:23 EDT

    3.� A gift card to Tiffany's (I know people think this is tacky, but they all love the store...)Goodness gracious!� If a gift card to Tiffany's is now tacky, where on earth have our standards gone?! : more »

  • Posted 02/07/2008 07:59:14 EST

    Tinshee's husband is a super hottie!!!�;)

    more »

  • Posted 01/08/2008 01:07:39 EST

    There are many, many bridal dresses out there in non-white tones. Lots of golds, pinks, platinums, even reds.... check out the Maggie Sottero website. If you don't see any of the colored bridal dresse more »

  • Posted 01/08/2008 12:53:07 EST

    Hmm, well I didn't know anyone when I started. Then my girly tinshee joined, so obviously I know her. By coincidence, another few girls I went to college with started posting and we eventually figured more »

  • Forum Post: Happy New Year!

    Posted 01/07/2008 11:45:28 EST

    Hello all- just popping in to wish everyone a very happy new year and all the best in 2008 :) Hope you're all doing well, and congratulations to all the newly engaged and new to the boards!


    more »

  • Posted 01/07/2008 11:41:20 EST

    Well, I'm going to one there in May, so if you can wait that long, I'll report back! :) more »

  • Forum Post: OT- SAVE GAS!!

    Posted 11/26/2007 02:57:49 EST

    I have them too! The only challenge is remembering to bring them when I go to the store... :) more »

  • Forum Post: OT- SAVE GAS!!

    Posted 11/26/2007 11:49:16 EST

    Yay! Just beware- etsy is very addictive! You can lose hours looking at all the neat stuff :) Not that that's a bad way to pass the time or anything. more »

  • Forum Post: OT- SAVE GAS!!

    Posted 11/26/2007 11:48:22 EST

    So you shop at PC and they give you a coupon that you take to any Sunoco, is that how it works? Cool! Unfortunately, the nearest PC to me is in Worcester... I'd spend my gas savings on the extra gas t more »

  • Posted 11/26/2007 07:52:13 EST

  • Forum Post: OT- SAVE GAS!!

    Posted 11/26/2007 07:48:23 EST

    Happy post-Thanksgiving everyone! :) Here is my originality PSA for cyber monday- Instead of going to the mall, wasting gas and looking at all the same things everyone else is looking at too, this hol more »

  • Forum Post: Peronsal Question

    Posted 11/26/2007 07:33:37 EST

    I'm sure this has been answered already, and the first thing to do is to CALL YOUR DOCTOR, but I will tell you that after consulting with my doctor, I skip my periods with my BC all the time. There's more »

  • Forum Post: Where to Start?

    Posted 11/26/2007 07:30:38 EST

    First, Congratulations!! The things I'm going to tell you to do first have not too much to do with your questions :) 1. If you haven't done it yet, the #1 most important things to do is to BUDGET. Mak more »

  • Forum Post: OT Car Update

    Posted 11/26/2007 07:11:32 EST

    I missed it! But hope you're okay! Congrats on the new-to-you car- that one should last a long time :) more »

  • Posted 11/26/2007 07:08:32 EST

    Congratulations! Sounds like it was pretty wonderful, despite a few bumps :) Welcome back! more »

  • Forum Post: Meet The Parents

    Posted 11/13/2007 03:06:47 EST

    How's this for funny- My friend is allergic to all fresh vegetables, fruits, and nuts... His wife is a vegetarian!

    They eat a *lot* of pasta :)

    more »

  • Forum Post: posting question

    Posted 11/13/2007 03:04:21 EST

    Oh yea, you did post it! So nice! Were you wearing the Naturalizer Prissy shoes??? :) And 40? Damn girl! If that's true, technically you're 10 years my senior but I'm quite sure know one would know it more »

  • Forum Post: posting question

    Posted 11/13/2007 02:59:17 EST

    Of course it's allowed! I'm sure most of us would love to see it :) God knows I've posted enough of my wedding pictures for people to be tired of them ;) more »

  • Forum Post: Vows in Newton

    Posted 11/13/2007 01:38:20 EST

    OMG!!! That's incredible! When are you going? (We're going to be on St. John over New Year's!) more »

  • Posted 11/13/2007 01:37:14 EST

    So he should go to Thanksgiving with you and your family, and you can do Christmas with his. Seems simple to me! And no, you're not wrong for standing your ground. Your family is important too. What n more »

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