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  • Posted 09/21/2011 03:01:08 EDT

    In Response to Re: I started a Bruins blog: NAS, you should read your own posts..."why would anyone care what YOU think?", and also take your own advice..."make this your first and last post." i think more »

  • Forum Post: Luongo amazes me

    Posted 06/24/2011 02:37:16 EDT

    In Response to Re: Luongo amazes me: In Response to Re: Luongo amazes me : 49-North is a troll, but he's one that I welcome on this board. He actually comes to talk hockey and he knows what he's talki more »

  • Posted 06/22/2011 02:24:16 EDT

    An offensive defenseman is nice, but which free agents would be able to fit into Clode's system? If Savard does retire, and there is $14M in cap space, I would like to see the Bruins sign a free agent more »

  • Posted 06/16/2011 01:45:20 EDT

    In Response to Boston is Overrated: I don't care about what the Patriots and the Red Sox have done. First off it is the New England Patriots, not the Boston Patriots. They are like the Golden State Wa more »

  • Posted 06/08/2011 03:21:40 EDT

    In Response to Re: More Proof that Boston is NOT a hockey town!: did you take into consideration how many seats each arena has? how about the % of seats sold. i'm not going to look it up, i'm just que more »

  • Posted 06/08/2011 02:55:02 EDT

    Play tough but disciplined.  Try to recapture some of the emotion of Game 3.  Bruins have the momentum now and need to keep it rolling through Game 4 into Game 5.  Take control of the game early and g more »

  • Posted 05/13/2011 02:36:47 EDT

    The lines reported today for the power play has Peverly playing on the 2nd unit instead of Seguin.  Give the kid a chance on the PP, he's got to bring more to the table than Peverly more »

  • Posted 04/08/2011 10:53:24 EDT

    In Response to Re: car wins last 2 and nyr are out!: yes gapc, new rule this year to determine tiebreakers. shootout wins do not count toward the final tally. i like this rule a lot. Posted by adkbees more »

  • Posted 04/08/2011 10:06:42 EDT

    In Response to Re: car wins last 2 and nyr are out!: In Response to Re: car wins last 2 and nyr are out! : Hurricanes do control their own destiny. If they finished tied, the team with the most regula more »

  • Forum Post: "u.s. a"

    Posted 03/25/2011 11:23:36 EDT

    In Response to Re: "u.s. a": The USA chant is stupid. Why do we not hear it when the B's are playing any of the other 5 Canadian teams at home? Posted by misterpaulo How many of the other 5 Canadian t more »

  • Posted 03/25/2011 11:09:34 EDT

    8th place Buffalo is 6 points back, but 9th place Carolina is 9 points back (with 2 in hand).  That is a lot of ground to make up with less than 10 games to play.  Montreal makes the playoffs, especia more »

  • Posted 03/17/2011 01:29:20 EDT

    In Response to Re: The return of PACIORETTY: In Response to Re: The return of PACIORETTY : I remember when I was a boy,a broken neck was a near death-sentence.Now it's 4-6 weeks on the DL.That must ha more »

  • Posted 03/17/2011 01:28:27 EDT

    Isn't this the biggest case of diving in recorded history?  Embellish the injury to draw a suspension.  Typical Dive Monkey move. more »

  • Forum Post: Officiating

    Posted 03/16/2011 01:51:18 EDT

    5 seconds with the man advantage last night is ridiculous - especially considering Columbus had 10 minutes.  Coupled with some blatant non-calls in the Buffalo game, it is clear that the refs have an more »

  • Posted 02/23/2011 10:28:11 EST

    Toronto's latest stretch of games were against many of the bottom feeders of the league.  Their schedule to finish the season is against much better teams.  I see the Devils passing them in the standi more »

  • Posted 12/29/2010 01:48:52 EST

    In Response to Re: Bruins got lucky tonight: In Response to Re: Bruins got lucky tonight : I agree, I wasn't trying to debate Kane-Crosby,  Crosby to me is the best player in the league. I also agree more »

  • Posted 12/14/2010 02:48:30 EST

    Steelers, Colts, Chargers in AFC
    Saints, Eagles, Falcons in NFC more »

  • Posted 11/30/2010 09:45:45 EST

    <<Savard Comes Back   $1,104,438  in cap space to clear
    Savard and Sturm       $4,604,438  in cap space to clear />>

    So when Sturm is ready to come back, the Bs have to free up approx 3.5M? more »

  • Forum Post: Caron

    Posted 11/30/2010 09:35:55 EST

    Do the Bruins move Caron down to Providence when Savard is ready to come back later this week?

    more »

  • Forum Post: Pats Pass Defense

    Posted 11/23/2010 02:22:54 EST

    We all know the Pats have dismal stats in pass defense - close to the bottom in yards, completions and qb rating.  Can anyone let us know where they would stand in relation to the rest of the NHL if y more »

  • Posted 11/23/2010 02:13:07 EST

    In Response to Re: PATS HOLD IMPORTANT TIEBREAKER OVER JETS: @ BBReigns Someone gives an objective, not influenced by the past look at how things are, and what they may appear to be, and I'm a Troll. more »

  • Posted 11/17/2010 03:31:02 EST

    Maybe this January he can catch up on the Twilight movies now that he is done with Bring It On more »

  • Forum Post: Excuses, not Wins

    Posted 11/15/2010 03:42:24 EST

    Soccerboy has joined the ranks of trolls now on Ignore.  Everyone should do it, it is very liberating

    more »

  • Forum Post: The Ultimate Troll

    Posted 11/11/2010 12:56:31 EST

    In Response to Re: The Ultimate Troll: " /> RMiller87 Posts: 1584 First: 5/3/2010 more »

  • Forum Post: The Ultimate Troll

    Posted 11/11/2010 12:55:27 EST

    Wheatskins, I applaud you for choosing to use the Ignore Button on these trolls.  Eventually, they will give up and go away.  However, if you address them directly in a post, then you are not REALLY i more »

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