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  • Posted 11/07/2011 06:58:47 EST

    I think having lots of religious holidays is a great idea. The kids will learn more from their community and family than in school anyway. How about also calling of school for Vesak the major Buddhist more »

  • Posted 10/12/2011 08:38:02 EDT

    I think the demonstrators should wear colonial clothes and dump some tea into Boston harbor. Then the authorities would remember that this is where we started as a nation and we started with "civil di more »

  • Posted 10/01/2011 07:12:44 EDT

    Well it's rich that the globe is kvetching about the BoA charging a fee! You and I will soon have to pay for the privilege of reading the on-line Globe (and the New York Times)! I'll bet occasional re more »

  • Posted 08/29/2011 01:52:38 EDT

    I heard that people who support the Tea Party and Palin-Paul-Backmann-Perry will not be getting any federal assistance for damaged property from the hurricane because they object to federal waste. Is more »

  • Posted 08/26/2011 07:09:39 EDT

    Irene is the perfect case study of the challenges coastal communities face. IF climate change is progressing as we assume, coastal zones may see repeat performances such as Irene and therefore need to more »

  • Posted 06/15/2011 07:06:39 EDT

    As i recall barack Obama "changed his mind' (read - Flip Flopped) on many of the promises he made as a candidate. In particular on the US war in Afghanistan, troop surge, etc. But that's ok?! Politici more »

  • Posted 05/24/2011 12:19:26 EDT

    I saw an article in a pretty reputable source that "Almost one in five young American adults has a personality disorder that interferes with everyday life, and even more abuse alcohol or drugs, resear more »

  • Posted 04/10/2011 07:07:46 EDT

    Every program that's cut is a "good" and a "vitally necessary" program for someone! We have lost our ability to prioritize. And, we really are very bad at predicting the future - look at the US milita more »

  • Posted 01/17/2011 09:19:06 EST

    Hollywood is the last big economic engine left in the USA. Ever see the Chinese Golden Dragon Awards?! Go guys! more »

  • Posted 12/05/2010 07:41:22 EST

    Maybe buses need a "co-pilot" to grab the wheel when the pilot goes down? more »

  • Posted 07/28/2010 11:10:32 EDT

    Hold on Tonto! Don't we all drive across the border to the Granite State to buy tax free stuff - especially big ticket items? Good for Kerry. He should get an atta boy for being a real Mass hole! Go J more »