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About Me: Diehard New England Sports fan.Retired and living in South Florida.I also write for I cover Pro football teams and more specifically the Patriots.

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  • Posted 02/26/2015 12:44:40 EST

    Many sports talk people believe that Hamels will wind up in Boston before too long. I'm not in that group! I'm content to watch the five guys we have now, and the rookies we have behind them. Funny th more »

  • Posted 02/26/2015 12:28:18 EST

    I'm personally hoping the Wells report puts the blame on the Colts and the Ravens where it belongs! When this is done I'm hoping that Pagano and Harbaugh are suspended and the two teams have to surren more »

  • Posted 02/20/2015 02:28:54 EST

    Just saying if they don't have pictures of any wrong doing by the Patriots and I'm pretty confident they don't, then the apologies to BB, TB, BK, and the entire Patriots team as well as their fans bet more »

  • Posted 02/18/2015 11:22:19 EST

    All of Goodells horses and all of his men couldn't put this humpty dumpty together again!



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  • Posted 02/18/2015 01:50:45 EST

    In response to rayclay's comment: In response to sportsbozo1's comment: Just so we are all on the same page the kicking balls are all inflated to the max! Will the ESPN whiners please just quit!!! The more »

  • Posted 02/18/2015 01:42:00 EST

    In response to Patsman2's comment: To me the most interesting thing was they were back to saying 11 of the 12 balls were underinflated....this time by between 1 and 2 pounds.  If that really is the ca more »

  • Posted 02/17/2015 10:43:20 EST

    Just so we are all on the same page the kicking balls are all inflated to the max! Will the ESPN whiners please just quit!!! The is a locker room attendent he wouldn't know a kicking ball from a pract more »

  • Forum Post: 2016 lineup

    Posted 02/16/2015 05:57:50 EST

    Though Moncada would be a great addition the best player coming out of Cuba is the 19 year old pitcher Alverez who chucks it in the high 90's consistantly and already has developed a curve and change more »

  • Posted 02/16/2015 05:50:23 EST

    Ramirez and Papi are 30 apiece, Napoli and Pedey are good for another 50, Hanigan and Vasquez are good for 18, Castillo potentially hits 20, we are at 148 and Im pretty sure Betts, Bogaerts , and Sand more »

  • Posted 02/16/2015 05:38:42 EST

    In response to ctredsoxfanhugh's comment: Reportedly the sox package is MLB heavy. im guessing rodriguez/kelly and one of Nava/Craig I can't see the Sox giving up 6 years of control of Rodriguez. I co more »

  • Posted 02/16/2015 03:52:16 EST

    Here's hoping that The Ravens are included in the punishments handed out. Harbauagh was so miffed when TB told him he needed to go read the rule book, and that was when this little conspiracy was hatc more »

  • Posted 02/16/2015 03:42:40 EST

    Message to 42 and 46, This is a pro BB board if you want to sing the praises of Parcells you need to find a board that extolls the merits of Parcells. I will always be a fan of BB and I was never a fa more »

  • Posted 02/16/2015 12:11:21 EST

    In response to 42AND46's comment: In response to SLGDEV's comment: In response to tcal2-'s comment: In response to CatfishHunter's comment: I didn't see anyone mention Parcells.   Granted, he's in the more »

  • Posted 02/16/2015 11:09:11 EST

    I think the list of haters from within the NFL is greater than we think. For the last 14 years every team in the AFC comes into the season realizing that their chances of winning the AFC championship more »

  • Posted 02/15/2015 07:50:48 EST

    Let me preface this next statement with the proverbial If! If Branch stays no need to chase D-line in the first round. Therefore I would love to see one of the O-linemen from FSU as their first pick, more »

  • Posted 02/15/2015 03:00:33 EST

    As I am writing this I'm hoping for a FSU draft for the Patriots! They could actually build an entire O-line with the additions of 2 out of three of the FSU line men! As Matias, and Jackson, and Flemi more »

  • Forum Post: Rusney Castillo

    Posted 02/15/2015 01:32:37 EST

    Based upon the last three season Porcello is coming into his own, while Hamels has already reached his plateau. Comparing the two is viretually impossible, they would however make a nice 1 and 2 in a more »

  • Posted 02/15/2015 01:15:25 EST

    The Sox will not only eclipse 175 HR's as a team, but they will score well over 900 runs this season. People keep talking about not having a #1 starter, but in my opinion they have potentially three # more »

  • Posted 02/15/2015 12:45:33 EST

    In response to WazzuWheatfarmer's comment:   Here's a Pre-Combine Mockk for You All...  Feedback welcome! NE Trades #32 to OAK for #35 (2nd) and #132 (5th) #35  DT Jordan Phillips  Oklahoma NE Trades more »

  • Posted 02/13/2015 09:50:03 EST

    The Yankees are going to offer the world! The Dodgers aren't as sold on Yoan Moncada, the Sox will at no worse bid him up! The team to watch is Detroit, because of Iggy's injured knees. In any case wh more »

  • Posted 02/13/2015 09:33:31 EST

    Mike Florio and writers of this ilk should be shutdown. This is without a doubt the most overblown gate yet! it may well have been contrived by the league as a distraction , fans of the world champion more »

  • Posted 02/10/2015 03:43:02 EST

    I know you all will agree with the following statement: The Patriots will own the end of round 3 and the beginning of round 4! With 3 picks !!!!!


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  • Posted 02/10/2015 03:36:18 EST

    Such a great QB in the regular season, and he has played with some of the greatest WR's in recent times. Bottom line he's a post season choker!


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  • Posted 02/10/2015 03:30:06 EST

    I'm glad Brady gave the truck to Butler and kept the MVP Trophy for himself. Malcolm was balling the whole 4rth quarter of the SB! He made big play after big play, and had the ball not taken a funny b more »

  • Posted 02/09/2015 02:34:48 EST

    Neither one they make more money than I do!


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