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  • Posted 06/19/2011 10:45:30 EDT

    The Horton hit was the turning point - they responded like a team with a mission. Some great, exciting and creative hockey. Marchand was a sparkplug, loved watching how he got after it. Chara showed l more »

  • Posted 09/10/2010 12:56:22 EDT

    Whenever I see a comment like the one made by workingman1, I figure somewhere a 14 year old boy has discovered his dad's user name and password. more »

  • Posted 08/01/2010 04:33:46 EDT

    Must have been a good game to watch. Once again was stuck with highlights on espn because of the idiotic sat. afternoon blackout brought to us by FOX. I live on the west coast and watch every game the more »

  • Posted 07/06/2010 04:17:59 EDT

    Communication Breakdowns sure aren't helping the cause. There just isn't much to be confident about when he pitches and Dice K looks like he would rather be anywhere else than on a mound when things u more »

  • Posted 06/27/2010 04:26:16 EDT

    This one might be the tipping point. Don't see how Sox overcome this loss. Would be surprised if this doesn't become a 30 day DL stint. The bench is paper thin as it is and Hall looks more like an O.F more »

  • Posted 06/26/2010 01:39:07 EDT

    If you are looking for a serious take on Tom Yawkey's reign as Sox owner and the organizations' racist past, Howard Bryant has a good book on the subject: "Shut Out: A Story of Race and Baseball in Bo more »

  • Posted 05/13/2010 03:52:47 EDT

    In the name of Robert Gordon Orr just get it done and don't ever put yourself in this position again. As the late great Herb Brooks once said “If you lose this game, you'll take it to your [expletiv more »

  • Posted 05/03/2010 05:55:00 EDT

    Red Sox Nation is pulling for you Dave. more »

  • Posted 04/29/2010 04:12:27 EDT

    Two old timers in heaven watching a hockey game in the stands. First old timer: "who is that guy?!?, skating circles around everyone, going end to end, scoring goals, blocking shots, setting up plays, more »

  • Posted 04/15/2010 09:58:51 EDT

    40/40 is shaping up to be Papi's hit & rbi total - maybe more time in the gym and less at the club. more »

  • Posted 03/03/2010 05:14:13 EST

    Amazing & yet predictable that the first two comments have nothing to do with the subject of the column but the writer they just can't help reading. I had no idea that any guy playing infield in the m more »

  • Posted 11/01/2009 11:17:39 EST

    HSTOZA gets it. my comment was not meant to denigrate Meb. or anyone that has overcome whatever the obstacles to become a U.S. citizen, never mind what it takes to win a NYC Marathon. Meb is as much a more »

  • Posted 11/01/2009 12:28:25 EST

    Does it really count if he has been a citizen for 11 years? I have running shoes older than that. more »

  • Posted 06/09/2009 03:22:57 EDT

    We are unique nustroolboot. I grew up in Boston, now live in San Francisco and can tell you no one here talks about the A's win streak, the Dodgers record or their transplanted rivalry with the Giants more »

  • Posted 05/23/2009 01:23:58 EDT

    Agree with bostoncommon, ('cept for the Dontrell Willis part). Lugo is killing us and even though it's hard to pin blame on one guy and one play for the cause of a loss it's becoming easier when it is more »

  • Posted 05/20/2009 03:00:22 EDT

    The "Reader Comment" section may as well be called the "Bash Shaughnessy Here" section. Still using CHB? Yeah, Carl Everett is the go to guy when I'm looking for a voice of reason. '07 postseason, ahh more »

  • Posted 05/11/2009 04:06:19 EDT

    maybe this is the kid who pushes them over the top. maybe he is as special as they say and this is the start of something big. Not many know the name Daniel Bard but maybe he'll be DANIEL BARD by this more »

  • Posted 05/10/2009 04:55:25 EDT

    Looks like the same old guy to me - Shooliganza. How much more do we need to see. Julio has been a liability since he joined the club. He may have stretches where he hasn't hurt the team but that's th more »

  • Posted 04/29/2009 12:09:13 EDT

    Did we really expect anything different with Lugo? Same scared look, same botched up play, only the facial hair has changed... more »

  • Posted 04/27/2009 03:22:45 EDT

    10 Straight - what a way to answer for the 2-6 start. Masterson looks like a legit starter and Bowden should be a nice call up in Sept. or a spot starter at some point in the season. All looks pretty more »

  • Posted 04/12/2009 03:32:31 EDT

    Two goals with a minute left to tie it, then a win in OT?!? That never happens in any game let alone a national championship. One for the ages. Wow! more »