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About Me: Born Portland, Maine. Spent 21 years in New England. Catholic schools-Priests asked if I got the calling (to be a priest)but instead got the calling for the draft so chose(USMC). Lifelong Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, Patriots fan. Been in the other BAY AREA past 50 years(SF) and as there is a rivalry similar to NY-Boston with SF and LA, the sports bars here in No. Cal. have fans rooting for us as if I were in Boston. Still go to New England once-twice per year to visit family---extremely partial to better seafood on East Coast & better sports fans as here they are more fair weather. Had a great run though with Joe Montana/Steve Young & 49ers and recently the SF Giants 3 World Series victories in 5 years and now the Warriors to hopefully, along with the Clippers, keep the Lakers out of the playoffs. Remember Wrigley's Spearment Gum Ad ? Double your pleasure, double your fun. I get almost as much pleasure watching Yankees lose as I do watching the Sox win and ditto for the Celtics winning & Lakers losing !!! When Sox & Celtics don't play NY & LA, I root for any team that does!

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  • Posted 07/25/2015 12:33:13 EDT

    Fri July 24 Detroit-Sox...I can't seem to find current posts on Sox Forum but it's loaded with Rugby, Soccer, Golf etc. games ?

  • Posted 07/24/2015 12:15:30 EDT

    I asked Boston Globe my question and they said to be more specific as if they didn't understand. OK, when I link on to the Boston Globe site & then "Menu" I go down to Forums & then Red Sox. The Lates more »

  • Posted 07/21/2015 11:34:15 EDT

    In response to slomag's comment: In response to BogieAt12oclock's comment: In response to slomag's comment: In response to BogieAt12oclock's comment: In response to slomag's comment: Would anybody bel more »

  • Posted 07/21/2015 11:20:05 EDT

    In response to BogieAt12oclock's comment: In response to SFBostonFan's comment: In response to BogieAt12oclock's comment: I remember when Ted Williams and Yaz got robbed of extra basehits; they would more »

  • Posted 07/21/2015 11:14:29 EDT

    In response to BogieAt12oclock's comment: I remember when Ted Williams and Yaz got robbed of extra basehits; they would look at the fielder with a smile and clap their hands. NOT! Yup.many line drives more »

  • Posted 07/21/2015 11:09:42 EDT

    From SF was in Boston visiting family and was lucky to see Sox beat Houston on July 4 with Buckholtz pitching. We won 4-1 and he had shut out until Astros last batter with 2 strikes got a hit. Maybe b more »

  • Posted 07/19/2015 01:40:32 EDT

    I link on to Forums and I see To Whom will Lester be Traded and others for a year or 2 ago.  How to find the day's Game Thread. Also, how to post a photo I took...was at Fenway on July 4th and the "Mo more »

  • Posted 07/19/2015 01:58:08 EDT

    A lot of people like pitchers duels and these 2 games were 1-0 & 3-0 but we Sox fans would like to win some of them. I recall when season started we were forecast to have a good hitting team and medio more »

  • Posted 07/12/2015 05:22:17 EDT

    Again, I cite Mookie's last at bat...please no scathing rebuttals about singing Sweet Caroline as I know he's been perhaps our best performer and has great potential but when we need a hit and not a w more »

  • Posted 07/12/2015 05:19:13 EDT

    The glimmer of hope in the 9th adds to the frustration. 12 hits and "0" errors to 11 hits and 2 errors and we lose by 2 runs...it's just not fair.

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  • Posted 07/12/2015 04:59:04 EDT

    The Dagger...mercifully !!! Good Night !!!

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  • Posted 07/12/2015 04:50:25 EDT

    How can Mookie let the first 2 FAT pitches go w/o swinging. Now pitcher has 4 balls to not toss a strike and have Mookie bite as he did. Was Mookie looking for a walk? We didn't need leave the bases l more »

  • Posted 07/12/2015 04:39:09 EDT

    On that strike out by Ramirez, he took a Panda swing !!!


    Shame to have 11 hits( out hiting them & behind by 2 runs) and we have a good chance to lose this game !

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  • Posted 07/12/2015 04:17:32 EDT

    WOW...nice catch. Maybe there are some LOBSTERS in NY !

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  • Posted 07/12/2015 04:10:47 EDT

    Why can't we get players like Gardiner ???

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  • Posted 07/12/2015 04:07:10 EDT

    We are leading the LOBSTERS stat in this game and maybe in the league too especially with men on 2nd & 3rd.

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  • Posted 07/12/2015 03:38:22 EDT

    Not fair...we have 3 runs 7 hits and they 5 runs and 7 hits and it ain't over yet !!! Could Lobsters be the difference...Hmmm???

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  • Posted 07/12/2015 03:34:02 EDT

    The thorn Gardiner beat outs a wimpy grounder and too much for us to ask for a DP, our other thorn at Fenway Arod stings us ! Why can't we get key hits like this ?

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  • Posted 07/12/2015 03:25:48 EDT

    Shucks...seems this guy has become unhitable past 2 innings. And that thorn to us Gardiner is leading off.

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  • Posted 07/12/2015 03:18:53 EDT

    Shame...men on 1st & 3rd no outs and w/o the balk and same scenario of the next 3 batters they'd been held scoreless !

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  • Posted 07/12/2015 02:54:29 EDT

    In response to pumpsie-green's comment: More LOBsters. We cannot afford that. Had a chance to blow it open and just blew it. WE ARE ALL JUST POPPYSEEDS IN THE BAKERY OF LIFE As you said yesterday, I d more »

  • Posted 07/11/2015 10:04:58 EDT

    Not fun leaving the bases loaded Lobsters... Come on boys another run or two.

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  • Posted 07/11/2015 09:59:45 EDT

    Gardiner....always a thorn!!!

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  • Posted 07/11/2015 09:50:41 EDT

    Pumpsie...you said 3 runs would not be enough hopefully 5 will !

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  • Posted 07/08/2015 09:52:43 EDT

    As bad as Miami may be, they got 10 hits to 5. Without their 3 errors it would be close.

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