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About Me: Born Portland, Maine. Spent 21 years in New England. Catholic schools-Priests asked if I got the calling (to be a priest)but instead got the calling for the draft so chose(USMC). Lifelong Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, Patriots fan. Been in the other BAY AREA past 45 years(SF) and as there is a rivalry similar to NY-Boston with SF and LA, the sports bars here in No. Cal. have fans rooting for us as if I were in Boston. Still go to New England once-twice per year to visit family---extremely partial to better seafood on East Coast & better sports fans as here they are more fair weather. Had a great run though with Joe Montana/Steve Young & 49ers and recently the SF Giants 2 World Series victories and now the Warriors to hopefully, along with the Clippers, keep the Lakers out of the playoffs. Remember Wrigley's Spearment Gum Ad ? Double your pleasure, double your fun. I get almost as much pleasure watching Yankees lose as I do watching the Sox win and ditto for the Celtics winning & Lakers losing !!! When Sox & Celtics don't play NY & LA, I root for any team that does!

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  • Posted 07/28/2014 10:02:17 EDT

    In response to andrewmitch's comment:   In response to AL34's comment: In response to dannycater's comment: [QUOTE] Felix and Clay were actually reliable guy last year in a WS title run. What in blazi more »

  • Posted 07/27/2014 02:00:17 EDT

    In response to Bill-806's comment: [QUOTE] TWO DUCKS ON THE POND, AND THE MIGHTY CASEY STRIKES OUT !!!!   PLEASE SPARE ME/US  !! [/QUOTE] Got to think positively...we should, at least, if we lose the more »

  • Posted 07/27/2014 12:52:54 EDT

    In response to craze4sox's comment: [QUOTE] If the Dodgers really want Jon, who I personally feel would put their team in serious position to win a championship this season then make sure we get our m more »

  • Posted 07/26/2014 01:22:44 EDT

    I have been a loyal Boston teams fan, Sox, Celtics & Pats, all my life as 1st 21 years were in Maine. But with last 45 in SF I have been a local fan too. With our present freefall I am still a loyal f more »

  • Posted 07/26/2014 01:06:03 EDT

    Don't know the credibility of the source but I would rather have the Dodgers get Lester than the Yankees. They helped us a year ago as we gave them Agon( I still always liked him), Beckett( I thank hi more »

  • Posted 07/20/2014 01:46:39 EDT

    In response to RSF4Life234's comment: To sf Boston and amp, yaz was using these presidents as an example of selective sampling, if you discuss anyone in the right context they can look like a failure more »

  • Posted 07/19/2014 11:47:51 EDT

    What brought this political topic on and really no complaints that this is a sports forum ???   Anyway, my $.02 cents and I am not a fan of this present administration either but Dubya after we ran th more »

  • Forum Post: All Star Game

    Posted 07/15/2014 08:55:11 EDT

    Amazing that we win the world series and the next year don't have 1 offensive player in the AllStar Game. It's Lester & Koji only I guess.

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  • Posted 07/14/2014 12:17:34 EDT

    It is unfortunate we didn't get Embiid...had no chance really !  Our biggest need and it has been for a few years has been being near the bottom of the league in rebounding. When you shoot 50%, no pro more »

  • Posted 07/13/2014 05:00:45 EDT

    In response to TFB12's comment: In response to oklahomapatriot's comment: [QUOTE]     Germany will pound them. After all this sissy futbol is over, the real football starts.         I agree with your more »

  • Posted 07/13/2014 03:00:15 EDT

    In response to donrd4's comment:   In response to SFBostonFan's comment: Unfortunately I can't include a photo I saw with the current pope and previous one kneeling in a pew and praying. Obvious inten more »

  • Posted 07/12/2014 07:57:24 EDT

    Unfortunately I can't include a photo I saw with the current pope and previous one kneeling in a pew and praying. Obvious intention was to show that some magical religious powers influenced this final more »

  • Posted 07/12/2014 07:48:42 EDT

    Unfortunately I can't include a photo I saw with the current pope and previous one kneeling in a pew and praying. Obvious intention was to show that some magical religious powers influenced this final more »

  • Forum Post: June the 6th 1944

    Posted 06/07/2014 12:47:48 EDT

    In response to RigatoniT's comment: [QUOTE]       My thought is that most soldiers enlist with the idea they are going off to help those in need, to save the good in the world. Once Germany was defeat more »

  • Forum Post: June the 6th 1944

    Posted 06/06/2014 12:55:38 EDT

    In response to Hammah29r2's comment: [QUOTE] In response to illinoisredsox's comment: [QUOTE] I think it should be a prerequisite to graduate high school, get a drivers license, become a citizen or fo more »

  • Forum Post: June the 6th 1944

    Posted 06/06/2014 11:57:33 EDT

    In response to Hammah29r2's comment: [QUOTE] Hard to believe that it is 70 years ago today that the greatest armada ever gathered at one time hit the beaches of Normandy to start what was the beginnin more »

  • Forum Post: Rebuild

    Posted 06/06/2014 01:14:25 EDT

    In response to kdp59's comment: [QUOTE] or we can go for a COMPLETE rebuild a field an ALL- ROOKIE TEAM!   1) we trade J. Green and Sully to Charlotte for #9 & #24.   2) we trade Rondo and Bass to Pho more »

  • Posted 06/06/2014 01:06:27 EDT

    I hate the Heat but don't forget that Indiana won the 1st game !!! The game was close until LeBron went out. There's not a dry eye in my house he hurt his ankle...poor dear !!!

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  • Posted 06/05/2014 02:05:08 EDT

    I am actually happy they put us out of our misery at 11:05 pac coast time. I am sorry I was on here last 1 hour alone. We stink !!!

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  • Posted 06/05/2014 01:35:54 EDT

    We've come into Cleveland and made their pitching staff look like Cy Young winners !!!

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  • Posted 06/05/2014 12:41:54 EDT

    Wow---you guys are certainly not fairweather fans staying with this game as for me it's only 9:45 on the coast. Hope it will have been worth it. I was happy to see the A's beat the Yankees.

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  • Posted 06/05/2014 12:39:39 EDT

    In response to redsoxpride34's comment: [QUOTE] i think at this point its pretty obvious workman shouldn’t be a starter. He cannot pitch deep into games. We don’t need a starter who only pitches 5 more »

  • Posted 06/04/2014 11:48:20 EDT

    WE are a .500 team...LUCKILY, MAYBE ???

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  • Posted 06/04/2014 12:06:32 EDT

    In response to Fiercy's comment: [QUOTE] In response to CeltsFanInNH's comment: [QUOTE]     Well, for the people on here that are satisfied making the playoff then that should make them happy.      [/ more »

  • Forum Post: Rebuild

    Posted 06/03/2014 12:33:48 EDT

    In response to Karllost's comment: In response to vegasredsox's comment: [QUOTE] Is it possible if we go full out on a rebuild to trade Rondo to Charlotte for both their first rounders this year 9 + 2 more »