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  • Posted 03/13/2015 09:49:58 EDT

    Dear LW, this certainly is an issue worthy of a kind response. Sounds like Nick has some serious ethics issues, and may not have the moral fiber you desire, so dropping him sounded wise. Derek on the more »

  • Posted 03/12/2015 11:41:29 EDT

    Listen up, LW & posters! Our team won the World Series last year, so I know of what I speak. Yes, here in California we use affirmations and prayers, and they do work! The trick is ya gotta want it! A more »

  • Posted 03/11/2015 10:09:17 EDT

    Your description of your friendship, LW, seemed a bit cozy. It's your life and close friends are great, but your main and best friend is your mate. After all that's who you spend your sleeping hours w more »

  • Posted 03/10/2015 10:02:53 EDT

    Hey LW, you are probably both in fear a bit. I would work on how you feel for at least a good sit-down with yourself. This may impact your finances, career etc. as well. He may just fear having to wor more »

  • Posted 03/09/2015 04:00:58 EDT

    I do believe it! It works on sunny days out here. And it works on relationships. I just hadn't tried this one yet, and am feeling dumb in not thinking of it until now. The LW is reminding me to do thi more »

  • Posted 03/09/2015 11:38:42 EDT

    California answer here. Pray for a monogamous relationship--do it as an affirmation--"I have a great monogamous relationship". Then either the guy will realize what a dork he sounds like or a new grea more »

  • Posted 03/06/2015 11:02:54 EST

    Move to New York or the California solution: every morning ask the Universe for what you want and then trust me, even if she looks like a lamb, she will be a lion(ess). more »

  • Posted 03/04/2015 11:52:30 EST

    This is a sweet story. Comedy is Boston's greatest export and he seems to be promoting the brand very well. His Big Bear pilot sounds really funny in a totally silly way. As a Bostonian now in Califor more »

  • Posted 03/04/2015 10:14:52 EST

    Analyzing love is like trying to speak Swahili without any classes or a book. I think it is what it is. This is sort of a California answer, but I would just ask God, Universe, whatever to clear away more »

  • Posted 03/03/2015 09:44:47 EST

    I wonder if he went back to the wife. He got to the brink of divorce and then backed away. Hmmm. This relationship just has a smarminess to it. Part of it is the 10 years ago mystery, and the whole so more »

  • Posted 03/02/2015 02:59:24 EST

    Playing the field is one thing. Lying about it is another. It sets up a false premise for the "relationship". more »

  • Posted 03/02/2015 11:12:39 EST

    Well, Stephanie lied to you. She said she was going to be out with friends from college. Is that what you want? Someone who wants their cake and eat it too. i.e. Setting up a false trust with you so t more »

  • Posted 03/02/2015 11:01:37 EST

    LW, you sound young, because you don't seem to know that age is the great equalizer. I saw this really cool guy I dated once who used to do fire walking seminars years ago (hope he doesn't read this) more »

  • Posted 02/26/2015 10:32:08 EST

    This is where big Christian (or other spiritual doctrines) come in. First, the Golden Rule. Demanding honesty is nice, but it's not that easy to be honest, and really--is honesty the most important th more »

  • Posted 02/24/2015 10:35:17 EST

    Who knows? Just be true to your values (perhaps honesty, compassion etc.) and then let the chips fall where they may. Love is a heart/gut thing, not a mind thing. Good luck trying to control it by rea more »

  • Comment on: He Fears Change

    Posted 02/18/2015 11:15:50 EST

    Dear LW, I was you at that age. I lived with someone who was very much on the same page as I on many important levels. But I felt that it was terrible that he didn't like to go dancing, like I did. I more »

  • Posted 02/17/2015 10:01:40 EST

    I think most people reading this just feel "ewwww". This man clearly has some issues about women that he can't just be a straight up person. Someone who flirts with a lot of women and comes on sexuall more »

  • Posted 02/12/2015 09:14:16 EST

    70+ degrees today San Francisco. Just sayin' more »

  • Posted 02/11/2015 11:06:20 EST

    When I was your age my boyfriend and I managed to accommodate our finishing up our Bachelors, short term work, his Phd program and my career from Boston to Seattle to San Francisco. It never felt like more »

  • Posted 02/10/2015 10:50:18 EST

    Dear LW, you sound like a good guy messed up about a messed up woman. I don't think that was a wrong number and bet she has thoughts about you as well. Who knows, you may have been the best guy she ev more »

  • Posted 02/09/2015 09:06:00 EST

    Chickens never ever come home to roost for politicians. more »

  • Posted 02/09/2015 09:05:58 EST

    Chickens never ever come home to roost for politicians. more »

  • Comment on: He's Not Motivated

    Posted 02/09/2015 10:43:16 EST

    Dear LW, you see him as broken. In order for him to stay as you perceive him, he has to be unmotivated. He has no incentive to be anything else, otherwise you would lose the upper hand in the dynamic more »

  • Comment on: He's Not Motivated

    Posted 02/09/2015 10:43:13 EST

    Dear LW, you see him as broken. In order for him to stay as you perceive him, he has to be unmotivated. He has no incentive to be anything else, otherwise you would lose the upper hand in the dynamic more »

  • Posted 02/05/2015 10:16:01 EST

    Hey guys, put this reply down all you want, but we are over 50, sharing our deep thoughts,, traveling together around the world, and loving each other's company on all levels. Do you have this? Do you more »