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  • Posted 08/26/2014 03:17:41 EDT

    2012 was a truly great trade for the Red Sox which has already been proven with a WS win the next year, 2013, which does not happen with AGon, CC, and Beckett still in Boston.  2014 has been a terribl more »

  • Posted 08/26/2014 03:00:22 EDT

    Great point by the OP.  Biggest mistake the hated Yankees ever made was converting one of the best young lefty arms in the American League into a phoney-baloney outfielder.  Let history record just ho more »

  • Posted 08/26/2014 02:56:41 EDT

    I would not be upset because that was never going to happen--Ellsbury signing with the NYY.  After the 2010 season, he was gone, gone, gone.  That Cano went to the Mariners and needed to be "replaced" more »

  • Posted 08/26/2014 01:33:39 EDT

    No.  He broke the one big rule in MLB and of course lied about it repeatedly, despite compelling evidence to the contrary.  Those who want him in the HOF are basically saying Pete Rose is bigger than more »

  • Posted 08/21/2014 12:29:25 EDT

    When you still watch the games, but with trepidation and pain.  This is unfortunate because 2013 was such a great year and should make this year palatable. 

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  • Posted 08/21/2014 12:27:02 EDT

    I've bashed Buchholz (note spelling) and praised him, but mostly the former because he is so incredibly inconsistent, which is what we saw again last night.  Good start, terrible finish. 

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  • Posted 08/21/2014 12:25:11 EDT

    I thought the original signing made sense, but was unhappy with the results.  I probably bashed him, but pulled back when he had the tommy john surgery.  Last year was I thought huge for him and the t more »

  • Forum Post: Pedroia's SPCT

    Posted 08/19/2014 03:06:45 EDT

    In response to dannycater's comment: [QUOTE] Holt has a higher SPCT than Pedroia's at .408 to .379....It's stunning when you take into account that Pedroia's lowest SPCT until this year was .415 last more »

  • Posted 08/19/2014 03:02:20 EDT

    Sorry, gang, but I don't hate the Yankees like most of you do.  We are lucky to be their rivals, if indeed we are.  They spend ridiculous amounts of money for players, but they can afford to and their more »

  • Posted 08/19/2014 02:56:21 EDT

    In response to slasher9's comment: [QUOTE] In response to maxbialystock's comment: [QUOTE] What is the obsession with Mookie Betts, who has yet to show me he hit MLB pitching or play a credible CF?  W more »

  • Forum Post: Erin Andrews

    Posted 08/19/2014 02:53:27 EDT

    This is an insane thread for the simple reason that very few reporters (in my opinion) ask questions or make observations that in any way interest me.  On top of which, their primary job is to intervi more »

  • Posted 08/19/2014 02:26:14 EDT

    What is the obsession with Mookie Betts, who has yet to show me he hit MLB pitching or play a credible CF?  When he arrived at Pawtucket this season, where to date he hasn't played many games, he was more »

  • Posted 08/15/2014 06:42:16 EDT

    I am pretty sure Nomar turned down a very nice contract extension because he wanted ARod money, which to me makes him a combination of very greedy and very dumb.  He was never again offered anywhere a more »

  • Posted 08/14/2014 09:56:05 EDT

    3 hard hit balls by Middlebrooks but only a single.  Is he for real?

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  • Posted 08/14/2014 08:54:59 EDT

    RBI is still a better indicator than OC.

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  • Posted 08/14/2014 08:53:07 EDT

    In response to pumpsie-green's comment: [QUOTE] Napoli with a stupid stupid mistake. Down three runs and he tries to score on a close play WE ARE ALL JUST POPPYSEEDS IN THE BAKERY OF LIFE [/QUOTE] Wor more »

  • Forum Post: 1992 club

    Posted 08/14/2014 06:19:11 EDT

    Three Sox prospects--there may be others--born in 1992 are Xander Bogaerts, Mookie Betts, and Blake Swihart.  Two have already made it to the big club, one made it last year at age 20.  I think it is more »

  • Posted 08/14/2014 06:03:42 EDT

    OK, I tried to be diplomatic, but bosoxmal keeps writing as though he has really discovered something, and he is just flat wrong.  "Offensive contributions" as a stat is worse than other stats already more »

  • Posted 08/14/2014 10:11:20 EDT

    OP is over the top by a bunch, but I have had similar thoughts.  Put it this way.   Dumping some pretty good pitchers has strangely helped because the hitting was so bad, by far the worst in the John more »

  • Posted 08/14/2014 10:05:22 EDT

    I don't think the specifics are as important as the 8 game sample, especially on the road and in two NL cities.  Entirely credible that Cespedes and pedroia contributed the most.  Two big flaws, howev more »

  • Forum Post: Is Tulo a fit?

    Posted 08/14/2014 09:42:51 EDT

    Good fit with Victorino, only this time the Sox can get him for twice as many years and a lot more money.  I would pass on Tulo and stay with Bogaerts.  

    more »

  • Forum Post: Accountability

    Posted 08/11/2014 09:35:33 EDT

    Good topic, but OP is way over the top with "shameful," etc.   2013 was to me totally unexpected and therefore makes 2014 more than endurable to say nothing of 3 WS wins--after an 86 year drought--in more »

  • Posted 08/08/2014 03:01:39 EDT

    What did moonslav say? 


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  • Posted 08/07/2014 10:16:35 EDT

    When Pedroia first came up in 2006, he had played 162 games at AAA.  The next year he was handed the 2B job in ST. betts has played 34 games at AAA and 54 at AA.  If he needs to play more 2B, he can d more »

  • Posted 08/07/2014 09:28:07 EDT

    Agree Betts should play, don't agree it must be 2B, which is why the Sox moved him to CF in Portland and the Pawtucket.    

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