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  • Posted 08/28/2015 12:17:46 EDT

    In response to bosoxmal's comment: They should play their best players That means Ortiz is in, Hanley is part time, plaooned, whatever. Most of the best players are the younger guys. Pedroia is a ques more »

  • Posted 08/27/2015 03:30:40 EDT

    In response to dannycater's comment: And no, that doesn't make up even 1 percent of what our Founding Fathers, etc did to them. Not even close. The Founding Fathers, believe it or not, were trying to more »

  • Posted 08/27/2015 03:24:27 EDT

    In response to dgalehouse's comment:    Freedom of speech is a vital right . It should never take a back seat to political correctness. These days , if you say something that goes against the grain , more »

  • Posted 08/27/2015 03:18:39 EDT

    In response to dannycater's comment: yes, he should never say anything about anything in life on his own Twitter feed because we are a nation that only allows Free Speech to certain very rich people. more »

  • Forum Post: LVP of 2015

    Posted 08/27/2015 03:03:26 EDT

    Actually, Porcello has the third most quality starts on the team despite the horrendous ERA.  His WAR rating is -0.1, which is lousy, but HanRam's WAR is -1.2, and HanRam is paid $19M this year to Pro more »

  • Forum Post: Josh Rutledge ...

    Posted 08/27/2015 01:39:21 EDT

    Not a big Ruthledge fan--he's not good with the glove. But I would easily trade Holt or Pedroia for that matter if it mean getting a good pitcher.  


    more »

  • Posted 08/27/2015 01:35:45 EDT

    My question is why did he even think he should tweet something like that?  it's way, way outside is area of expertise, which is baseball and something he knows a lot about.  To paraphrase Samuel Johns more »

  • Posted 08/27/2015 01:29:16 EDT

    In response to georom4's comment: not even close - ths is garbage time - every team we are playing not in contention is also trying to fit rosters together....the team stinks The Board's most prominen more »

  • Posted 08/27/2015 10:42:45 EDT

    MacMc, I disagree.  The Sox are paying both those guys a lot of money, ditto Sandoval, which means they are an investment.  I love seeing the "kids" play and especially when the do well and help win g more »

  • Posted 08/27/2015 07:16:19 EDT

    Maybe Lovullo.  Last night the lineup averaged about age 26: Betts 22 Holt 27 Bogaerts 22 Ramirez 31 Shaw 25 Castillo 28 Swihart 23 Bradley 25 Rutledge 26 Porcello 26 HanRam, the senior citizen, was t more »

  • Posted 08/26/2015 05:54:12 EDT

    In response to bosoxmal's comment: In response to dgalehouse's comment: In response to bosoxmal's comment: Farrell will stay with the RS in some capacity. I think that's a given and he is certainly aw more »

  • Posted 08/26/2015 05:38:41 EDT

    I like him but have to admit I usually have the sound turned off.  I do not think of his departure as the end of the world.  

    more »

  • Posted 08/26/2015 09:31:56 EDT

    I share the frustration of the OP because the game-winning hit came from a White Sox player who already had two hits off of starter Miley.  However, it is also true that we have just about the worst b more »

  • Posted 08/25/2015 05:23:45 EDT

    Interesting.  I kind of expected Shaw to get the job, but have to agree 1B is probably the best place for HanRam. 

    more »

  • Posted 08/25/2015 05:19:55 EDT

    Schilling was just plain dumb to tweet that.  Yes, an ordinary citizen is entitled to say anything about anything, but Schilling is very much a public figure, one who is paid to be a public figure.  A more »

  • Posted 08/25/2015 04:20:56 EDT

    Joe McCarthy or another of the old time managers once said that a pitcher who lacks control has nothing to offer.   My take on Kelly is that he is hittable when he over-relies on his fastball, and he more »

  • Forum Post: The kid has an arm

    Posted 08/24/2015 03:39:28 EDT

    Timely recall of a thread.  I for one was almost certain Bradley couldn't hit, but clearly he can.  Yes, still a small sample size, but impressive nevertheless. I give outfielders in front of the gree more »

  • Posted 08/24/2015 03:28:23 EDT

    I think you guys are missing a key point.  Yes, his fielding stinks, but the real point is that his hitting is also subpar.  His current OPS is .728.  And his overall WAR rating is -1.0.   Almost all more »

  • Posted 08/24/2015 03:07:01 EDT

    Not ready to join the gang, but absolutely am enjoying the improved play, especially the hitting.  Outfielding not too shabby either.  But the bullpen is still a problem and sometimes the starters.  E more »

  • Posted 08/22/2015 05:27:54 EDT

    In response to bosoxmal's comment: In response to maxbialystock's comment: Really hard to see 1 run per game merely by replacing HanRam with JBJ or whoever.   I see things a little differently in term more »

  • Posted 08/22/2015 02:01:12 EDT

    Really hard to see 1 run per game merely by replacing HanRam with JBJ or whoever.   I see things a little differently in terms of next year because right now I see 5 possible/likely outfielders:  HanR more »

  • Forum Post: KC/SOX 08/21/15

    Posted 08/21/2015 10:35:15 EDT

    In response to dgalehouse's comment: This is not the same Sox team we have been watching all year.  There is a youthful energy , enthusiasm and aggressiveness about them. They are playing with lots of more »

  • Posted 08/21/2015 05:42:08 EDT

    While I consider the OP to heretical and dannycater to in fact be a heretic, the simple fact is that right now on this team the pitching is broken, busted, destroyed, worthless, you name it.  Conseque more »

  • Posted 08/21/2015 07:38:23 EDT

    I am inclined to agree with moonslav's notion that dumping HanRam right now is probably not the smart move.   That said, my concern about him is that, season to date--and we are near the end of August more »

  • Posted 08/21/2015 07:26:41 EDT

    Applause for the OP and the notion of defending Ramirez in LF, who these days is just about everybody's whipping boy--and I admit one of mine.   To me HanRam is another reminder of how seasons and pla more »

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