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  • Posted 09/01/2015 04:57:34 EDT

    It sounds like something might be up with your sex drive in general. It's okay to have a low sex drive, but if it's not normal for you, it's worth looking into. If this is the new normal for your sex more »

  • Posted 08/31/2015 02:57:25 EDT

    I'm a 28-year-old newlywed. There are weddings and babies all over my facebook newsfeed (summer is particularly WEDDING heavy). I also didn't meet my husband till I was 25 and he was 28, and I'm the f more »

  • Posted 08/31/2015 02:53:00 EDT

    LW, sorry, she doesn't want to date you. That doesn't mean her behavior is 100% a-okay. It just means she doesn't want to date you. So if you like hanging out with her and you can do it without feelin more »

  • Comment on: Was she married?

    Posted 08/27/2015 01:41:39 EDT

    Lack of communication makes for decent sitcom drama, but it makes for bad relationships. You are an adult. Ask. more »

  • Posted 08/26/2015 02:20:27 EDT

    You're also making assumptions about what other people will expect of you in a relationship. There are plenty of people who aren't extremely physically active. There are plenty of people who hide thei more »

  • Posted 08/22/2015 07:32:12 EDT

    This always happens. We wonder why the rental market in Boston keeps getting worse and worse, with more apartments costing more money while meeting fewer and fewer (legally required) minimum livabilit more »

  • Posted 08/20/2015 09:53:00 EDT

    I'm getting a lot of red flags about this guy, but I also think you're reading way way way too much into the minimal contact you've had with him since the break-up. Any variant of, "We should catch up more »

  • Posted 08/17/2015 01:48:10 EDT

    You'll need to define, as best you can, what "relationship-monogamous" means and what constitutes a violation of that standard. What will you do if one person develops romantic feelings for a sexual p more »

  • Posted 08/12/2015 04:22:50 EDT

    Block Eric on every platform. If something gets through, don't read it; focus on how to plug the hole. Don't respond to anything ever. Block block block. Honestly, even if Eric drove a wedge in your l more »

  • Posted 08/06/2015 04:35:33 EDT

    Four years ago, I was devastated because I had feelings for my best guy friend, and he didn't want a relationship (and in fact had just started dating someone else). He and I had been friends for year more »

  • Posted 08/06/2015 04:27:57 EDT

    I'd be really upset if a close friend of mine never wanted to hang out if my significant other was with me. I'd be really upset if a close friend of mine was unkind to my significant other. I'd be rea more »

  • Posted 08/06/2015 12:51:58 EDT

    I'd honestly do nothing. It's normal to feel guilty after breaking up with someone, no matter how "well" or nicely you do it. And while you're stressing over the fact that you loved him and told him y more »

  • Posted 08/03/2015 02:39:19 EDT

    Or maybe landlords need to stop charging exorbitant amounts for apartments that are barely up to code? Or raising rent every year because "oh well the market?" It's also a little frustrating that the more »

  • Posted 08/03/2015 02:36:42 EDT

    Normally, I'd say that the fact that it's affecting your relationship makes it a serious issue, but ... well, there are a few reasons why I think you need to take Meredith's advice and let it go. Firs more »

  • Posted 07/31/2015 02:38:15 EDT

    I do think you're young, and I think Meredith's advice is really good: move in because you want to and you're ready, and not because you're obligated to do it financially. However, it's time to stop w more »

  • Posted 07/30/2015 12:40:42 EDT

    Yeah, you know what you have to do. While I don't think there's anything wrong with dating someone and not planning on having the relationship last forever, that only works if 1) both people are aware more »

  • Posted 07/29/2015 11:13:39 EDT

    If someone says, "I'm just not ready for a relationship right now," understand it as, "I do not want a relationship with you." People say it to be nice, especially when the reasons they might not want more »

  • Posted 07/29/2015 11:10:54 EDT

    My brother and sister-in-law have an 11 year age gap, and while some of our family members were a little confused and judgmental at first, most of us weren't, and no one is anymore. They're a fantasti more »

  • Posted 07/24/2015 07:17:18 EDT

    So, I'm a child of divorce. I think that the concept that women are nurturing and better at parenting is one that's based on stereotype, and that it's on the system to be aware of the stereotype and n more »

  • Posted 07/23/2015 04:06:12 EDT

    There's some serious biphobia at play, too. Your fiancé has chosen to marry you and spend his life with you. Your sex life is fine. Evidence to suggest he might be bi is pretty slim anyway, but even i more »

  • Posted 06/19/2015 02:02:19 EDT

    Yep. If the boyfriend can't set better boundaries and ensure that the letter writer isn't ostracized, then the letter writer should probably move on. This isn't a situation that's really workable fore more »

  • Posted 06/11/2015 02:30:31 EDT

    The comments are basically proving why these bathrooms are necessary, given the incredibly hateful and transphobic remarks. more »

  • Posted 06/09/2015 11:35:29 EDT

    I'm sorry that we haven't saved up enough for 20% of a downpayment, but we're too busy making no money at our mediocre jobs and paying most of our disposable income to pay off our student loans. But I more »

  • Posted 05/28/2015 11:36:52 EDT

    So, hey. Sometimes, we don't have the language to describe what happens to us. I didn't know that what happened to me when I was 14 was sexual assault because I was under the impression that sexual as more »

  • Posted 05/26/2015 01:26:58 EDT

    This isn't a sustainable situation. I think Meredith's advice is solid, and that depending on his reaction to that decision, you might want to reconsider the relationship. more »