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  • Posted 05/04/2011 11:50:54 EDT

    Yup - been there. He called me at work earlier to say he was staying at a friend's house to go to a job interview (he had been looking in a neighboring state an hour's drive away). When I got home, I more »

  • Posted 01/17/2011 01:57:16 EST

    Can't think of one. I'm going Da Beeeaaaaahhhs. Hopin RATS get crushed by Squeelers. Then Packers win. Best I can do...

    PATRIOTS BABY !!! more »

  • Posted 01/13/2011 05:47:32 EST

    Good, even, facinating game all the way through...Pats ahead, then Jets tie...7-7...14-14...21-21...28-28...35-35...its mid-way through the 4rd quarter. Pat's punt goes wild, Jets recover, time called more »

  • Posted 11/30/2010 12:09:08 EST

    Best in 2010:
    Still working!!!
    Still with my guy, he got job!

    Worst in 2010
    Guy's syko kunt ex-g/f still stalking...maybe i aughtta do my own LL...sounds like it wud beat the 20-yr olds 'issues' eh? more »

  • Forum Post: The Songs You Hate

    Posted 06/29/2010 11:44:42 EDT

    "Loving You" By the Late Minnie Ripperton
    ANYTHING by RUSH more »

  • Comment on: Bedroom%20blues

    Posted 11/19/2009 11:13:37 EST

    I uesd to be with a guy who would push me away, too, after his 'once a week'. He told me he had to really concentrate on it. Wow. Imagin how THAT felt. But it was because he was in the throes of a mes more »

  • Posted 11/18/2009 05:34:57 EST

    Yeah, Tall-Girl, and they just keep coming! Witness the brand new stadium they can't sell out...the 'Skins banning their Coach from calling plays? The Indian-covering-his- face posters that came out.. more »

  • Posted 11/18/2009 05:23:29 EST

    Sonicblastman said it best. You need to love who you are. It took me a long long time to finally accept that I would never be skinny like my friends/family. All my life in MA I got turned down for bot more »

  • Posted 09/25/2009 01:49:01 EDT

    My Birthstone is a Diamond. If and when I ever get that far, I want a big fat (conflict-free) one! Round-cut, princess-set 5 carat, Sparkling so bright it'll pop your eyes out. So there. :o) more »

  • Posted 09/24/2009 03:32:11 EDT

    Hello all ~ I am kinda in the same boat. It's been 4 months today (!) and I am on this fence. My guy is not the easiest man to love, he has never hurt me nor am I ever in fear, and he is honest and al more »

  • Posted 08/14/2009 01:51:31 EDT

    In Response to Re: NFL Channel showed final Pats score before game start at 11p!!: In Response to NFL Channel showed final Pats score before game start at 11p!! : why don't you just sit in a dark room more »

  • Posted 08/14/2009 01:35:33 EDT

    In Response to Re: NFL Channel showed final Pats score before game start at 11p!!: its not a Flub.....thats how its done, its a Replay of a game for fans who may have missed the action or for people w more »

  • Posted 08/14/2009 12:38:24 EDT

    Hey all! Football time again!! YAAY !!!  Living in Redskin-land, I have to watch all the Pat's pre-season games on NFL Channel before NFL Sunday Ticket kicks in. (If you all want to see them too, go t more »

  • Posted 08/06/2009 10:49:48 EDT

    In Response to Re: The 100 Million Dollar QB: More the reason Tom is worth 300 million. Remember years ago he had a bunch of no name receivers and still won with them. Posted by freeradical8 Oh yes, y more »

  • Posted 08/05/2009 12:16:22 EDT

    In Response to Re: The 100 Million Dollar QB: Well, he deserves it. They did win a superbowl with him whether we like it or not. He may have not been the main reason they won but I dont think they wou more »

  • Posted 08/05/2009 11:54:03 EDT

    New York being New York.

    Neither Manning is worth 10 mil !!  more »

  • Posted 07/24/2009 04:51:55 EDT

    Obama regrets choice of words in scholar's arrest 26 mins ago WASHINGTON – Trying to tamp down an uproar over race, President Barack Obama said Friday he used an unfortunate choice of words in comment more »

  • Forum Post: who is this idiot?

    Posted 07/15/2009 12:30:57 EDT

    Ya know...I read all of the posts in this Blue thing. Hysterical!! They are all soo delusional about Pay-a-ton Man-child.  Hysterical!!! more »

  • Posted 06/24/2009 03:05:17 EDT

    LOL ....and some people learn how to build a bong out of a tube of towlet paper a few paper clips and a snorcle what of it? lol Posted by MVPkilla You don't need any paperclips or a 'snorcle'(?) All y more »

  • Posted 06/18/2009 04:57:48 EDT

    Steelers are clearly the only logical pre-season choice ... to lose once again in a heartbreaking way to the Patriots in the playoffs. Posted by newenglanderinexile OH GAWWWD I HOPE SO !!!! That would more »

  • Posted 06/17/2009 12:32:20 EDT

    Oh Hysterical, Dead54! I agree...but the Squeelers hardly ever make it to Playoffs with us playing, though not against them this go-round.Too bad...I like to see my Squeeler-fan commuter-bus-mate scow more »

  • Posted 06/08/2009 05:28:54 EDT

    I got DirecTV in 2000, and have NEVER regretted it one single solitary second. The customer service people have always been good to me. If something is wrong they fix it, and then offer me a Free-view more »

  • Posted 04/28/2008 05:45:09 EDT

    The Patriots organization will gather all the brains and steam they got, put up a storm to 19-0...and yeah, if the Redskins thought 52-7 hurt, well, lookout baaaaaaabeeee!!!!! That will be just a scra more »

  • Posted 02/27/2008 03:28:45 EST

    Greedy glory-hound Dan Snyder wants to snag Randy Moss to be a 'big name' for the Redskins... Uh-uh! Nevermind he can't get the team to play like a team... Our ship ain't breaking up like THIS ! http: more »

  • Forum Post: HEY TEXAS PAT!!

    Posted 02/25/2008 11:18:37 EST

    He is probably in mourning and in seclusion like I have been. I am avoiding ANY NY fans at all costs. I am just glad the Redskins suck so bad that no VA/DC/MD people are razzing me...*whew* It has bee more »